Whip it!

I went to see “Whip it” tonight and now I want to join the Roller Derby. The main problem (of many) with that idea is that I cannot roller skate. Probably the other main problem (apart from my extreme-out-of-shape-ness/girth) is that my body was so broken, I was out of work for a month over it this year (aka backular dysfunction). Anyway, the LA Derby Dolls (whose rink is literally five minutes from us) were IN Whip it, the movie was BASED on them, AND they’re having a match tomorrow. So knowing us, we’ll end up going and will tell you all about it, haha. It’s gonna be PACKED though, I can tell you that much right now.

At the moment, I am watching Chris Rock and relaxing. The job front is taking its sweet time but then again we only just started seriously applying about two weeks ago. I’m just impatient. We can’t really experience LA like we want to until we have steady paychecks coming in. We’re okay for now but we want to be able to go to a movie without feeling guilty ya know?

And guys, I just have to say:


Apart from the creepy old man who we just found shuffling down the street, giving us the stank eye, there’s not much I don’t absolutely love about this place. And dudes, there are so many damn Targets here that we never have to go to the same one twice. And if you know me at ALL, you know I love me some Target, ugh.

And today, I went into the hands-down most awesome photography store I have ever seen. They were basically specifically for the film shooter, nothing digital (not really). Racks and rows of different kinds of paper, developer, fixer, stop bath, reels, tanks, enlargers, bags, lomo cameras…and the Holgas…oh the HOLGAS!!!

I die.

I die.

They had Holgas in every color of the rainbow. They had skins you can add to Holgas to decorate them. They had Holgas that made 3D pictures! Ugh, all kinds of accessories for them! They had cameras that look like this:
I can't take how much I want this camera.

I can't take how much I want this camera.

I applied to WORK here. But seriously, if I worked here, I’d make zero dollars but there is no way I would not spend my money faster than I made it. At this moment in time, they are fully staffed (thank god).

So this weekend we have a bunch of things on the agenda:

1) Clean the car. *Kristyn’s parents, please cover your eyes. Thank you.* Guys, the car is filthy. It has filth on it from NJ, Pennsylvania, Ohio, Indiana, Illinois, Wisconsin, Minnesota, South Dakota,

We're mystified at this but we're going with it.

We're mystified at this but we're going with it.

Wyoming, Nebraska, Colorado, Utah, Arizona, Nevada and California on it AND it also has bird poop on it from all of those states as well. I had to give mental props to the very nice valet man who politely closed my door for me when we went to UCB last Sunday. (Yes, they have $6 VALET for a FREE comedy show. LA is so weird and awesome.) Anyway, since the car has become a moving disease wagon, we have bought car cleaner, sponges and a bucket and intend to right this evil very VERY soon.

2) West Hollywood Book Fair! Amber Benson and Francesca Lia Block will be there!

3) LA Derby Dolls, as mentioned.

4) UCB again hopefully.

5) We had wanted to go to the beach but what with TSUNAMIS threatening the Pacific, we decided it’s best to leave the waves to the surfers.

6) Free Museum Day!

7) Curb Your Enthusiasm

8) Dexter

9) I missed Medium bc I was at the Movies so I have to watch that.

10) I want to go to Pearl Paints and Micheal’s. We want to make Day of the Dead art. Also I want to apply to these stores.


11) We have to decorate for Halloween!!!

So anyway, cross your fingers for me guys. I needs me a j-o-b.

This weekend was much too, much too much.

Guys I had a pretty awesome weekend.  I am exhausted from it though.  Holy crap.  Here’s how I’m going to break this shit down.  Today I’ll tell you what happened and tomorrow I’ll SHOW you what happened.  I haven’t had a chance to upload the bazillions of pictures I took this weekend but oh, you’ll see them tomorrow, yes you will.  Anyway:

Thursday, October 30th
We were supposed to go to school and then to Aleix’s house for some Mischief Night chuckles but mid-day Vanessa warned me about the potential gang activity targeting women for Newark, Harrison, Kearny and Belleville.  I told Kristyn about it and we decided that we were too young to die (especially on Mischief Night) and decided to sit this one out.  So after class (which was a pretty illuminating tutorial on the Vietnam War) we only stopped at Dizzle (aka Midland Dairy for those not in the know) to buy vegetable oil so that I could bake some cupcakes.  So we ended up going home, I baked two dozen cupcakes and then we fell asleep on the couches and didn’t wake up until morning.  This is a problem bc we like to take a pre-bed nap on the couches.  The pre-bed nap is an indulgence meant to only last for an hour or so before we groggily haul ourselves off to “real bed”.  For some reason, the reflex to wake up after an hour has completely disengaged and we frequently now wake up at like 6 in the morning with the tv blaring, all of the lights on, etc.  It’s disturbing and “strange” of us.

