What’s Going On

We have really, really given it our all here in LA. We have given up so much to follow this dream that there’s not much else left for us to give up. I just got word that I didn’t get a job that would have been our brightest hope. I’m not saying that all is necessarily lost but things are looking mighty bleak at this current moment.

We are both optimists, me moreso than Kristyn. We’ve been struggling like whoa but not complaining about it because we chose this path. We don’t want anyone’s help. We don’t want anyone’s sympathy. We just have been trying to maintain a single-minded mindset of total success. “This thing has to work.” There is only so long you can accept circumstances as “setbacks” rather than “horrible situations”. We are at the point where we don’t have any more room left for optimism. It’s time to look at the cold hard facts and make some tough decisions.

We have a million reasons to move back to NJ. We have a million reasons not to move back to NJ. For one, life in LA is just a higher quality of life, even if you are dirt poor. The weather is nice. The sun is always shining which gives you energy and motivation as well as elevates your mood. Because there isn’t any rain, you can leave stuff outside and not worry about it being totally ruined in a flash storm in the middle of the night. My allergies are basically nonexistent here probably because nothing ever dies truly so there’s no reason to fully repollinate. People are nicer which goes a long way with sensitive people like us. If it’s hot, it’s only when the sun is out unlike in NJ where if it’s 90 at noon, it’s 90 at midnight still. Also, most importantly the largess of the entertainment industry is here which is where our hearts lie.

BUT I am here to say that although wild optimism can take you further than you would have gone otherwise, it also can’t get you everything. I am a hard working person. I am a person who methodically turns every stone. I am a person who dots every “i” and crosses all the “t’s”. We have looked high and low for a good-paying job for me and have come up empty-handed. We get a lot of well-meaning but stressful suggestions from people all the time about avenues we already went down six months ago. And we get a lot of offhand comments about how “lucky” we are. There’s no luck to this at all. Our noses are firmly on the grindstone making our own circumstances and paying dearly through the nose for the privilege. So IDK.

I’m sure there are those who would love to call this whole thing a failure and you and I both know who you are. But regardless of what happens, this past year has been the time of my life. I had the rare privilege to follow my heart and my dreams, something that most people aren’t in the position to do. And being here has made us appreciate every little nuance of life. Little pockets of joy the would otherwise seem mundane are the only things that have kept our chins up through some terrifying times. I know that I can tend to be the “everything is fine!” girl and that is not a put-on. I am nothing if not endlessly naive, well-meaning, purpose-driven and optimistic. These qualities have made a lot of great things happen in my life, including and especially this adventure.

Not all is lost, not yet. We talked it over before and we might still have some tricks up our sleeves. Kristyn is at work and when she gets home, we’re going to put on our thinking caps and come up with some idears. At first we were quick to throw in the towel but have realized we might just have more resources than we thought we did. So IDK we will see.

Anyway I’m not writing this to worry anyone, to ask for help or to garner sympathy. I’m just expressing myself and how I feel right now: kind of defeated, kind of resigned, kind of newly optimistic about our upcoming plans and generally happy we did this/bummed that it didn’t necessarily work out the way we wanted it to.

Things can turn around but in the meantime, wish us luck!

Vanessa and the Blueberry Beer of Ter-ror

This weekend our friend Vanessa came down to see us. Vanessa is a special effects makeup artist so there were a few stores she wanted to check out. We went to Frend’s Beauty Supply. It was pretty cool in there. It was half regular beauty supply place and half special effects makeup.

They had really cool appliances to make some really devastating injuries but I wasn’t sure how many pictures I could get away with taking so I only took pictures of fake noses and ears haha.

But here is a particularly grievous injury for you to enjoy:

Along with some really gross fake vomit:

I don’t know why these cartons that say “Wildwood, NJ” on them are in a makeup supply store in LA but let’s roll with it:

Here is a creepy-ass face mold. I want this for my collection of disembodied (fake) heads:

Here are some more creepy faces. They are examples of different foams that you can mix to make molds:

And there were a few science-experimenty things that I suppose were being sold so you can mix chemicals?

I even peeped a bunsen burner at one point (though this isn’t it):

Some test tubes:

And here is the most important picture of all. I present to you, Vanessa in her element:

After that store, we went to Halloween Town, Rob Zombie’s year-round Halloween shop. Vanessa bought two awesome prints of local artists’ work. Then we went to a couple more more-or-less forgettable stores in Burbank. We stopped at Michael’s so I could buy some yarn to finish a project and so Vanessa could buy frames for the prints. After that we went to Vons to pick up some pizza and blueberry beer. We chilled on the lanai and feverishly talked about Harry Potter.

