Day Two Hundred and Thirty-four

Sunday was LEAGUES better. We got up and had some breakfast out on the lanai. Then we Skyped with Kristyn’s parents for an hour or two. We got to meet their new little kitty Magic. Turns out she is about 13 or 14. Such a pretty baby. So we had fun talking to them and then it was time to get ready. I decided I wasn’t gonna sit in the house all day long again so I went with Kristyn to work so that I could have the car. After dropping her off, I went to Barnes & Noble to pick up a specific notebook that I like to use for writing up “To Do Lists”. It’s a cheap little notebook but I like that it’s hard-cover, spiral bound and I like the paper in it. It’s also always in the clearance section and last a long time. When I had that notebook I got SO MUCH STUFF DONE. But I decided I didn’t like it because it wasn’t a proper planner and therefore didn’t have a calendar. So I bought a little day planner and I don’t like it. It’s not spiral-bound and I don’t like the paper in it at all. And in the meantime I’ve gotten used to using my iPhone’s calendar for appointments. It’s better because it sends me a reminder text message when something is coming up. Done.

So I did that and then wandered around the Westside Pavillion Mall for a while. I had some Chinese food at the food court and went into Bath and Body Works to smell stuff. I didn’t buy anything. Then I drove to Target to pick up some things. Ironicallly, I didn’t get two of the only things Kristyn sent me there for. One thing they didn’t have and the other I just totally forgot about. BUT they did have some organizational stuff on sale though so I bought a big wire shelf (to hold boxes and plastic containers) for the closet and a little wire shelf to put the printer, scanner and paper on. What’s great about this apartment is that, although it lacks in storage space, it makes up for in blank wall space because the only window is the patio door. So we are able to put up shelves and store things vertically. Not bad.

So I came home from the store and put the shelves together and then watched some more Louie. I picked Krissy up and was EXHAUSTED. That exhaustion has runneth over to today. So tired.

Anyway here are my attempts at taking a nice picture:

In the first one you’ll find that my hair looks crazy.

Below is my attempt at rectifying said crazy hairs. As you can see, it was unsuccessful.

Then Louie made me laugh a lot so I figured I would give you a toothy grin. Now you can see why I don’t do this ever.

And here is a poster for the Glee movie. WE ARE SO GOING TO THIS.

Day Two Hundred and Thirty-three

Saturday was mostly THE WORST, thanks to almost everyone in my immediately family (besides Charles). I won’t go into why because I’m not gonna give it a second thought, not worth it. Anyway, it was a LONG day and I was alone for most of it because Kristyn was at work. Thankfully she got home at a little after 9pm. We ate the other half of our spinach & garlic calzones and sat outside looking for campground options for my birthday weekend trip. We didn’t come up with anything solid but probably narrowed it down to a few different places. We got cold so we came in and chilled, had some brownies. We watched some Louie. Kristyn fell asleep at one point and then momentarily woke herself up by shouting out the word “BUTTS”! She fell back to sleep IMMEDIATELY. We both slept for a while over there and then went to bed around 3am.

If you were ever wondering how I’d look with a chinstrap or 5 o’clock shadow, here you have it.


Day Two Hundred and Thirty-two

Yesterday was kind of a good/shitty day. Good in theory, shitty in execution but got leagues better towards the end of the day. Work wasn’t bad. I had a bit to do to keep me busy all day. I’m disappointed with myself this week because I organized all of my files and had intended to get a huge chunk of them in the drawers but didn’t feel so hot and couldn’t do it. I’ll do it next week when I’m feeling a bit better. I bought a bag of almonds this week and there must’ve been something wrong with them because they made me and Kristyn sick. We know it was the almonds because both of us had the same experience:

Eat lunch, including some almonds. Get really sick and wonder why. Take something for the illness and feel better. Celebrate with a handful of almonds. Get really sick. Haha. Yeah it’s the almonds.

You would think this would stop me from eating In-N-Out Burger but then you’d be wrong. I didn’t have time to pack a lunch yesterday and was going to go pick up lunch somewhere. But then I got an email from HR saying that they were giving us all free In-N-Out for lunch.