Friday, October 31st
We wake up in the living room wondering what has become of our lives.  Then we watch some morning television…I see various newscasters in their Halloween best (did Meredith Viera’s wood-face or Kathy-Lee Gifford’s wolf-face confuse and consume anybody else?).  So we made breakfast, watched MORE of the Office (bc that’s all we do lately is watch the Office but it makes us so damn happy so we don’t mind.)  Anyway, we then got ready, got our costumes together (which I still won’t reveal until you see the photographic evidence tomorrow), and went to Nana’s house.  My grandmother, known as “Nana” or “Nanamae” (a play on her name, Annamae) decorates her house like whoa.  It is really something to see.  It’s not that she does like a Horror House or something like that.  It’s all just cute stuff but it’s everywhere and it’s so fun to look at.  It’s like a museum of cute Halloween things and every year, trick or treaters and their parents come through her house to look at all of the decorations.  I’ve never been so this year Kristyn and I took off of work, went down there, dressed up in our costumes and welcomes the trick or treating families with her, my Great Aunt Rosemary and my brother (who is another story, you’ll see his costume tomorrow too).  Anyway, THAT was a lot of fun.  The families were so happy to be able to do that, the costumes were so cute and I’m sad to say that my Grandmother is determined for this to be her last year doing this.  (But she says that every year so whatever, hahaha…)

Also, while I was there, I gave my Mom her birthday gift.  I gave her this talking doll called Julie that I had when I was a kid.  Julie answers questions that you ask her, knows when it gets brighter or darker, knows when you’re taking her somewhere, knows her name…recognizes your voice and you can have an actual (limited) conversation with her.  Anyway, we have no clue what happened to Julie and my Mom always asks about her so I found her online and bought her for her this year.  I think this might be the only gift I’ve ever bought her that she’s acutally seriously liked A LOT, haha…Go figure.

So we got home around 9:30 or so, ate dinner, watched the Garfield Halloween special and the Great Pumpkin, freshened up our costumes and then went to Aleix and Kathleen’s house for their party.  Everyone looked so awesome in their costumes and we had a really great time.  You’ll see photographic evidence of this tomorrow.

Saturday, November 1st
So we had a little party on Saturday but it wasn’t until 9.  We also knew we had to go to a wedding on Sunday so we had to go buy some supplies for the party and something to wear to the wedding.  All day Saturday we shopped and shopped and shopped and shopped and shopped and shopped until my feet were like two little useless stumps crying for mercy.  On top of that, we came home and had to clean the house from top to bottom.  Then we got ready and were dressed and ready to go just as soon as everyone started getting there.  Basically we ate a ton of crap, drank Sangria, talked crap and lazed around.  It was a lot of fun.  One thing we did do, was scare the crap out of ourselves.  Someone had suggested that we take everyone upstairs to look at “the scene of the crime” and so we did.  As we started going upstairs, I had a candle that went out (bc the wax sloshed over the wick, duh).  When we got to the top we realized that there was no door on the apartment.  I guess the people had removed it so they could take the fridge out that day.  Anyway, when I got to the top I had a total shit fit and couldn’t go inside.  There’s no lights up there (bc we turned the power off) and so I just had this totally irrational panick attack and couldn’t go inside.  Christine, on the other hand, totally bravely pushed in and I could follow her but I couldn’t do it myself.  So we all assembled up there just kind of looking…No one (but me apparently) was losing their grip on sanity.  We just all kind of looked at “where he’d been” and shrugged.  I don’t know how everyone kept it together but I guess since we were all there it wasn’t that bad.  But what was stupid was that our only source of light was a glowing skull strobe light.  This should have heightened the tension I’d imagine but it didn’t haha…so that was that.  You’ll see pictures of that night too.

Sunday, November 2nd
We were EXHAUSTED.  We got up early, ate breakfast and chilled and then took a little nap.  By the time we woke up from the “little nap”, we’d gotten up too late to make our friend’s ceremony…SO we took another nap and then got ready to go to the reception.  So we went to the reception and it was soooo nice!  The cocktail hour was delish, the hall was so pretty, the food was great, everyone (EVERYONE of all ages) got up and danced and of course the bride and groom, Slam and Frank, looked gorg (as usual).  So we got home last night around 11 and just fell into bed.  All night long I dreamt that I was awake but in California and taking a thousand pictures (bc that’s all I did at the wedding was take a thousand pictures, haha).

Anyway, so tonight I’m going to go home, upload all of the pictures onto flickr and then throw them up here in bloggy format tomorrow.  God I’m tired but damn that was a good time…