Wild Week

Lately, my life and everyone around me’s life has been completely out of control wild. We are all jumping from one insane event to the next. My Mom has been in and out of the hospital lately having problems with her heart resulting in a triple bypass. I fell and hit my head on the tub, went to the ER, and got a concussion. Work’s been nuts. That’s not even mentioning the fact that we went to Las Vegas, Kristyn finished her first year of her PhD, and we opened up the trailer last weekend. This isn’t even all of it. Oh AND?! Our car got stolen, then found, and we had to pay around $300 to get it out of impound. Point being that Momma is BUSY and TIRED. (I’m the “Momma” in this scenario.) Here are a few pictures recent pictures of these events:


The above is me at the ER after I fell. The entire day before, we’d spent in the ER with my Mom and the nurse had told me that she’s had people fall and not report it and die. Then the next day I fell and hit my head HARD. I felt kind of fine / kind of suspicious so of course I had to go. Ugh.


Here we are after getting our car out of hock. We’re smiling because we got it back and also because it’s the SECOND time that this exact same car has been stolen and returned to us.


The above and below pictures are on Mother’s Day. My family took a spur-of-the-moment trip to Michael’s Craft Store after eating brunch and realized we hadn’t taken any nice pictures together. We had to leave to go to Kristyn’s family’s house so we took this one in the aisle, LOL. Gorgeous family portrait.


Also, we forgot to take a photo with everyone in Kristyn’s family together before some people left so as we were walking out the door, we took this quick use. Another beautiful family portrait!


Last weekend we went Upstate for the first time in 2018. It rained and we slept all weekend except for literally this minute just before we left.


This is just Shirley sleeping on me and being a lunatic.


This is me and Kristyn in the ER again with my Mother. She was there to be admitted and we were goofing around. We took more goofy pictures too. Don’t let the fact that we were selfie-ing fool you into thinking it wasn’t a serious situation. It was but we handle serious situations with goofiness and this beautiful background was the partition curtain in my Mom’s room, ha.


the above picture we took after we found out that Mom’s surgery went well. We were jolly because of the weight lifted and all leaving for the day after being at the hospital since the morning. This bag that my Dad is holding up has my Mom’s initial “D” on it. She kept calling it “the D bag” as in “Can you hand me my D bag?” and it kept making us laugh. So here we all are the D bag.

We do find a way to enjoy ourselves but man I could sleep for a thousand years haha.

Upstate Fun


Swirlies waiting for me at the trailer to come back from “the area”.

We went Upstate this weekend, FINALLY. We went a few times in May and then not at all in June or July which is crazy. We were just too busy for those two months that we didn’t even have one weekend to spare and the weekends we did have free, we were so dead tired that we couldn’t be bothered.


Swirls looking like a g-d angel.

We came up on Friday night and it was so hot that we had to turn on the air conditioner (something that we’ve never done before). We drank beer and played Uno until we were both dying to go to bed. I slept until almost 11am the next morning which is something that I never do (or if I do, it’s sosososososososo rare).


The River and Swirls

On Saturday, we read a lot. I also started a paint by numbers which is sooooo massive and intricate. I should really take a picture of it. It’s mesmerizing to do and really, when I sat down to do it, I didn’t intend on starting. I just wanted to see what it looked like out of the box. Instead, I started painting it and would not stop for what felt like hours. We also had to put on the AC on Saturday because it was 90+. Eventually, I tore myself away and we went to the pool which felt so good. After the pool, we had a chipwich ice cream and then showered. Oh AND as we were in the shower area, two women just barged in! Ugh, rude. When we came back to the site, Kristyn built a fire and it was huge because my Dad added all manor of kindling to it. See below. When we went inside, Kristyn read and I painted while watching the Facts of Life which was so soothing.

Mega Fire.JPG

OMG fire.

On Sunday, I woke up at 10am. We made breakfast and then just hung around reading and painting all day. Then Kristyn wanted to go into the river so we did that. We were in the river for such a long time. It felt so good though. It was much warmer than it normally is. It was still cold but not like bone chilling cold. I actually ended up submerging myself for a long time. Kristyn actually submerged herself to her shoulders which is huge for her. I was really proud of her for doing that. Shirley had a good time in the water too. She doesn’t love how cold it is but I think she has fun playing it in anyway.


Wink and Swirls hangin by the water.

After we got out of the river, we made ourselves burgers and then I took most of these pictures with Shirley in the grass and of the river, etc. We saw a huge deer across the bank. We’ve seen a lot this weekend, actually. A momma and a baby deer walked across the river on Saturday night and looked at Kristyn, haha.


Just a pretty picture of the water. We REALLY went in for a long time.

After we ate, we went up to the pool and swam for a while. Kristyn let me read and swim in the pool. I’m reading Hangsaman by Shirley Jackson. Then we bought some Neversink t-shirts, ate an ice cream, showered (sans visitors) and drove back to to the campsite.

Me Swimmies

Then we went to the pool before going over to shower.

We did a quick cleanup of the trailer while waiting for our coffee to boil. Once we had our coffee, we sat in chairs on the deck drinking it and reading until we were done. Then we got up, finished cleaning up and hit the road around 8:30pm. The seat ripped out of my pants when we were throwing away the trash. It’s truly a fitting end that these pants should rip doing the final thing we do before leaving the campground. These sturdy pants that have lasted me for like five years. I’m gonna miss you, boo.

Field with Sky

The Sahara as we were leaving.

We didn’t get home until 10:30 at night. We ate cereal and then put our damn selves to bed. Morning came too soon but I feel so relaxed. Time to start ma’ day!