The Christmas Toy

The Christmas Toy

This one goes out to my sister. We used to watch the shit out of “The Christmas Toy” when we were kids but both totally forgot the name of it until this year. I decided on Christmas Day that I was going to spend 2011 putting together a seriously intense Christmas movie collection because I’m tired of constantly scrounging for my favorites every season. And I do like me a multi-sensory holiday experience. I couldn’t for the life of me figure out what this was called but as I was searching for other shit, this popped up. I haven’t bought it yet (because I don’t have a j-o-b) but I just found it on YouTube and decided to post it here. Enjoy bitches!

Part one of five:

Part two of five:

Part three of five:

Part four of five:

Part five of five:

He’s My Brother, She’s My Sister

I went to see He’s My Brother, She’s My Sister at the Echo the other day. The show was a LOT of fun. Here is my post for it at LA Music Blog.

Also we started decorating for Christmas! I put some of the lights on the tree the other night and some on last night. I also put on a TON of garland because I felt like I didn’t put on enough last year. It’s gaudy/beautiful as heck. Tonight we have some work to do and then we are going to finish decorating the tree and the house. Tropical winter wonderland y’alls.

Here is the tree in the dark. The Golden Girls approve. Also that blue light on the right of the picture is the ghostly aura of Michael Moore’s “Roger and Me”. Nothing says Christmas time like 30,000 layoffs at General Motors.

Also I went to see La Femme play on Saturday night. Here is a picture from the show:

Great pate, Mom, but I gotta motor if I wanna be ready for that party tonight.


Please go see “The Next Three Days”! I read this script on my very first day Interning at Lionsgate last year so it’s really surreal to see a trailer for it. The script was really good but more importantly, a lot of good people worked on this movie. I can’t afford to go see it in the theater right now so I’m going to need you to go see it and tell me how it was! I’ll have to wait for it to come to Netflix. *sads* GO! NOW!

Addled Mind: Grease

I haven’t done one of these for a while and I was reminded when the opening song of “Grease” just came on my iPod. Yes it did, don’t hate.

Out of all the bitches in this movie (apart from a young John Travolta), Rizzo was my favorite. She was always cracking wise AND she taught me what it meant to have a bun in the oven. She also taught me that that shit’ll ruin your reputation quicker than what it is you did to get you that way. Thanks Rizzo!

And yes I listened to this soundtrack off the chain in high school but I looooooved the theme song. This was during my big Bee Gees phase. Barry Gibb wrote this song and Frankie Valli recorded it. What’s not to love?


Here’s Sandy and Danny just minding their own business, trying to have a good time:

Then this 38 year old slut Chacha comes on the scene. (second bitch from left):

I won’t confirm nor deny having a dance routine to this scene with Karen (confirmed). Also, it endlessly fascinated us that the words “pussy wagon” are in this song:

God they made high schoolers old back then. I always love Rizzo’s dress in this scene.

The school where they filmed the carnival scenes is near us and the school that they filmed it at is in Santa Monica methinks. I’ll have to investigate.

Well that’s all I have to say about that for now. Don’t be startled if you see another Grease post from me sometime in our lives. I love it that unabashedly.

Yesterday’s Pictures

Here are just some pictures I took yesterday on my iPhone for posterity.

Here’s Monster peering out the window at me when I got home from dropping our car off at the shop to get the muffler fixed.

These next couple of pictures are of the amazing sunset on Santa Monica Boulevard when I was going to pick Kristyn back up from her internship.

Here are some pictures on the 101. Kristyn works in North Hollywood.

And here again is the giant Emmy outside of Kristyn’s Internship. So pretty.

After I picked her up, we went to Burbank to see Avatar in IMAX 3D. If you haven’t done it yet, GO. More on that later!

Also, I read from a few sources that January 25th is supposed to be THE worst day for depression amongst Americans? Or citizens of the Earth? (IDK I read it on a blog and on someone’s FB status so take it with a grain of salt, this isn’t Wikipedia.) Anyway, I can attest that I wad seriously bummed out for no good reason yesterday and I’m rarely bummed out for no reason. Now I know to make a contingency plan for all upcoming January 25ths.

Although I DID watch two episodes of “Maude” and it helped to pull me out of my doldrums. It was the one where Maude ends up “preggy”. Rue McClanahan is in this episode. So…awesome…

Also, Betty White got a lifetime achievement award at the SAG Awards the other day!!! Must YouTube. I’ll do it later, right now I feel like reading my book (I’m on a bus.)



Guys, I’m sure you already know this but I’m going to bore you with it anyway because “my need to bore you” > “my concern with your boredness”.  Don’t hate the player, hate the game.

Anyway, we went to see “Twilight: New Moon” last night (we like to stay on the cutting edge). I felt like the movie was ai’ight. Kristyn suggested that maybe it would have been more exciting if we’d seen it WHEN it came out rather thank like three months later and I concur, haha. I mean it was nice not to have anyone be in the theater but note to selves:

The fun of these movies is the hype. Go when there’s hype dummies.

Now I’ve read these books and Kristyn hasn’t. So to Kristyn, the story is brandy-new, all surprises. I like to read and I’m also a movie-lover so I always end up embroiled in the “read the book first and now I hate the movie” quagmire. I can always enjoy a book AFTER I’ve seen the movie but never the other way around. The movie just never manages to capture the book. The first movie I like a HELLUVA lot better than the book, which is something that NEVER happens. In reality, I read all the books but didn’t like them. Oh sure, they’re page-turners alright but I was furious the entire time I was reading them. More on that later.