These pictures were taken around 1am when Lil Krissy finally came home. Me and Vanessa had each had about two and a half blueberry beers and were three sheets to the wind. I don’t know what is the matter with these delightful blueberry beers:

We went in not too long after I took this picture because we thought we heard gunshots:

So we watched “Hot Tub Time Machine” until we all fell asleep where we sat like a bunch of lightweight drunkards.

The next day Vanessa got up and went to Medieval Times which made us jelly because we love us some Medieval Times.

So that was our time. Good times had by all. We all were kind of sick the next day from our “rager”. And that is what you get.


The Great American Job Hunt (in pictures)

Here are some miscellaneous pictures I’ve taken on job interviews as of late.  The good thing about job interviews is that even if I don’t get it, I’m getting out of the house, learning my way around LA and building my interview skills. 

This picture below is from an interview I went on in Silver Lake.  The place wasn’t far from my house so I decided to walk.  The woman told me that she recommends I drive because the driveway is steep.  I was all “Whatever” and seriously guys, this picture does not do that hill justice AT ALL.  Walking up this hill was like walking up a vertical incline.  I had to lean waaaay forward and my feet weren’t flat, they were inclined way up as far as my kankles would let me bend them.  I took this picture for posterity, knowing that there as no way in hell I was getting that job haha.  (The ol’ “you’re overqualified” one-two had made it’s appearance in this interview.)

On the way home from the interview I decided to start fooling around with my Hipstamatic app again because I’d abandoned it for Lomo for a while.  Here is a weird purple plant.  Guys, LA has plants of the like you have never seen in your LIFE and again, this picture does NOT do this plant any justice to how shockingly purple it was:

There’s weird artwork all over Silver Lake (and LA in general).  This was just stencil-painted on the wall for no damn reason.  I thought he was cute, no?

I was at this building the other day for an interview with a company that works on this lot.  This building is so cool-looking.  It’s shaped almost like a pyramid.  Anyway, I’ve been reading the Buffy Season 8 comics and have been watching Angel Season 1 for the past few months off and on.  I’ve never seen it before.  Anyway, I go to the Sony lot, have my interview and then on Angel that night, they show this building re-labeled as “Wolfram & Hart, Attorneys at Law” or something like that.  This building is repeatedly shown throughout the series as some supernatural law office.  LA is so weird/awesome.  (I mean it’s no coincidence that Angel was probably shot on this lot and they used this cool-looking building as part of the show.  I mean it’s not like I was at an out-of-the-way deli and it turned out to be a major plotpoint.  I mean it IS Sony Pictures.  It was just weird to be IN that building during the day, go home and have entire episodes revolve around that building at night.  See?:  weird/awesome.)

And here is another place I went on an interview.  I took this picture to post on Gowalla.  The people were really nice there and it was an impressive facility to say the least.

So those are my recent outings.  If you ask me what there is to do for fun around here, my answer will most definitely be: Go on job interviews!

On the Road, Day Three, WI & MN, part two


So we were driving along, fresh off my “I’m so bored why don’t we stop the car and take some pictures” tantrum when we saw a sign for a Taxidermy Shop. I wishwishwish I could think of the name now and I will update this post if I can come up with it, I swear. Anyway, we are strict animal lovers, vegetarians blahblahblah but where we’re from, you do not just RUN INTO stray Taxidermy shops. Oh no. In NJ, we barely even have butcher shops that are not inside supermarkets anymore. Pizza places, nail salons, dollar stores, we gotchoo. Taxidermy shops are a little harder to come by.

From the inside looking out.

That being said, we were running on pure adrenaline when we ran full tilt boogie into that shop. It never occured to us until we were INSIDE the shop that we had RUN TOWARD a place that kills, skins and re-creates live beings for fun/profit. We just thought, “OMG, Taxidermy! I wonder if we can buy a squirrel!”

We're all just hangin around, hyuk, hyuk.

We knocked on the door and a man came let us in. He and his doggies seemed nice and we asked him a few questions before he invited us into his workshop (pictured in the last post).

More heads.

He told us that he used to work in some other line of business that wasn’t doing so hot. He has always been an hunter and had always admired taxidermists’ work. He got an apprenticeship under someone he looked up to and soon enough opened his own shop.

Foxes and boars and turkeys, oh my!