Here is the In-N-Out truck:

The rest of the day was ai’ight I spose, just kind of uneventful when I was kind of hoping it would BE eventful. I’m waiting on some news that I wish would just ARRIVE ALREADY. I know I’m gonna be disappointed because that’s the way things work out for me in California but the waiting is KILLING ME so I’d rather just take my bitter pill and swallow it. POSITIVE THOUGHTS COLEEN, POSITIVE THOUGHTS.

Kristyn knew I was upset so to cheer me up, she suggested we go see the Tim Burton Exhibition at LACMA. I am not one of those Tim Burton fans that cloaks their homes in “Nightmare Before Christmas” memorabilia. I like Tim Burton’s style a lot but wouldn’t categorize myself as a “huge fan”. But I thought it would be interesting to see and I am SO GLAD we went.

What I didn’t realize was that it was mostly an art exhibition as well as a retrospective of his life. Fascinating. Tim Burton grew up in Burbank, California (close to here) and just drew a lot. The exhibition starts with all doodles and sketches that he made as a kid. Short films he put together with his friends to show his family. Contests he won, posters he made for events in town. It goes on to show a children’s book he wrote and submitted to Disney, along with his hand-written submission letter and the response from Disney calling it “imaginitive but derivative of Dr. Suess”. The exhibition progresses from like the early 70’s to currently. The funny thing is that there are characters who appear over and over again. Like Jack the Pumpkin King, Zero the Ghost Dog and others. He goes through phases where he tries on different styles in his drawing and painting, works in multi-media formats, then pencils, chalk, white-out, paint, sculpture, all kinds of stuff. Then he goes to art school and then gets an apprentice position in Disney as an animator. You can see his disdain for the routine animation work he does at Disney, a lot of kind of sinister Mickey stuff. But his art always has a sense of humor about it and a little story. Sometimes the story is written right there on the page. He’s big on limericks and humorous stories accompanying his drawings. And a lot of this stuff isn’t like professional work, it’s just sketch books and notebooks, pieces of cardboard with doodles on it.

And then, of course, he starts getting into the movie biz and you see his notes on making movies like Edward Scissorhands or Beetlejuice, Mars Attacks and the Batman movies, Nightmare Before Christmas and the Corpse Bride, so much cool stuff. Props from the movies, as well as the little puppets he uses in his stop-motion animation. The most interesting parts, however, are his notes and sketches of the characters. Tim Burton has a way of making EXACTLY what’s in his mind come out onto the the paper/canvas/big screen/whatever. So interesting and charming.

It was really inspirational to both of us. And I forget the exact quote but we both walked away smiling at his one drawing. It was of a bunch of little Monsters and it said, “When a bunch of little monster’s are scared…” Next to it you see all the little Monsters in one big mound to form a big monster. Above that it says, “…they form a bigger monster.” “When a bunch of little monsters are scared, they form a bigger monster.” And that was what I needed to hear yesterday.

I couldn’t take any pictures in the exhibit but here are some statues outside of LACMA. A Piggy.

This gathering of street lamps.

Here is Variety’s headquarters I presume. Interesting.

They had live jazz music. Everyone was sitting at tables and/or picnicing in the grass. It was cute.

The bark of a palm tree I was hiding behind.

This was after the Tim Burton exhibition. This elk/deer/whathaveyou is a sculpted bush or a fake plant supposed to look like a sculpted bush, IDK.

Here is Kristyn outside the Tim Burton Exhibit. LACMA is huge! We have to go back. There were all different buildings and stairs and escalators, etc.

Here are the street lamps lit up.

Variety again.

Here we are inside the street lamps display.

Palm trees lit up.

There was a whole area with giant metal animal heads on sticks. Good times.

We were hungry and wanted to come home to eat dinner.

We sat out on the lanai for a bit and watched the cats freak out. Sitting out there looking at them inside is like watching a giant adorable fishbowl for cats. Kristyn couldn’t resist sticking Elvira’s belly out the door. Elvira looks thrilled haha.

We ordered spinach and garlic calzones from Tomato Pie. SO GOOD.

