Creative Block

Autumnal AF

First of all, LOL at my post on January 20, 2020. I know I just posted something that I’d written and never posted in May but what is making me LOL is what I thought was pressing then. Jesus fng Christ. We’re now in October 2020 and Imma write down some of the real actual factual things that have happened in the world or to me this year. It’s not like anyone reading this doesn’t know these things but later one when I go back, I want to blow my own fng mind. Ready? Set? Go:

1) The Mueller Investigation wrapped up and determined that there was “prob” crimes committed but not to the degree where we can really “do something” or rather, to the degree that Mueller will do anything. So…nothing happened.

2) We impeached the President and then nothing happened.

3) We got concrete evidence that UFOs exist and then nothing happened.

4) I got into a WHOLE big fuckery at work but ended up getting promoted twice and increasing my salary by 60%. Seriously.

5) We bought another trailer from our next door neighbor at the campground and then quickly resold it to my sister, her husband, and kids. Now they’re our next door neighbors!

6) Oh, a global pandemic started. We’ve been in quarantine to varying degrees since March sooooo seven months?

7) The pandemic got politicized and now for some reason Republicans and men have decided that the pandemic is for sissies, that rugged individualism will thwart a disease we don’t understand, and 200K+ people have died (in the US alone – that we know of) because of that stupid dumbfuck assholery.

8) We got another dog, LOL. Her name is Lulu and she’s a Chihuahua/Terrier mix. She and Shirley are in love. Also? They have bonded through bullying other dogs. We’re werking to try to break that.

9) Kristyn got top surgery and is looking and feeling great!

10) I lost 85 lbs.

11) I started Grad School; MA in Media Studies at The New School.

12) Shirley got knee surgery and is currently convalescing.

13) I quit leading my company’s LGBTQIA+ group and am pretty lost about now.

14) I got diagnosed with ADHD and have been trying different medications to help. Haven’t found a perfect solution yet but happy to have gotten the diagnosis so I can try to better understand myself.

15) We’re working on getting our financial house in order. It’s a slog but I’m kind of having fun with it weirdly.

16) Ruth Bader Ginsburg died. John Lewis died.

17) Errybody in Trump’s orbit is getting arrested and sent to prison. Cannae even keep up with that anymore. Just want to see him out of office.

18) Speaking of that, a lot of the country is doing mail-in ballots and/or early voting and naturally because of that, the Trump administration is doing everything they can to block us from voting by messing with the USPS. Insane.

19) We found out that there is life on Mars and nothing happened.

20) I bought an accoustic guitar for some reason and nothing happened aka did not even TRY to learn to use it.

21) I got really into makeup and drag.

22) We got SUPER into Crocs. Like problematically so. Story for another day.

23) Amy Coney Barrett was rushed onto the Supreme Court which makes it a conservative majority 6-3 and she’s likely to go after both abortion and LGBTQIA+ rights.

24) We’re currently working on something BIG which I don’t want to talk about right now but is a light.

25) Also, we got a new deck and shed for our trailer FINALLY. Thank gawd.

AND SO the reason why I am calling this post “Creative Block” is that hot damn are my brains scrambled. I am, for some reason, unable to do shit. I have been kind of just letting things pile up and am completely spazzing out. I know for a fact that everyone in the world really is right now. I just have to remember to take things one minute at a time and try not to let myself get overwhelmed. Election day is this coming Tuesday and I just finally filled out my ballot. We HAVE to vote those devils out of office. I am so looking forward to voting in Biden and Harris so we can have sensible, rational, adults that we do not have to be terrified of in office again.