Basically, after you hunt and kill the animal, you skin them and use their meat however you’re gonna (food, whatever). Then you dry the skin out. You have to buy plastic or foam molds for the specific animal you are using and then the rest is just artistic interpretation based on how they looked in life and how you want them posed.

Closeup of Fox, Boar and Turkey

Apart from the fact that he is a hunter, he is a huge animal lover. He has that cat you saw previously and two dogs.

Kristyn petting one of the owner's doggies.

They go hunting with them a lot. I think it’s the highlight of their year. He took time and showed us a photo album of him, his friend, his family and their dogs hunting in South Dakota.

The owner and his best friends.

The doggies were really friendly too and even showed off their hunting “pointing” skills for us, haha. I can’t say we weren’t scared. Because we’re from New Jersey, we are suspicious of everyone and were leery at times. Honestly though, this was just a nice, friendly man who probably was silly to let us suspicious NJ-ites in. We thought we were knocking on the door of an actual factual store but it turned out to be his workshop and showroom. He was really nice for letting us in and showing us around. Thanks Taxidermy guy!

Showing off their huntin skills for us.

We left there and hopped back on 90. We were starting to get hungry and the cheese/taxidermy mania of the day (and my allergies) were making us yearn for a place to stop for the day and rest. We made it into Minnesota!

Entering Minnesota!

We decided to stop in Rochester, Minnesota. Rochester, unbenownst to us until we got there, is the home of the Mayo Clinic and IBM!

Rochester, MN is where hang our hats.

We found a room at a weird hotel that had a Goth front desk clerk, went through our animal rituals and then drove around downtown Rochester. The downtown area looked like it had probably at one time been thriving but was recently kind of abandoned. There was a main strip of like chain stores, followed by a more neighborhoody main drag that seemed like it had a lot of potential but that the shop owners had been driven out by the chain stores.

Mayo Clinic

Then there was another section closer to the Mayo Clinic that was nicer and maybe the reason why the downtown area was a ghost town. We found a street fair! Kristyn said, “I don’t know what the heck is wrong with this picture. Why does everyone look exactly the same?” I said, “They’re all white people with blonde hair and blue eyes.”

Street fair full of white people.

It was like being at a Barr family reunion up in that piece. I wish we had photographic evidence. Here I’ll provide a family photo instead:

White people, aka my family on the day of my Christening. If only they knew what a waste of time that'd end up being...ah well.

Since I was feeling like cockypoo because of my allergies, we took a couple of fugly shots and beat it out of there. I’m usually down for street fair food but I needed to sit down and have a cup of tea, STAT:

Us cautiously enjoying ourselves.

Me with a case of fathead/rednose and Kristyn with a case of weird eyes/slightsmile.

On our way to find me some tea with a side of pancakes, we found this:

World's Largest Ear O' Corn!

Right next to our hotel, there was a Denny’s. As we went in, I took this shot of the chain shopping area of Rochester:

Rochester by moonlight.

Inside Denny’s I flipped the script and got a veggie burger and DEFINITELY a cup of tea. We sat and eavesdropped as a group of adults sat at a table behind us and talked about “the homosexuals”. There were two men and one woman. The one man and one woman were extremely anti-gay. Well, scratch that, they were ALL anti-gay, but just those two were like, foot down, don’t wanna hear about it anti-gay. The other guy was kind of more thoughtful about it. He said, “Now you can’t just judge someone for being gay. I know they say they’re born that way and I don’t know if that’s true but if it is, I cannot imagine the burden that must be on your soul.” The other two were like, “They’re not born that way! They choose it I tell ya! If someone in my family were gay, I wouldnt’ talk to’m anymore!” The other guy was like, “If someone in my family told me they were gay, I wouldn’t understand it but it wouldn’t make me love’m any less.” Then they kind of went into a discussion on whether or not the homosexuals will go to hell for what they’ve done. Kristyn threatened me with my life not to say something so I kept my big fat mouth shut. *sigh*

So we went back to our room, laid down and watched some TV. The news is really weird in Minnesota. I don’t know if you watch 30 Rock or not but a couple of episodes ago they went to Kenneth the Page’s hometown in the mountains to find a standup comedian to draw “folksy people”. Liz Lemon turned on the news and the reporter said something along the lines of, “Ethyl is going on vacation so Myrna will be watching her cats this week”. Liz Lemon said, “Yeesh, small town”. THAT is what Rochester, MN was like. They reported on the high school football team, bake sales, kindergarten’s first day…It was incredible. In order to be on the news in Northern NJ, you have to get killed in a spectacular fashion in public (small, non-sexy murders need not apply) or you have to find out where Good Day New York has sent their newbie reporter to freeze at. They always send whoever has the least time on the show to stand on some corner in Hoboken or whereever and interact with the locals. If you can find that guy, you can be on the news but don’t count on it. Seriously don’t.

