Laundromat Scandals

Guys, I just made myself become naked in the Laundromat by accident!!! I am wearing a dress and when I went to lift the clothes out of the basket to put them in the dryer, I accidentally lifted the hem of my dress skyward. I could have blinded somebody!

It reminds me of the time in first grade that I accidentally flashed a little boy named Ben Lunn. He sat next to me and had a crush on me. I knew it but wasn’t interested in being boyfriend and girlfriend. Anyway we were sitting in class, watching something on the projector and I was bunching up the bottom of my shirt in my hands. Little by little I was gathering more and more of the fabric in my hands. Suddenly I felt Ben’s eyes on me. I turn toward him and realize in horror that I have gathered the material so high that he was about to stick a quarter in my Osh Kosh B’Gosh’s. Slut.

I think it was that same year that he stole a ring from his mother and gave it to me. My Mom made me give it back. It was pretty and I kind of didn’t want to but I was also afraid of commitment. Therefore I was relieved to give it back.

Here is my progress on the blanket today:

Here’s Kristyn being forced to hold my blanket AND pose for a picture:

Here’s a fathead:

Two nerds:

Me in a dryer:

Kristyn in a dryer:

Kristyn said, “I think I’d really like to go in there but I know I’d get no rest.”:

Bonus Edith picture from last night:

Can you believe it????

I found this near the sink under the paper towel dispenser at the Laundromat. Thought it was worth noting. This is some Passive Aggressive Notes shit right here…

P.S. I’m on the Laundromat’s side on this but the note is priceless, “So if there aren’t towels when you need one, now you know why.” Haha…

P.S. #2 The other thing that happened at the Laundromat, nice right?!