So the first movie, I really enjoyed because the acting was terrible, Edward Cullen was hot and I liked the cinematography. It was reminiscent of like the bad acting in an 80’s movie. Like the film maker knows the acting sucks but releases it anyway bc “Who cares we’re all trying to have a good time!” Things are so fucking POLISHED nowadays that although it leads to things being awesome a lot of the time, I kind of found it charming that the leading man couldn’t act his way out of a bag, haha.

And so, my experience with the second movie was fuckocked because that’s the one book that I actually enjoyed of the Twilight series. I’m not an “Edward in the movie” hater, but I AM an “Edward in the books” hater. Stephanie Meyer goes on and on and on and on and on about how beautiful he is. And Bella falls in love with him instantly even though he tells her he’s likely to kill her some day. It’s just kind of a bummer for me as I’ve known a lot of women who stay in twisted, dangerous relationships due to sexual attraction and a need to “protect him”. It’s gross that Stephanie Meyer chose to perpetuate that problem in a CHILDREN’S BOOK but whatever. That’s just my main problem with it.

So when, in book two, Bella starts hanging with Jacob and he like radiates light and positivity (despite being a werewolf), I was enjoying myself more. I was glad to see that she was spending time with someone who, for better or for worse, didn’t require her blood to stay alive.

But the movie didn’t really do that story justice I don’t think. I mean IDK how the story could have been told differently than it was. They did what they could but the subtlety of language comes out on top again. *Shrug*

What I *DID* like about the movie though was abs, abs abs!!! I typically live on the gay side of the bisexual fence, just because that’s where a lot of my interests lie by holy shit, did I want to touch some abs in that movie (amongst other more lascivious urges). Now, Taylor Lautner is 17. Hands in the air. BUT, damn kid! What in the hell did he do to look like this:


Oh my god.  At one point, he climbs up the wall to Bella’s house to get into her bedroom and she touches his abs.  I wanted to slap her hand away and touch them myself.  Here’s the scene.  (Screw you Bella).

Speaking of Bella, I always forget how pretty Kristen Stewart is until I see her in a movie.  I wouldn’t actually go gay for Bella but god she is gorgeous.  The whole movie I kept wishing I was a brunette with brown eyes.  Like that is the only way to BE….So pretty:

She was really pretty in this scene although *gag* she was bleeding a lot.

And finally, let’s talk about Edward.  Like Kristyn said, he looked like a ninny baby boy next to Jacob. Like a nelly schoolboy, haha. There’s one scene where he’s being held back by the Volturi that I could NOT stop staring at his abs. Here it is. I couldn’t find a better picture:

Why ya gotta be all blurry for?

Here’s a better shot though. It’s a second before he becomes all sparkly. I think now that I see the picture at home, they have painted his abs on (or at least made them more obvi). Still, damn.

Just hold your abs up to my forehead. There, thaaaat'll do it.

So in totality, it was an ai’ight movie. I don’t want my money back or anything. (Actually we used Lynn and Tommy’s gift certificates! Thanks Norton family! <3)

One last opinion that needs to fit under the fence here is Hitler's. Here's what he has to say about the whole thing. (Warning, he is NOT happy.):

Addled Mind: Little Shop of Horrors

If I’ve watched Little Shop of Horrors once, I’ve watched it a thousand times. So weird, so corny, so spectacularly crazy. I love it. I loveloveLOVED Audrey but hated that bitch Audrey II. The below scene is my absolute favorite in the movie. I had braces and a lot of cavities when I watched this movie heavily so I really identified with the giant mouth. Enjoy y’alls!


And here’s a little Audrey for your troubles:

Addled Mind: The Boy in the Plastic Bubble

Another movie that me and Christine just COULD NOT and did not WANT to get over is “The Boy in the Plastic Bubble”.

What, I ask the world at large, is not to love about this movie? It has all the following ingredients for success:

* Unrequited teen love
* John Travolta
* A teen, blonde ingenue
* Some bullies
* Parents that just don’t understand
* A recluse
* A crippling disease
* An oxygen tank
* Disco music
* A very special beach party
* A horse
* Betrayal
* A “first time” (but not in the traditional sense)

I could go on but I think I’ve made my point, no?

In case you have been living under a rock (or only recently came into being – I’m lobbing this directly at the “birthed in the 90’s” people, you know who you are), here is a synopsis.

Based on a true story, a kid is born with no immune system. Against all odds he survives but has to live in a bubble to be protected from all of our disgusting selves basically. He has a bubble in his home, he has a portable one, he has one made of a suit and sometimes he goes into one at the hospital. We meet him when he’s a hormonal teenager in love with the girl next door. It’s hard enough being a teenager without a bubble getting involved in the mix, smell what I’m stepping in? (Debi, that’s for you…)

So anyway, here’s a moment where he’s in the bubble just chilling. I always wanted to hang out with him in there and dance. *sigh*


Here is how he meets the girl and what his current sich is:


And HERE is the part where you have to rip your eyes out and put them in backwards so as not to slide into a deep depression. It’s a spoiler y’alls:


Give a bubble a chance, wontcha?

* Shit, I just watched the ending and it gave me a serious case of the sads.

A look inside my addled mind: Heathers

I thought for today that I’d show some “Heathers” because it is my favorite movie and I’d been waxing poetic about it just recently.

The first clip is just the most popular line in the movie and the second clip is one of my favorite scenes which is kind of untrue because they’re all “my favorite scene”. Whatever.

Without further ado, I give you “Heathers”: