What are we gonna do?


“I’m terrific at estimating crowd size. It looks like a dozen, maybe two dozen women at most.” By Tom Toro in the New Yorker

Pals, I feel very frustrated. I think a lot of people do. Too many things are happening way too fast for anyone to keep track of. I have been thinking that I am going to start keeping track of what’s going on in the world. I’m going to start keeping track of what I’m doing to combat it and what I’m NOT doing. I’m going to start keeping track of ways that other people can help the world. I am learning that  I am a visual thinker and in order for me to keep track of things, I need to be able to see them. Although this has always been a personal blog, and will remain one, I think that doing this will make me feel a lot better. I always feel better with a plan; even if I stray from the plan.

Also, here are some pictures of us at the Women’s March in DC last weekend: