Day One Hundred and Two

I can’t even get into how awesome the GLAAD Media Awards were right now because I don’t have the time but we had so much fun. We laughed, we cried, we accidentally rubbed elbows with Mondo from Project Runway. We didn’t have cable during that season so therefore had no idea who he was. Nice guy though!

Anyway, all I will say for right now is:

Dolly Parton
Amy Poehler
Rashida Jones
Craig Robinson
Sean Hayes
People from the cast of Modern Family
People from the cast of Parks and Recreation
Kristin Chenowith
Joel McHale
Marlee Matlin

The list goes on, I mean there were just so many people there that I am such a big fan of. Also, we escorted the girls from “Pretty Little Liars”. They were really nice.

Kristin Chenowith received an award and her speech made us cry. Kristyn found it on YouTube and cried all over again. I’ll find it and post it later. She’s so damn amazing.

Anyway, I said I wouldn’t go into it and here I am anyway: Going into it. I’ll stop, I have work to do. Later.

I am STILL dizzy from the champagne I guzzled. I have seriously learned that:

Coleen + Alcohol = Broken Toy

I guess I’m lucky that I don’t have a hangover cuz I really don’t. I don’t feel sick or headachey, just fuzzy and sort of euphoric. Definitely NOT the way I want to feel at work. Drink some more Joe Coleen. You can do this!



We are volunteering at the GLAAD Media Awards tonight and are so goddamn excited! (GLAAD = Gay and Lesbian Alliance Against Defamation). Click on that link to see why. So many awesome people are gonna be there. I am so glad we’re in LA for this one because I would be pissed if we weren’t, haha.

God I love volunteering for this event guys. Not only is it a great cause, the people are great AND you get to peep some awesome gay-positive celebs. Such a fun night. Don’t get me wrong, it’s a LOT of work but so worth it.

OMG last year when we got home, the cats were outside! They had knocked out the front window (bc the screen wasn’t secure) and jumped out! We found Elvira right away. A) She hadn’t left the courtyard, B) We saw her white fur in the dark.

Monster, on the other hand, left the courtyard and was hiding in the bushes in the front. We were terrified. Crying, calling out to him. We thought we were gonna find him in the street. But then Kristyn heard a rustle and there he was: TERRIFIED. He was hiding from us. Well moreso just frozen with fear. She grabbed him and we went in and cried and hugged them for a while and then went to bed.

WELL, just a little while ago, I was holding Monster and decided to step out the front door into the courtyard to grab something. Suddenly that memory flooded back and I was like, “Maybe today isn’t the best day to get Monster interested in the great outdoors.”

Anyway, we’re getting ready now. SO EXCITING!!!

Here’s Kristyn’s post on the GLAAD Media Awards from last year:


And here’s mine:


Wish us luck!

Day Ninety-three

Man am I getting bad at posting these on time. This is my latest one yet! Regardless, we had a really great day again!

Our friend Samantha somehow was able to get a bunch of tickets for ten beans a pop for the Dodgers vs. Giants game last night. I’ve only been teice. Once when I was a wee lass, I went with my parents to see the Mets play at Shea stadium. That was a day game but I remember it being really cold. The other time was only a few years ago. That was the time our friend Amanda got tickets from some guy at the hotel she worked at. It was the same deal, he’d bought a row for cheap. We went to see the Yankees at the old Yankee stadium. Some drunk guy started hitting on Amanda’s 17 year old coworker (who also got tickets) and natch she wasn’t interested. So we sat between them and they started screaming at us calling us cockblockers and fat bitches. Little did he know we ARE cockblockers and fat bitches so we got them kicked out of the game and the Yankees won! Hurrah!

Anyway, we got to the game LATE. It was already the END of the 7th inning! Didn’t stop us from ordering beer.

But it was a thrilling experience! And we’re Dodgers fans now! And d’ya know what? We live five minutes from Dodger Stadium. I mean I knew it was close but it is CLOSE. (For our families: we live way closer to Dodger Stadium than to Giants Stadium. It’s THAT close.)

And we had so much fun that we’re gonna go back! We can actually take the bus from our house and get our drink on…*ahem* I mean save on parking.