And then we had a little bit of a brownie and watched some Maude. Oh and we looked at this Kewpie doll for a hot minute.

And that was our day! : D

Day Two Hundred and Thirty-one

On Thursday, we had a fire drill. I was told what time it would be at so I made sure to go down beforehand to beat the rush. I know that’s not the point but the fire drill was at 2pm which is at the end of lunch. So I just went down after eating and found myself a good spot to sit, crochet and listen to Harry Potter while everyone filed down.

This is one of the movies I worked on a bit when I interned in Film Development. So exciting to see it real. I was flummoxed to see a trailer for it before the new Harry Potter movie. The movie looks exactly like it did in my head when I read the script. Kind of wild to see it happening for real.

And here is a card I found in our front lobby. It just made me laugh a lot for some reason.

Here’s Monster and Elvira. They follow me around the house wherever I go. I was fooling around in here so they came in to sit and Monster decided to clean his nether-regions on Kristyn’s pillow. Sweet boy.

This is the bookshelf in the bedroom. I love those two little lady heads don’t you? They’re pin cushions. Those plastic boxes are craft stuff from Nana. That red and wicker box is my Mom’s sewing kit. I dunno if you want it back or not Mom but I really want it. When I was a little girl I wanted that sewing box SO BAD. There are these red wood pieces on it that for some reason I was CONVINCED was big red chewing gum. I honestly thought my Mother’s sewing box was made of Big Red. She tried to talk me off of that ledge but it couldn’t be done. This lead to an obsession with Big Red gum. I need help. Also check our VHS collection.

Day Two Hundred and Thirty

Damn, I thought I posted Wednesday already! I’ve been really busy lately and have been slacking on these. What an idiot. Anyway, on Wednesday I did a ton of organizing at work then came home, filled the tank and went to the supermarket. I just got home and relaxed for a hot minute when it was time to go get Krissy from work. Busy day.

BUT my parents had a good time. They went out on my Uncle Jim and Aunt Pat’s new boat. I don’t know what the dickens got into my Mother but she went tubing at the back of the boat! Haha. To understand my incredulity, you need to understand that my Mom is a person who’d rather sit next to a pool and nap in the sun rather than go into said pool. She is a person who sits on beach and listens to the water, wandering to the shore to get her “ankles” wet rather than going full tilt boogie into the ocean. She’s the gal who will hold everyone’s stuff while you all go on a rollercoaster that is destined to give you brain damage. She’s just not a thrill-seeker (in that way). So for her to sit on a plastic tube that is attached by a rope to a boat and be DRAGGED along…THAT’S BIG haha.

Here are some pictures that my cousin Kelly and my Dad sent me.

And here is my Dad. He is usually the one who dives straight into a pool without wading in first to see the temperature. He’s the one who swims WAY OUT into the ocean to the buoys and back just for fun. And the person who has taken me on some seriously crazy roller coasters WHILE HE HAS BROKEN RIBS, sitting casually on the boat, taking a pass and fretting about my Mother haha.

This is a picture that my Dad took of the bay with his cellie. Pretty right?

Day Two Hundred and Twenty-nine

Yesterday I worked and Kristyn picked up a shift in Oncology. It was a pretty good/busy day for both of us. I picked her up from work and we went home to have tacos for dinner. After that I put some laundry in which I promptly forgot about until this morning and had to dry it last minute. I put together a microwave cart to put our grill on out on the lanai. We both watched more “Weeds” and fell asleep on the couch. We woke up at 3am to “go to bed”. Silliness.

Day Two Hundred and Twenty-eight

Okay yesterday was good/scary/good in that order. The day started off good but sleepy. I knew I had to do something stressful but I’d managed to put it out of my mind. Then I found out specifically at what TIME I was supposed to do said stressful thing and that freaked me out for a while. But then I did said stressful thing and it went fine. I can’t say what it is until I know more but all I will say is that I definitely could not have done better than I did and no matter what happens now, I know I gave it my absolute best. *sigh of relief* Haha.

