Peaches Christ Superstar

* AHEM: This is another post that has been lounging in my draft folder since mid-December. Go here to check out Kristyn’s review of Check Yo Ponytail and here to check out her review on Peaches Christ Superstar!

Right now I am at the Echoplex in Echo Park at a party called “Check Yo Ponytail”. Kristyn is covering the bands for LA Music Blog. I am chilling on a couch. The bands are good but it’s kid of nice to go see a band I am not invested in for once. I always envy the people who can relax in chairs while I frantically have to be right up against the stage. On one hand I always want the total front and center experience and on the other, who’d ever turn their nose up at taking a load off? So it’s nice to enjoy the music and blog. Two of my favourite things uniting! Oh and sorry if my spelling reflects the Queen’s English, I somehow put my phone on UK English and am too lazy to turn it off. Oh also, we went to see Peaches do a one woman rendition of Jesus Christ Superstar the other day. It was called, you guess it, Peaches Christ Superstar. I am here to say that it was the bomb. The last time I saw Jesus Christ Superstar was in CCD and I barely paid attention. And going into this, I honestly wasn’t sure if Peaches was gonna do it tongue-in-cheek or not. BUT SHE DIDN’T. She was dead serious and it was AWESOME. I love Peaches in all of her incarnations but I had no idea she had such a killer voice. I mean usually what you like about her is her humor, dirtiness and attitude. Not that she isn’t a good singer but she doesn’t like belt anything out. With this she did and she was great. So good. Kristyn is gonna post a review on LA Music Blog so I won’t say any more other than it was awesome and now I want to see the movie. What else? Oh here are some iPhone pictures from Peaches Christ Superstar. If you have an iPhone you know they take crappy lowlight photos but THIS is something else. She was dressed all in white and had bleached blonde hair. The light on her was also white. She got so washed out that she looks like she got cut out of the picture. OR like an apparition. Spooky Peaches, spooky.

La Femme and Sick of Sarah!

Hi guys! Two more of my blogs posted on LA Music Blog.

Go to this link to read my review of the La Femme Show at The Strange last Saturday night. And here are some of my favorite pictures from that night:

Also, go to this link to watch the new video for Sick of Sarah. Here is a picture of their new album:

Sick of Sarah

Good times.

He’s My Brother, She’s My Sister

I went to see He’s My Brother, She’s My Sister at the Echo the other day. The show was a LOT of fun. Here is my post for it at LA Music Blog.

Also we started decorating for Christmas! I put some of the lights on the tree the other night and some on last night. I also put on a TON of garland because I felt like I didn’t put on enough last year. It’s gaudy/beautiful as heck. Tonight we have some work to do and then we are going to finish decorating the tree and the house. Tropical winter wonderland y’alls.

Here is the tree in the dark. The Golden Girls approve. Also that blue light on the right of the picture is the ghostly aura of Michael Moore’s “Roger and Me”. Nothing says Christmas time like 30,000 layoffs at General Motors.

Also I went to see La Femme play on Saturday night. Here is a picture from the show:

Great pate, Mom, but I gotta motor if I wanna be ready for that party tonight.

mr. Gnome!

Guys my first LA Music Blog post went up!  I went to see mr. Gnome play at the Silverlake Lounge last Wednesday.  They were awesome and I highly recommend them.  Go here to read my review. I also shot the photos. Silverlake Lounge doesn’t have much in the way of lighting effects so I had to shoot these at 800 ISO. I’m proud of how (mostly) clear these pictures are because I had my aperture WAY open (sometimes to 1.8) and my shutter speed was like 6. I guess those ambles around Silver Lake working on my steady hand have been helping haha.

Here are a few of my favorite shots:

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