I saw mothercrunkin Ben Linus today!

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I saw him out on the street and managed not to tackle him to the ground and pepper him with questions and ebullient flattery. In fact, I left the good sir alone and for this I am proud. And weirdly enough, he is taller in person than you’d think. I thought he’d be somewhat pocket-sized and wee but that’s not that case. There are some celebrity sightings that I keep to myself bc A) They’re not that amazing, B) I have a rule that if they’re work-related, I keep my trap shut and C) I know I’m a braggart but I don’t want to be THAT much of a braggart.

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But this shit was just too good to keep to myself. I wrestled with it but this is BEN…from LOST…who is probably going to win an EMMY…TOMORROW…And he is my favoritefavoritefavoritefavoritefavoritefavoritefavoritefavoritefavoritefavoritefavoritefavoritefavoritefavoritefavoritefavoritefavoritefavoritefavoritefavoritefavoritefavoritefavoritefavoritefavoritefavoritefavoritefavoritefavoritefavoritefavoritefavorite character on Lost.

And I just read online that Michael Emerson (Ben) is considering doing a cameo on True Blood (his wife is on it) and taking over Steve Carell’s job on The Office. If he does those things, I will actually lose my shit.

Here is a scene from Lost where Ben that made me sob. So good:


The Lost Finale is about to come on!

I’m writing on here because I am alone. Kristyn’s at work and I can’t talk to anyone or go online. I think the show is already over at home and just about to start for me. Still watching the pre-show. Crocheting a blanket that I’m going to call “Peanut Butter and Jelly”. Made myself two cups of tea to drink. One for now and one as a backup. Can NOT fall asleep during Lost. Tomorrow we are hoping that Lost goes online because Kristyn needs to watch it.

And I’m going to make a bet and say that I’m really going to like this finale. I really liked Tuesday’s episode a lot which has basically been the exception to the rule this season. It’s not that I thought this season was bad, it just wasn’t exciting. This show is more fun when it’s asking questions, not answering them.

Anyway, the show starts in 15 mins. So excited! Wish Kristyn was here!

Also, here’s a picture of Peanut Butter and Jelly from this morning. I’ve done a bit more since then!


37 minutes in – This episode is so good! AND I called some of this shit. Booyah.

40 minutes in – How was that a surprise?

49 minutes in – Did not see that one coming. Crying.

One hour in – Anticipation mounting.

One hour, 3 mins in – Oh shit.

One hour, 4 mins in – Oh shit again.

One hour, 13 mins in – Crying while eating. Why are you crying? Beautiful moment. What are you eating? An orange.

One hour, 24 mins in – What?! Whoa.

One hour, 25 mins in – Snap.

One hour, 27 mins in – Crying again. It’s…just…so…beautiful…

Some pictures:

One hour, 36 mins in – Crying AGAIN.

One hour, 38 mins in – love these Target commercials. Combines two of my favorite things.

One hour, 45 mins in – Crying HARD.

One hour, 47 mins in – Tired of face being wet. Looking forward to crying some more.

One hour, 50 mins in – Yes True Blood Commercial!

One hour, 54 mins in – I knew it!

Two hours, 3 mins in – Holy shit! Goosebumps!

Two hours, 15 mins in – Aww.

Two hours, 16 mins in – I wish Kate would have remembered to take a bath.

Two hours, 20 mins in – What now?

Two hours, 21 mins in – Wow what?

Two hours, 24-29 mins in – Choking on my own spit crying.

Two hours, 30 mins in – Wait I have a question.

It’s Lunchtime

I usually go for a half hour walk during lunchtime but today is just too chilly/drizzly and I’m feeling sleepy.  Probably a walk is EXACTLY what I need but I’m going to take a pass on this day. My boss isn’t here today so it feels like I shouldn’t be either.  Doesn’t that idea feel right in your soul?  Alas, here I am and there he is.  Oh well.

Yesterday me and Kristyn gave the apartment a good scrubbing.  It took us a couple of hours (and still needs more frankly) but it’s looking a lot better than it did.  They weren’t really FIERCE cleaning hours though to be honest.  There was a break for a peanut butter and banana smoothie.  Then there was the time that we both vaguely argued over cleaning the same ceiling fan.  Then there were the times where Kristyn took the vacuum’s hose and sucked up weird things in corners you might not notice.  Then there was the time that I did precisely 3/4 of the dishes before throwing in the towel.  All these things were IMPORTANT but somewhat leisurely.

