Malaise can lead to Scottish Breakfast

I have been pretty homesick for the first time since we’ve been here. I spend a lot of time at home and alone because Kristyn has to work so often. It’s fine and we knew going into it that this was just going to be a tough year no matter how we looked at it. We knew it would be harder for me to find a job than it would be for her and we steeled ourselves for kind of a boring, stagnant time.

The reality though is that, in our normal lives, we are quite active. At home we have a lot of family and a lot of friends that keep us busy. Also, at home, we both had stable jobs which enabled us to basically do whatever we wanted. We could go to concerts, comedy shows, weekend vacations, whatever. But here our limits are basically go to work, search for work, come home.

At first we didn’t really know how to keep ourselves busy in such a limited environment but we had the starry-eyed “OMG we did it!” vibe to keep us going. Now we’ve been in LA for eleven months (!). It’s not that we’re tired of being here. It’s just that the only place Kristyn sees is the highway and her job. The only place I see is the supermarket and this apartment. So these things can be anywhere in the world. When we DO drive through LA (rather than going around it on the highway), we DO both feel the “OMG I can’t believe we’re here” tingles all over again.

Hopefully I can get work soon to at least supplement our income. If I can do that, we can at least go to the movies without worrying what havoc it will wreak on our bills. Moving cross-country is NOT for the faint of heart y’alls. I’m glad we’re doing this at 30, rather than at 20 though. I think if we’d have gone then, we wouldn’t have been able to stay afloat for as long. At 30, we’re mature “enough” to recognize that this is a temporary position and that patience and perserverance will win out. Still, it’s boring and I can’t wait for it to be over. *sigh*

All of THAT being said, I was dying for a Scottish breakfast recently. If you know me, you know that I am Scottish and Irish. My mother’s family is Irish but has been in America since wayback. I don’t even know who came here originally from Ireland. My father’s family is Scottish. My father was born there and moved here when he was seven-ish. So both sides of the family are pretty proud of their heritage. The Scottish side, however, definitely wields the hometown pride a little heavier. Also, the town we’re from used to have a largely Scottish population. Because of this, we used to have a lot of Scotch butchers and fish and chip shops around town. ANYWAY, growing up, we’d regularly have what’s known as a “fry-up” for breakfast on the weekends. This usually consists of bacon, square sausage, potato scones, eggs, baked beans, black pudding and some toast…I am a vegetarian bordering on vegan so that knocks out most of these things (not that I’d ever eat black pudding except when tricked into it by my Grandmother: That wasn’t nice, Grandma). Anyway, I’ve been missing home a lot and realized that this is 2010. Maybe I can’t have traditional square sausage or eggs but I CAN make fake sausage, fake bacon and veggie baked beans. But to me, the most important part is the potato scones. I had written them off like I would just have to wait for my next trip home to NJ to have them. But like I said, this is 2010 and I realized there HAD to be a recipe online for them. I was right! There were some conversions I had to do for the recipe to Americanize it but they came out so good!

In the end I didn’t make the facon but the sausage, toast, potato scones and beans hit the spot and it was all made from stuff I already had but didn’t think of putting together like a dumbass. SO GOOD:

Here’s the recipe for Potato Scones.  I might have already posted it here but I don’t remember and it’s so good that I might as well post it twice haha:

Potato Scones

1 cup mashed potatoes
1/4 cup butter
Mix these together

1/2 cup flour
1/2 teaspoon salt
1/4 teaspoon baking powder
Mix these together

Add the dry to the potatoes and mix with a spoon. Once mostly mixed, finish mixing dough with hands.

Flour a cutting board.
Roll out dough to 1/4 inch thickness.
Use a bowl as a cookie cutter.
Cut that circle into four sections.

Light spray oil into med heat pan.
Fry on both sides until golden brown.
Dry on a paper towel.

Eat immediately and freeze or refrigerate leftovers.
Reheat leftovers by refrying (recommended) or toasting lightly in a toaster oven.

Do all that and here’s what you get:

I’ve yet to make the full Scottish Breakfast (I’d make it with facon and scrambled tofu) but this was good enough.  Man those scones were good and exactly like the ones I used to have as a kidaroo!


