The Great American Job Hunt (in pictures)

Here are some miscellaneous pictures I’ve taken on job interviews as of late.  The good thing about job interviews is that even if I don’t get it, I’m getting out of the house, learning my way around LA and building my interview skills. 

This picture below is from an interview I went on in Silver Lake.  The place wasn’t far from my house so I decided to walk.  The woman told me that she recommends I drive because the driveway is steep.  I was all “Whatever” and seriously guys, this picture does not do that hill justice AT ALL.  Walking up this hill was like walking up a vertical incline.  I had to lean waaaay forward and my feet weren’t flat, they were inclined way up as far as my kankles would let me bend them.  I took this picture for posterity, knowing that there as no way in hell I was getting that job haha.  (The ol’ “you’re overqualified” one-two had made it’s appearance in this interview.)

On the way home from the interview I decided to start fooling around with my Hipstamatic app again because I’d abandoned it for Lomo for a while.  Here is a weird purple plant.  Guys, LA has plants of the like you have never seen in your LIFE and again, this picture does NOT do this plant any justice to how shockingly purple it was:

There’s weird artwork all over Silver Lake (and LA in general).  This was just stencil-painted on the wall for no damn reason.  I thought he was cute, no?

I was at this building the other day for an interview with a company that works on this lot.  This building is so cool-looking.  It’s shaped almost like a pyramid.  Anyway, I’ve been reading the Buffy Season 8 comics and have been watching Angel Season 1 for the past few months off and on.  I’ve never seen it before.  Anyway, I go to the Sony lot, have my interview and then on Angel that night, they show this building re-labeled as “Wolfram & Hart, Attorneys at Law” or something like that.  This building is repeatedly shown throughout the series as some supernatural law office.  LA is so weird/awesome.  (I mean it’s no coincidence that Angel was probably shot on this lot and they used this cool-looking building as part of the show.  I mean it’s not like I was at an out-of-the-way deli and it turned out to be a major plotpoint.  I mean it IS Sony Pictures.  It was just weird to be IN that building during the day, go home and have entire episodes revolve around that building at night.  See?:  weird/awesome.)

And here is another place I went on an interview.  I took this picture to post on Gowalla.  The people were really nice there and it was an impressive facility to say the least.

So those are my recent outings.  If you ask me what there is to do for fun around here, my answer will most definitely be: Go on job interviews!

Went on another job interview today…

I think he liked me but I don’t know that I’ll get it. I’m lacking some experience he needs but he said that I seem very competant and that it seems like I want it. He was the one interviewer who didn’t say he’d get back to me or outline the pay/benefits structure. I should take that as a “no” but considering that no one else called me back, I’m taking this as a positive thing. He said that he is only doing the preliminary interviews and secondary interviews are going to be done with the executive I’d be assisting. I really hope they give me a chance to at least interview again. Wish me luck.