After that, we watched episode three of “Sons of Anarchy”.

After that, we got dressed and went to Trader Joe’s.  Despite Trader Joe’s reputation for being “healthy” which usually equals “high end”, you can get a LOT of food there for a little amount of money.  That place is weirdly magic.  You just throw whatever tickles your fancy into the cart, go to the register (where they take the groceries out of the cart FOR you) and it never ever costs anywhere near what you think it might.  We probably bought a good two weeks of food yesterday and spent exactly what we said we were gonna.  Good times.  And it’s all good, healthy stuff so win, win, win.

Then we came home and Skyped for a spell with Kristyn’s parents.  Topics included: Sewing machines, Ticks, the word “bloodmeal”, Racism, Socialism, Healthcare and the origins of the naming of San Francisco.  More good times.

After that, we had Nachos for dinner.  They had vegetarian chilli, cheese, onions, tomatoes and avocado on them.  Good.

Then we started playing on pogo.com.  This is a gaming website that Kristyn’s Momma turned us onto.  It is ADDICTIVE!  I had to tear my eyeballs away and force myself to lay down.  Kristyn couldn’t get away and stayed on that thing until the website shut itself down on  her.  “Routine maintenance” my ass, they knew she was just chasing the dragon and had a little heart.

Tonight is the second to last episode of Lost.  We are circling the drain folks.  There BETTA be answers tonight.  Not like there hasn’t been, I just like to join the masses and holler a good threat.

What else, what else?  Did I mention that I’d like to be home?  Oh yes I did.  Okay, well I guess that’s all I got for now.  TTYL y’alls.

My boyfriend Ben BETTA be in this episode tonight!

The Lost Supper

Guys. The premiere of the last season of Lost is imminent and I am so bummed out/excited. I’m bummed out because I only just started watching this show last Spring. I have to confess that I’m a total hater. When this show came out, I tried to watch an episode but didn’t really give it a chance because of the following two reasons:

a) I had no idea what the plot was about. It seemed too desert islandy/science fictiony/actioney. (These things are all true but it’s so much more than that.)

b) I don’t trust the taste of the general public. Anything that “America” tends to get off on, I usually have trouble understanding. I don’t know if that’s a haterish snob tendency I have or if America at large is too easy to please. Like American Idol is an American obsession that I just can’t wrap my mind around. It’s too cheesy and I just can’t watch it.

So an island full of gorgeous castaways? No thank you.


Last Spring, me and Kristyn had been watching the entirety of the Buffy the Vampire series and were looking for something new to watch. Angel seemed like a good choice but we just couldn’t get into it. Kristyn* is even more of a hater than I am so she REALLY had no interest in Lost. My sister and our friends Vanessa, Mike and Tiffany are Lost fans so I’d been inclined to give it a try since they have good taste. (Plus Mike and Vanessa were also going through their “Buffytimes” and I related to ther tv-watching sensibilities.)

SO at Blockbuster one night (hisss) we combed through the TV DVDs and came up empty. With a sigh, I said, “Lost, let’s just try Lost. We’re looking for an obsession, people become obsessed with this, let’s give it a shot.” Kristyn grumbled but caved and we brought it home.

We put it on and figured we’d give it “the old college try” before rejecting it.

Oh. My. F’n. God.

From jumpstart that show just grabs you. Our jaws were on the FLOOR. Sparing you all the gory details, we watched seasons 1-5 nonstop until we were done. Incredible. It’s like reading a really awesome book. And from me, that is a big compliment. America, I do apologize for my hateration. You were right and I was wrong.

SO, Kristyn’s parents gave her Season 5 on DVD for Christmas and we watched the whole thing already. Kristyn’s mind is crazy and she is able to predict what’s gonna happen next on every show (even Lost, I know) but even she was surprised how that season ended.

So I’m excited to watch it real time with y’alls but I’m sad that I won’t be able to do it again bc it’s the last season!!! Boo!

And not to brag (yes to brag) but we saw Claire at the supermarket. The lady who works there said they’ve been filming in the area and Kristyn saw a couple shoots on Sunset by our house. I hope it was Lost! How exciting if it was!!!

So anyway these pictures are called “The Lost Supper” and were released recently to promote the new season. Knowing Lost, they’re probably teasers.

And guys, if you don’t watch this show, all I ask is that you rent the first DVD and watch the first episode. If you don’t like it, fine. But I doubt it.