On my Aunt Theresa’s suggestion, we kept looking up KOA Campgrounds to stay at because there’s a million of them along the way. Our original intention for this trip had been to camp the whole way and save money on hotels. Because I insisted on bringing a shitload of photographic equipment I did not use, we ended up not bringing the tent. So that meant we could only stay at KOA Campgrounds that had cabins for rental. Being that this was the week leading up to Labor Day weekend (it was late this year), a lot of the campgrounds were close to capacity. Also, if we found a cabin for rent, it had no blankets and no running water. Typically we could find an actual factual hotel with bathroom for the same price. Still though, we had KOA on our minds and had intended to make a little pitstop to Wal-Mart that night for bedding and supplies. We were just too damn tuckered though and so we watched the news until we passed the heck out, dreaming of disembodied heads and cheese wheels. G’nite.

On the Road, Day One, NJ & PA

So, we left Kearny on Tuesday, September 1, 2009. We put up some good luck charms that were both given to us by family and of our own:

Good luck and safe travels charms given to us by our family!

Another good luck charm from our family...

One of our own good luck charms: a Frida necklace Kristyn gave me a couple of years ago.

And another one of our own: a Golden Girls necklace with Hindi writing I bought at the Bust Craftacular a year or two ago.

I was an emotional wreck and slept for a lot of the first portion of the ride. We left at probably like 10 or 11 am and by about 3, I really regained consciousness. Before that, with Kristyn’s blessing, I was really in and out of it. We stopped at a rest stop for gas and snacks:

Kristyn at a gas station in Pennsylvania looking mighty self-satisfied, haha.

Even a few hours out of NJ, the air smelled fresh with a tinge of manure. People were friendly, smiling and holding doors for us. We were feeling pretty good. We got back in the car, self-satisfied with a full tank of gas and empty bladders.

Oversize Load in Pennsylvania.

We ate some snacks we bought and some snacks that Lori, Billy and Sandra had given us (Mini Snickers/various chocolate, Doritos, Sour Patch Kids, Goldfish, Swedish Fish) and listened to David Sedaris “Naked” that Lori and Billy had also given us. Thank you guys SO MUCH for that because all that stuff really brightened our spirits that day, especially mine as I was the Gloomy Gus on board, haha.

Monster, Chucky and Elvira all sat in the same (red) carrier. It was a huge one that should fit a Doberman. We were going to put Chucky in his own carrier but miscalculated the size of this big red one. It took up almost the entire back seat. Anyway, Chucky and Monster are all BFFs and so are Monster and Elvira. Chucky and Elvira are of the fairweather friend variety. “You don’t f with me and I won’t f with you, okay?” So they were fine.

Monster in the back seat in his carrier. You can see Chucky a little too.

Elvira begging for our attention, haha.

Edith had a bad start in life. Truly we shouldn’t have adopted any other cats with her. We were warned that she did not like other cats but stupidly we thought we could change her. The fact is, the other cats are hugely interested in her and she does not return that interest. Her interests are: Sleep, Food, Us, Being Left Alone by Monster and Elvira. She likes Chucky though surprisingly, haha. So she got her own little carrier which was more than fine by her. If she could have put a solid wall between her carrier and theirs, she would have, with glee, haha.

Edith napping in her carrier.

It took us forever to drive through Pennsylvania that day. NJ’s width probably only takes about two hours to drive through. For anyone wondering where we started off from, Kearny is on the entire other side of NJ from PA so we really basically went from one side of NJ to the other. PA though, is gigantic.

Trucks on Route 80 in Pennsylvania.

Various powerlines and clouds. What a lot of PA looks like, haha.

At the beginning of the trip, we used a map a lot. We really hadn’t come to rely on the iPhones for directions yet. And we already knew how to get through PA on Route 80 so we were mostly using it to see how far we’d come on the map. We had been hoping to make it to Ohio.

My view for a lot of the trip.

Route 80, still in Pennsylvania. Let me tell you what, PA is HUGE!

