Addled Mind: Grease

I haven’t done one of these for a while and I was reminded when the opening song of “Grease” just came on my iPod. Yes it did, don’t hate.

Out of all the bitches in this movie (apart from a young John Travolta), Rizzo was my favorite. She was always cracking wise AND she taught me what it meant to have a bun in the oven. She also taught me that that shit’ll ruin your reputation quicker than what it is you did to get you that way. Thanks Rizzo!

And yes I listened to this soundtrack off the chain in high school but I looooooved the theme song. This was during my big Bee Gees phase. Barry Gibb wrote this song and Frankie Valli recorded it. What’s not to love?


Here’s Sandy and Danny just minding their own business, trying to have a good time:

Then this 38 year old slut Chacha comes on the scene. (second bitch from left):

I won’t confirm nor deny having a dance routine to this scene with Karen (confirmed). Also, it endlessly fascinated us that the words “pussy wagon” are in this song:

God they made high schoolers old back then. I always love Rizzo’s dress in this scene.

The school where they filmed the carnival scenes is near us and the school that they filmed it at is in Santa Monica methinks. I’ll have to investigate.

Well that’s all I have to say about that for now. Don’t be startled if you see another Grease post from me sometime in our lives. I love it that unabashedly.

Addled Mind: Serial Mom

Serial Mom is just one of those movies that I can’t get over. Me and Kristyn lose our shit over this movie on a regular because it’s one of our favorites. This is, of course, a John Waters movie and combined with Kathleen Turner, it’s just a total masterpiece as far as I’m concerned. Kathleen Turner is at her total best as a happy-go-lucky Donna Reed-type mother who just happens to be a serial killer. She’s a “pre-Larry David” Larry David. She genuinely finds murder satisfying but does it in situations where social conventions or politeness has been breached. She manages to murder A LOT without anyone suspecting her for a while, leading a total double life. I just can’t with this movie.

I have posted a lot of videos because I just couldn’t choose between my favorites so I’ll post short descriptions ahead of them so you don’t have to watch all of them if you don’t want to (but you should).

In this scene, Beverly is making vulgar prank calls to her neighbor, Dottie Hinkle. It’s the infamous “PUSSYWILLOW” scene that has to be mentioned along with this movie:

Here is where shows Dottie that she’s been making the prank calls. Hysterical:

A slice of Beverly’s Donna Reed personality at work:

Beverly’s husband is a doctor. When Mrs. Sterner forces Beverly’s husband to go into the office on a Saturday morning for a trivial concern, Beverly decides to kill her. Beverly’s family are already onto her serial killing tendencies and call the police. The police show up and find Mrs. Sterner’s son masturbating in bed, haha:

Beverly’s son Chip works at a video store. Mrs. Jensen always returns her videos without rewinding them so Chip finally decides to charge her the extra dollar. Mrs. Jensen is rude to Chip about it and Beverly sees it:

Beverly breaks into Mrs. Jensen’s house to kill her while she’s watching “Annie”. She stops to give a kiss and a little slice of meat to Mrs. Jensen’s dog. Haha…If I weren’t such a good citizen, I might BE Beverly.

So if you’ve seen this movie, then I hope you enjoyed it. If you haven’t, do yourself a favor. Ricky Lake is in this shit!!! (And I got to go on her show once but that’s another story for another time.) (I met John Waters once also but that too is another story for another time…)

Addled Mind: Little Shop of Horrors

If I’ve watched Little Shop of Horrors once, I’ve watched it a thousand times. So weird, so corny, so spectacularly crazy. I love it. I loveloveLOVED Audrey but hated that bitch Audrey II. The below scene is my absolute favorite in the movie. I had braces and a lot of cavities when I watched this movie heavily so I really identified with the giant mouth. Enjoy y’alls!


And here’s a little Audrey for your troubles:

Addled Mind: The Boy in the Plastic Bubble

Another movie that me and Christine just COULD NOT and did not WANT to get over is “The Boy in the Plastic Bubble”.

What, I ask the world at large, is not to love about this movie? It has all the following ingredients for success:

* Unrequited teen love
* John Travolta
* A teen, blonde ingenue
* Some bullies
* Parents that just don’t understand
* A recluse
* A crippling disease
* An oxygen tank
* Disco music
* A very special beach party
* A horse
* Betrayal
* A “first time” (but not in the traditional sense)

I could go on but I think I’ve made my point, no?