*I should clarify here that Kristyn is *NOT* a jerk. She is a discerning tv-watcher is all as am I. I’m more curious/a bigger couch potato/pop culture junkie so I am more interested in checking things like this out whereas Kristyn feels like “Why bother if I’m not interested?”

I’m very boring y’all

Guys, I have something to confess.  I am very boring.  Well I am very boring lately.  Ordinarily I wouldn’t put a “very” in there but lately I am “very boring”.  Me and Kristyn have some pretty huge things on the horizon so we’ve been intentionally “boringizing” ourselves.  We’ve been doing homework.  We’ve been cleaning the house.  We’ve been conducting yard sales.  We’ve been watching Lost.  We’ve been laying down a lot.  Haven’t been moving around much.  Mostly it’s fun and exactly what we want to be doing but we’re somewhat stupid so sometimes we forget WHY we’re “boringizing” and go all basketcase wondering where our lives are going, haha.  Then we remember that we are WORKING toward something and “boringizing” is a part of it.

Some of you know what we’re up to and those who don’t, well you’ll find out soon enough, it’s not a secret, it’s just better kept under wraps until we have more details worked out.  I’m sorry to anyone that we’ve upset with our boringness, our inability to leave the house, attend things we’d usually, etc.  It’s just that this thing is bigger than anything either of us have ever really done and we don’t know how best to go about it.  Ugh, even I’m sick of the code talk.  I’ll tell you soon.

The point is that I don’t have anything to blog about.  I could blog about Lost but anything I tell you will f it up for you if you haven’t seen it already.  I could blog about Elementary Statistics but I think you’d murder me.  I could blog about Medical Journal Production but I think I’D murder me.

So I’m blogging about WM3.  It’s something that people need to know about, it’s something that’s engaged me and it’s something that people need to spread the word about.

I’m not used to not blogging about me.  I’ve always just blogged about what’s going on in my life and in the past, me and Kristyn didn’t have much going on so we made our own fun, which resulted in somewhat interesting blogging.  This boringness is weird bc it’s making me antsy to make a definitive move to get things into motion bc I’m afraid I won’t go through with what we’ve planned if I don’t have a ball rolling and I’m kind of at a creative loss without having something to blog about.  Damn yo.

Ugh see what a pointless blog this is, haha.  Anyway, whatever.  Okay, I’ll just post some WM3 stuff and you better watch it!  Haha.  Oh weirdly too, my blog is the “Featured Blog” on wordpress for tags containing “Damien Echols”.  It’s not an honor or anything, it’s just probably that my blog has the most recent Damien Echols tag hits recently.  Anyway, I just thought that was kind of interesting and made me happy.

Twitter, WM3, Lost

Lately I have been a Twitterphile like whoa.  My friend Recky told me I have “Twitterhea”.  This is true.  At first I wasn’t so sure about Twitter bc something about having only 140 (?) characters to make a point was daunting but whatever, I jumped over that hurdle by just making a hundred posts to tell one story, haha.  What an idiot.

So, I told a story today on Twitter about how me and Kristyn once hollerated at Good Charlotte at the MTV Music Awards.  I have since apologized and apparently he doesn’t care so that’s good news.

In other news, I am STILL obsessing over WM3.  I wrote the Arkansas officials from the WM3 site and have to write a pen and ink paper to the Governor.  So far, I’ve bought the book “The Devil’s Knot” (which is the definitive book about the case and I’m waiting for it to come in the mail).  I have written to Damien, contributed to all three’s commissary fund and sent $10 to Damien’s legal defense.  I wish I could do something else.  Maybe that seems overboard but considering I have the freedom to do whatever I want while this guy is doomed to live in a concrete and steel room alone that is so small he can only take four steps from front to back, $10 ain’t shit.  That was what I spent on coffee and lunch yesterday.  And this guy needs it to compile a Capital Murder Defense appeal.  I’m just lucky I’m not him.  And that’s all it is…luck.  I’m not going to get myself all pissed off again because he’d still be sitting there and I’ll still be sitting here so whatever.  Still though, guys, rent Paradise Lost 1.  At the very least, it’s a really good movie.  But more likely than not, it will spark your interest and make you want to know more about this case that has just so many twists and turns.  In my next post I’m going to post a letter that Damien wrote describing what his day is like on Death Row.