Because I am “between opportunities”, I have become the de facto Roseanne Barr in this house (don’t call me Donna Reed or I’ll slap you).  This means that at any moment you walk in the house, you will catch me doing one one of the following things:

1) Cracking wise.
2) Doing dishes.
3) Washing clothes in the sink like a 1920’s pilgrim.
4) Watching “The Jersey Shore” (see above).
5) Lovingly hand-painting portraits of the Golden Girls (don’t hate).
6) Yes, applying to jobs.
8) Serving food to all the mammal-folk that live in our domicile.

In NJ, I was the one mainly responsible for all food-oriented ventures but it has kicked into high gear here in SoCal because Kristyn is always in a rush to scurry into or out of the door and money is always an issue.  SO, rather than buying quick fix meals or ordering out (as we were wont to do at home), it is up to me to purchase something called “ingredients” and then compile them into something recognizable as “food”.

Because Kristyn works nights, our hours are all screwy. She doesn’t get home until 1 or 2am and naturally, I wait up for her to make sure she gets home alright. So we don’t go to sleep until 2 or 3am because she’s usually starving. I make her something, we sit and watch a lil TV and pass out. SO we don’t usually get up until 10 or 11am. She doesn’t have to leave for work until 1 or 2pm depending on the day. SO our major meal is breakfast. And we eat a big breakfast every day because that’s the meal we’re both here for to eat together. For the rest of the day we just eat PB&J’s or something.

All that being babbled, we are TIRED of breakfast. And so one day Kristyn asked me if I could make her a veggie facon burger haha. So we made that, mashed potatoes, corn and ate it for breakfast with our morning coffee at noon. Haha.

Another thing I learned to make recently is Home Fries. Guys, I know it is not difficult to make Home Fries but before LA, Home Fries were something a bitch bought at the diner.  No need to learn how to make them at home when someone can make’m for you.  WELL, we are forever and a day trying to find ways to stretch our duckets out here and potatoes are cheap and filling.  SO, I looked it up online and it turns out that all you have to do to make Home Fries is chop them up, throw them in a pan with some butter (or veganized version of butter), season to taste and wait for them to get soft.  BAM, diner-style home fries.  Depending on how many potatoes I use, that’s how many tablespoons of butter I put in the pan, maybe a little less.  And I chop them up thin-like so they’ll get softer faster.  Also I leave the skins on because rumor has it that that’s where all the “nutrients” live.  Whatever, they taste good.  You’re welcome.

Another main food staple of our life in LA is good old Peanut Butter.  Don’t you even say the word “diabetes” or I will hunt you down like a dog and kill you.  We have always been PB fans but in LA, we work PB into everything.  For a while our food bill was coming out too large and we tried to harken back to what we ate when we lived at Disney.  “Ah, PB&J” we said.  What you are looking at below is a graveyard of empty PB jars.  We prefer the reduced fat version.  So good.

The other day we went to Target and our eyes went wide.  We found an incredibly large VAT of Peanut Butter.  This picture doesn’t even really show the actual size difference between the jars.  When I took this picture, I was trying to get a shot of the untouched surface of the jar because my sister Christine likes looking at it.  Whenever I open a jar of peanut butter, I snap a picture and send it to her.  This exercise is half “Hey Christine, I know you like this!” and half Clockwork Orange.  You know that scene where they tape his eyes open and play classical music while making him look at violent pictures so that he won’t like classical music anymore?  I’m sure that there will come a day that someone shows her an unblemished jar of peanut butter and she runs screaming.  Whatever, we’ll see.

 And perhaps our most important food news is that the West Hollywood Target got a produce section!!! Guys, it is miraculous. Target has done it again y’alls. So much selection, so many foods we wanted to cram down our piggy little mouth holes…oh happy day!

And so I guess that’s all I wanted to tell you about food in LA.  If we had two nickels to rub together, “the avocado” would certainly be rearing its head in this post.  We had to give them up recently though *sads*.  We miss you, you little green devil!