In case you have been living under a rock (or only recently came into being – I’m lobbing this directly at the “birthed in the 90’s” people, you know who you are), here is a synopsis.

Based on a true story, a kid is born with no immune system. Against all odds he survives but has to live in a bubble to be protected from all of our disgusting selves basically. He has a bubble in his home, he has a portable one, he has one made of a suit and sometimes he goes into one at the hospital. We meet him when he’s a hormonal teenager in love with the girl next door. It’s hard enough being a teenager without a bubble getting involved in the mix, smell what I’m stepping in? (Debi, that’s for you…)

So anyway, here’s a moment where he’s in the bubble just chilling. I always wanted to hang out with him in there and dance. *sigh*


Here is how he meets the girl and what his current sich is:


And HERE is the part where you have to rip your eyes out and put them in backwards so as not to slide into a deep depression. It’s a spoiler y’alls:


Give a bubble a chance, wontcha?

* Shit, I just watched the ending and it gave me a serious case of the sads.

Addled Mind: House “Ding Dong, You’re Dead”

House is a movie that me and my sister watched constantly. The crazy woman monster used to freak me out and make me laugh as a kid. This movie is NOT the apex of the horror genre at it’s finest but it’s a lot of fun to watch.

Basically a horror writer/former military guy goes to live in his dead aunt’s house because his son is missing and his wife left him. Soon he finds out that the house hates his guts and is trying to cut a bitch. No one believes him and he takes matters into his own hands. And then Wikipedia told me that the ghosts are just trying to reunite him with his son? I don’t remember that little bit of tough love but I like it.

This is one of my favorite horror movie monsters ever just because she looks so damn cool. She might even be a style icon for me:

I can’t hear this song below without thinking of this movie.

“Scary moments”:

Addled Mind: The Boy Who Could Fly

Some girl photoshopped her head onto the cover and I like it.

The watched the shit out of “The Boy Who Could Fly” when I was a kid. I know it’s corny, it just made me laugh, it made me bored and it tugged on my heartstrings all at the same time. Can’t ask for more than that.

Addled Mind: The Legend of Billie Jean

Me and my Sister made my Mother rent this movie from Mr. Video EVERY SINGLE DAY. I distinctly remember her saying, “WHAT is so special about this stupid movie?!” And I remember that my response was something to the effect of, “Cuz it’s awesome MOM…”

Also, this movie should’ve been akin to a Gaylord Ouija for my parents. “Will my daugher marry a short haired lady?” “YEEEESSSSS YEEEEEESSS…ODDLY ENOUGH SHE WILL BOTH MARRY THIS WOMAN AND SORT OF BEEEEEE THIS WOMAN…” In Ouija Board shorthand however, it would have just said, “Satan” and they’d have had to work it out on their own. Whatever.

Here is a clip that kind of summarizes the entire movie set to Pat Benatar’s “Invincible”. Awesome.

This is a clip from the beginning of the movie when they first go on the lam:

This is exactly the same way it happened to me! What’re the odds?:

This is argueably the most famous part of the movie for schizzle:

And here is the part where the bad guy gets his due (booyah):

A look inside my addled mind: Heathers

I thought for today that I’d show some “Heathers” because it is my favorite movie and I’d been waxing poetic about it just recently.

The first clip is just the most popular line in the movie and the second clip is one of my favorite scenes which is kind of untrue because they’re all “my favorite scene”. Whatever.

Without further ado, I give you “Heathers”:

A look inside my addled mind: Clue

I spent a lot of the day looking through youtube videos of my favorite movies growing up after Kristyn asked me about that Clue scene.  And it was funny because it was like looking into corners of my mind that I’d forgotten existed.

I’m going to keep posting my Road Trip Series and my Decade Series but I’m going to throw another ball up into the air in the form of “A Look Inside My Addled Mind” movie series, haha.  You might not care what’s in my mind but at least you might enjoy the clips.

I’m going to start with “Clue” because that’s what we already discussed today.

Clue was one of my FAVORITE movies growing up and Tim Curry played no small factor in that.  God I love him.  If there’s one celebrity I’d have no choice but to explode after meeting, it’s Tim Curry.