But as for me, I’m just such a waste of space lately.  We were doing really well going to they gym, etc but then we got into Lost.  Holy crap is that a good show!  We can’t bring ourselves to do anything but watch it.  I can’t even talk about it bc seriously…No I can’t talk about it.  The thing with that show is that EVERYTHING is part of the mystery.  You can’t even mention character names or you might screw something up for someone else.  What a weird, weird show.  I can’t believe it’s actually on like regular old TV with the crap they put on and pass for entertainment.  It’s definitely quality like Sopranos or Dexter or something, just no sex and cursing.  Which you do NOT need, there’s too much the hell else going on.  Whatever, so good.

Um, I think that’s it for now.  I’m going to post the Damien blog and then that’s my lunch hour.  Ta.

Lost, 30 Rock, WM3, Yard Sales, stuff and things.

I read a book this week that virtually cured me of my back pain.  Well no, I listened to an e-book that virtually cured me of my back pain.  It’s called “Healing Back Pain: The Mind-Body Connection” by John Sarno.  My boss recommended it to me and so far it’s actually really working.  I’m not going to get into HOW it cures you bc you’ll never believe me if I told you.  Instead I’m just asking for your blind acceptance of this fact.  That’s all.

Secondly, me and Kristyn have just recently started watching “Lost” and “30 Rock”.  Don’t throw rocks or tomatoes, we know, we’re losers, white flag and all that crap.  It’s just that we had other things on our plates and so we just recently found time in our television viewing schedule to admit new programs.  And boy are we glad we did that.  A) I had no idea that Lost was this scary.  B) We both wish we were Liz Lemon.  That’s all I have to say about that.

Thirdly, in the mid-90s, I got consumed with a documentary on HBO called “Paradise Lost: The Child Murders at Robin Hood Hills”.  You know how HBO runs their programming over and over and over and over?  Well I got into a cyclone of watching bits and pieces of it every single time it came on for a while there.  So then they came out with the second documentary “Paradise Lost: Revelations” a few years later and I became obsessed with THAT.  In case you guys didn’t realize this, I get consumed with EVERYTHING for at least a little while so like everything else, I became totally focused on those movies to the exclusion of everything else and then just as abruptly forgot about them and moved onto something else.

WELL, I don’t know why but I was thinking about that documentary recently (either that or it was recommended to me on Netflix, I can’t recall) but I forced Kristyn to watch it the other day and we’ve been freaking out about it all over again.  We watched part one this weekend, then I researched it all day Monday and then yesterday we watched part 2, then researched it AGAIN for a couple of hours.  I’m so pissed that there’s not a part 3.  In my investigations, I found out that a 3rd movie was SUPPOSED to come out but never did.  BUT I think it was more a dramatization of what happened rather than a followup anyway so whatever.

The reason I’m telling you this is that I plan on staying good and obsessed with the West Memphis 3 (what the movies are about) for a good…long…time.  So brush up on the subject and let’s discuss. (I think I’ll write a separate blog on that bc I have a LOT to say about THAT, haha…)

And finally, we had our first of many yard sales this weekend.  We didn’t sell as much as we wanted to but we DID make $60.  And Christine and Recky did well too.  (Guys I don’t want to give out your amounts bc it’s not my duckets but I WILL say they did as good as we did.)  In short, we sold a lot of crap for $1, we bought a lot of each others’ stuff, we ate a lot of cookies and drank more Diet Pepsi Max than is recommended for human consumption, got sunburned, one of us made a lady cry with justification (not naming any names) AND naturally we started about an hour late (which naturally pissed two men off).

SO, what I’m going to do is try to sell some shiz on ebay or Amazon and then continue to have yard sales…*shrug*  I guess next time we have to be more organized but moreover everything went really well and we had a great time chilling in the BY.

Oh and guys I got an iPhone and have no control over it.  I’m not used to my iPod being able to play music out loud but the iPhone DOES.  So even if I have my ringer off, if I do not have earphones plugged in and end up in the music section, the music WILL play out loud for my entire (pin drop quiet) office to hear.  So far, I have treated them to a (LOUD) chorus of Gossip “Heavy Cross” and Madonna “Causing a Commotion”.  Two weeks ago, I forgot to shut off my ringer to my old phone and Lita Ford and Ozzie Osbourne’s “If I Closed My Eyes Forever” blasted over the entire floor while I panicked and searched for my phone in my bottomless purse.  Thankfully everyone thought that was funny but NO ONE got Beth Ditto’s scream and I (thankfully) think that not enough bars of “Causing a Commotion” played that anyone picked up on what song it was, haha.  I love it, but THAT is embarrassing, haha.