The rest of the day was hecka busy but mostly event-free. Kristyn picked me up after work and we went down to the Santa Monica Pier for dinner and ice cream. We just realized the other day that that’s totally something we can do being that we both work RIGHT THERE. Duh. So we did that and had a good time.

Kristyn had a big day. She ran errands all day. I can’t say what the things are either because they’re her errands. Blerg, I hate this new age of everyone knowing everything on the internets. I am hyper-aware all the time of what I’m saying and to who could possibly be reading/interpreting what I’m writing and it makes me say a lot of things without saying anything. You know what, this blog has GOT to go private. This ish is HAPPENING SOON. I know I’ve threatened it before but blerg. Guys, if you read this and you want to keep reading it, email me at (or my real email address if you know it) and I will let you know how to keep reading this. *sigh*

Anyway, we came home after that and looked up some campsites for my birfday weekend. Then we watched Glee until we passed out. ‘Twas a good night.

Day Two Hundred and Twenty-eight

On Sunday I was sorely tempted to spend the day flat on my back due to the massive brick of food I’d implanted in my stomach the night prior. Instead I was active as hell. We got up and had some breakfast and then watched episode one of season seven of Weeds. Then we went swimming. It felt SO GOOD. We came in and got ready after that because Kristyn had to work. I went with her and dropped her off at work. We needed groceries and a plethora of things so I drove to Glendale to go to Target. On the way I stopped at a thrift shop and bought two pretty purses. One needs work and the other might be a bowling bag maybe? But for $8 why complain. I also stopped at Michael’s to pick up some yarn. So relaxing.

Then I spent FOREVER in Target. I swear that when I finally go to Heaven (and I will), it will be Target-shaped. This won’t be my choice necessarily, it will just be the place I’ve spent the most time in in my life and someone in Heaven’s Business Affairs department will make a clerical error and think that this is my happy place. I will go with it because that’s what I do.

I came home with ALL THE STUFF and then chilled out for a hot minute before I had to pick Krissy up. We came home, threw ourselves across the bed and just dropped dead of exhaustion. Good day.

Day Two Hundred and Twenty-seven

I’m rilly behind on these posts because Saturday’s is soooo looong AND I’ve been enjoying myself these past few days. On Saturday we went to the Weeds Wrap Party! It was held on the Universal Studios backlot in the Courhouse Square set. This set has been used for Back to the Future, The Ghost Whisperer, Buffy the Vampire Slayer and other things. It was pretty cool. The party was fun too. They had three free food trucks (pizza, an ice cream sandwich truck and a munchie truck), an open bar and a photo booth. Me and Krissy just wandered around eating and drinking things and people watching. We got the chance to talk to Shane and Andy Botwin (not their government names) and they were very nice. It was a really cool night and I will just let the pictures do the talking. Look closely in the pictures of Kristyn, you might see Andy and Shane in the background of two of them haha. TOTALLY NOT INTENTIONAL (right).

Day Two Hundred and Twenty-six

Yesterday I had a meeting to go to early so I left for work really early. I left TOO early though and got to work at 8:30 am after being there until 10:45pm the night before. Craziness. I had a busy day that was mostly good. One of my bosses got a promotion and we had a champagne toast for him. That was a nice thing. I also found out more about my stability or possible lack-there-of with this company. It’s news that freaked me out and I think doesn’t look good. But I’m going to take it in stride and just try my best to not worry about it too much. One way or the other, I have other irons in the fire but THIS is the one I wanted. *sigh* I don’t know.

Anyway, last night I came home kind of a mopey weepy mess. Kristyn helped me. We went to a taco place on Silver Lake Blvd. It was awesome because they had soy beef and chicken. We ordered veggie enchiladas and a “beef” burrito. Everything was so good and so cheap. Then we came home and whined for a long time. Then we drank some riesling and watched “Weeds”. We’re doing something really awesome tonight and I will tell you guys what it is once we’ve already done it. It’s preeeetty cool.

Also, I found out this morning that my Mom, Dad and Brother found a new apartment! Exciting news! Okay I’m off to eat my Mexican leftovers, they’re calling to me in a strangled high-pitched voice. I don’t know what that’s about but I’d better go see.