This is Littler Krissy. In 2001, I stupidly quit my job and immediately following, the Twin Towers fell. Everyone knows that because there were massive layoffs following 9/11, there were no jobs to be had. So, I found myself unemployed with a TON of time on my hands. I was living at my Aunt Heather’s house at the time and my Grandma brought me over some yarn, needles and thread to bide my time. In secret, I started making this Littler Krissy doll to give Kristyn for Christmas. At the time, she had her hair in a burgundy Bob and wore the outfit you see on Littler Krissy all the time! SO, we brought it with us in the car on the way to California because hey, it’s Littler Krissy! She was one of our mascots.

This is Littler Krissy.

So, we drove for about eight to ten hours that day. I don’t know the exact amount because of the hysteria/exhaustion/insanity of the day but it was a long time. We basically just drove until we absolutely could not take it anymore and then took the first hotel room we could find. We ordered a Domino’s pizza, ate it and passed the hell out.

It was a long, long, long, long day and unfortunately, we never made it to Ohio but at that point, we didn’t care.

Now I’m in trouble

The gmail goddesses have locked me out of my account. I have been trying to clean my pictures off my hard drive by zip-filing them and then sending them to an underused gmail account. Basically I have no dinero to spend on fancy flash drives, etc so I am taking the broke down (and tedious) way out. Unfortunately, this made gmail “flag” my account for suspicious activity and I may have “violated my terms of agreement”. Yes, you DO HAVE 78K MB of space available to you but if you USE it, you will get slapped. Apparently they want all non-email files to be stored on Picasa. You get 1 MB free and then every MB after said MB is gonna cost ya. Well I already pay for a Flickr Pro account and I have WAAAAAAY more than 1MB of pictures to store so that’s not going to work.

Damn just when you think you’re minding your own bidness.

Experiments, Good News, MTV’s The Grind

So I am writing this from my iPhone. I saw the app and figured it would be useful for some on the fly ruminating/reporting. So far it’s proven exceedingly tedious. BUT maybe this means I can take my morning babble off of twitter and slap it on here? AND this means I can live blog things like going to the doctor or hanging out at the DMV.*

Let’s see what news has happened since the other four blogs I posted today…oh my wee brother Master Charles Hendry is graduating from high school! There were some touch and go moments surrounding this so we’re all relieved it’s going to be a reality…

Me and Kristyn also went to the mall since we’ve spoken last to see a man about an iPhone. Turns out we make the extended buyers remorse cutoff and are eligible to upgrade to the new iPhone! Basically it’ll be the same shiz what with Apple’s new OS platform upgrade but the newer version has more gbs of storage AND more importantly a slightly better camera which you KNOW I’ll use the crap out of. Plus it has a video camera. Now that I figured out how to embed videos get yourself ready for ten thousand cats fighting/cats eating/cats performing riverdance videos. That was your official warning. None further will follow. But there’s a week or two between now and then so enjoy your sanity while you have it.

So Joel Madden never wrote back. Imagine that. Maybe I should have added profanity to my apology to get him to hear me out. Next apology will contain at least one F word.

* Although the DMV is boring me and Kristyn managed to have a somewhat good time at it the last time we went (shocker). Kristyn had to renew her license and I had to go to the bathroom so we went our seperate ways immediately. The woman at the desk gave me a set of keys attached to an 8″x11″ (notebook-sized) SIGN to get into the ladies room. I’m an asshole and could NOT get over it. It struck me as so funny that I was almost crying laughing. I was showing it to people…seriously no one cared. The lady who gave it toe looked at me like “yeah real original”. I can’t act right. So I went to find Kristyn and found that she was segregatedoff int the “cool” (read: license-getting) section and she was told to expressly forbid any non-cool person (read: sign-deriding fool) to enter the area. We don’t like to be apart so we were sad but not for long because it reminded us both of the time that I was on forced to dance in the hot Cancun sun in SAND for four hours on MTVs The Grind. Me and my boyfriend at the time were given tickets by some drunk girl who didn’t want them (I know…what?!) at Senor Frog’s for the following morning. We were excited and so flattered that we’d be considered attractive enough to shake our asses on The Grind. Wrong. Turns out there is a fat and ugly section you do not get to see on TV. In the beutiful section, they are like prop models and dancers not just random beautiful people. They use the fuglies (that would be us) to shoot overhead shots and to scream between DJ Skribble sets to add noise. Then they make you dance and dance and dance in SAND. It’s hard enough to keep a good stagger going in sand let alone dancing for hours on end…so we ended up leaving with near third degree burns bc in our rush to get there on time we forgot sunscreen.

What’s so weird is that that story has been rattling around in my head a lot recently. Almost anything can lead me and/or Kristyn right back to that event. Lately we’ve taken to saying things like “Why do I suddenly feel like I’m in the ugly section?” if we feel slighted by someone. Or “This DEFINITELY feels like The Grind all over again…”

So sorry to any of you who have already heard this old yarn. It’s just been so RELEVANT lately…A) You just never know what moments of your life will play out as fables later, B) DJ Skribble?!

Lost, 30 Rock, WM3, Yard Sales, stuff and things.

I read a book this week that virtually cured me of my back pain.  Well no, I listened to an e-book that virtually cured me of my back pain.  It’s called “Healing Back Pain: The Mind-Body Connection” by John Sarno.  My boss recommended it to me and so far it’s actually really working.  I’m not going to get into HOW it cures you bc you’ll never believe me if I told you.  Instead I’m just asking for your blind acceptance of this fact.  That’s all.

Secondly, me and Kristyn have just recently started watching “Lost” and “30 Rock”.  Don’t throw rocks or tomatoes, we know, we’re losers, white flag and all that crap.  It’s just that we had other things on our plates and so we just recently found time in our television viewing schedule to admit new programs.  And boy are we glad we did that.  A) I had no idea that Lost was this scary.  B) We both wish we were Liz Lemon.  That’s all I have to say about that.

Thirdly, in the mid-90s, I got consumed with a documentary on HBO called “Paradise Lost: The Child Murders at Robin Hood Hills”.  You know how HBO runs their programming over and over and over and over?  Well I got into a cyclone of watching bits and pieces of it every single time it came on for a while there.  So then they came out with the second documentary “Paradise Lost: Revelations” a few years later and I became obsessed with THAT.  In case you guys didn’t realize this, I get consumed with EVERYTHING for at least a little while so like everything else, I became totally focused on those movies to the exclusion of everything else and then just as abruptly forgot about them and moved onto something else.

WELL, I don’t know why but I was thinking about that documentary recently (either that or it was recommended to me on Netflix, I can’t recall) but I forced Kristyn to watch it the other day and we’ve been freaking out about it all over again.  We watched part one this weekend, then I researched it all day Monday and then yesterday we watched part 2, then researched it AGAIN for a couple of hours.  I’m so pissed that there’s not a part 3.  In my investigations, I found out that a 3rd movie was SUPPOSED to come out but never did.  BUT I think it was more a dramatization of what happened rather than a followup anyway so whatever.

The reason I’m telling you this is that I plan on staying good and obsessed with the West Memphis 3 (what the movies are about) for a good…long…time.  So brush up on the subject and let’s discuss. (I think I’ll write a separate blog on that bc I have a LOT to say about THAT, haha…)

And finally, we had our first of many yard sales this weekend.  We didn’t sell as much as we wanted to but we DID make $60.  And Christine and Recky did well too.  (Guys I don’t want to give out your amounts bc it’s not my duckets but I WILL say they did as good as we did.)  In short, we sold a lot of crap for $1, we bought a lot of each others’ stuff, we ate a lot of cookies and drank more Diet Pepsi Max than is recommended for human consumption, got sunburned, one of us made a lady cry with justification (not naming any names) AND naturally we started about an hour late (which naturally pissed two men off).

SO, what I’m going to do is try to sell some shiz on ebay or Amazon and then continue to have yard sales…*shrug*  I guess next time we have to be more organized but moreover everything went really well and we had a great time chilling in the BY.

Oh and guys I got an iPhone and have no control over it.  I’m not used to my iPod being able to play music out loud but the iPhone DOES.  So even if I have my ringer off, if I do not have earphones plugged in and end up in the music section, the music WILL play out loud for my entire (pin drop quiet) office to hear.  So far, I have treated them to a (LOUD) chorus of Gossip “Heavy Cross” and Madonna “Causing a Commotion”.  Two weeks ago, I forgot to shut off my ringer to my old phone and Lita Ford and Ozzie Osbourne’s “If I Closed My Eyes Forever” blasted over the entire floor while I panicked and searched for my phone in my bottomless purse.  Thankfully everyone thought that was funny but NO ONE got Beth Ditto’s scream and I (thankfully) think that not enough bars of “Causing a Commotion” played that anyone picked up on what song it was, haha.  I love it, but THAT is embarrassing, haha.