The Dodgers won! All the dudes were kissing and hugging. I think I like night games better because it’s all lit up pretty. And it was “Friday Fireworks sponsored by Pizza Hut” night so they let everyone down on the field and then had fireworks! (Sponsored by Pizza Hut.) So much fun!

And my job allows you to borrow DVDs from their lending library so I borrowed Tales From The Crypt, Season 3 and Mad About You, Season 2. We watched those and drank blueberry beer until we fell asleep.

I gotta go pick up Krissy from work in a hot minute. Later!










Day Eighty-nine


I had a quick and easy morning.
Krissy slept in late.
I got in trouble for using three hole punch paper. It’s okay though.
Krissy did some dishes.
I sat outside for a spell at lunch.
I talked on the horn with Krissy while outside.
Krissy relaxed on the couch.
I rode the elevator A LOT.
Krissy took out the trash.
I visited the mail room A LOT.
Krissy worked on some stuff for LA Music Blog.
I had a quick commute home.
We ate the pizza Lil Krissy made for me when I got home.
I had one blueberry beer.
We gathered laundry together.
We went to the laundromat.
We did some grocery shopping.
We did more laundry.
We had King Cones.
Kristyn put away clothes.
I brushed all the cats and the bunny.
Now we’s in bed. Nite!



Day Eighty-seven

We went to see MEN last night! The show was at the Echo and it was SUCH a great show. Really had a great time. We bought a record of their album. I really feel like their album ushered me out of a serious bummer of a phase. It could have been anything but it was this. And we’ve gotten into collecting records, some just for fun and others for specific reasons. Like we bought “Exile in Guyville” as a memory holder because Kristyn got to interview Liz Phair and it went so well. We already had it on CD but something about the vinyl record feels more personal. Like you are actually collecting “something”. A tangible something. And I knew we had to buy this record “Talk About Body” because:

A) Kristyn’s first interview was with them.

B) It inspired us a lot.

C) It ushered me out of my doldrums.

D) The lifting of said doldrums seems to have brought a lot of positivity with it because my life is filled with a lot more possibility than before.

E) We are just big fans of JD’s in general.

F) The music is good.

G) To buy the record at the show is kind of a memory in itself. It was a really fun night and we don’t get a lot of those lately.

So anyway, yeah. Good night, good times. Here I am slightly damp because it rained.


Here is Krissy, dutifully letting me take her picture. (She hates this project but is an exceedingly tolerant person haha.)


Here is Monster welcoming Krissy home.


Here is MEN wearing a weird connected helmet when they came on stage. It was awesome.


And here’s just a picture taken in the middle of the show.


We’ll post more pictures later. We were there so Kristyn could cover it for LA Music Blog but we would have been there either way. I had a better spot than Kristyn so I took a lotta pictures. I’ll link the article once she writes it.

Oh AND the guitarist, Michael, was selling the merchandise and when we bought the album I told him that they were great and that I had a bummer six months until their record came out. He said thanks and seemed genuine. Either way its awesome when you get a chance to thank people who’s art inspired you first hand. It was a great day! (Oh and the muscle relaxers and Ibuprofin knocked out most of what ailed me with my back and we even hung around and danced afterward bc there was a DJ.)

Today I have a lotta digital things to do and then rest up for tamarra to start the whole week again! : D

Kristyn interviewed Liz Phair!

That’s the big news! Last week Kristyn got to interview Liz Phair for LA Music Blog! Check it out here:

LA Music Blog

We were fans of Liz Phair’s but are even bigger fans after the interview. She was so engaging and nice. I listened to (and painstakingly transcribed the interview) and she was just so awesome. She did it over the phone last Thursday and I really think it couldn’t have gone better. We’re going to see her at the Troubadour on Wednesday so Kristyn can review the show. I’ll post pictures. If you’re in or around LA, go to the show!!!

I am seriously SO PROUD of Kristyn!!! And thanks Mike and Kristin for giving her this opportunity, you don’t know how much it means to both of us. :)

The Desperate Housewives Thing

FYI: This post has been hanging around in my Drafts folder since mid-December so about a month or so.  Since this happened, the Desperate Housewives episode I was on aired and my person was left on the cutting room floor.  Before you pat me on the back and hand me a hanky, I am actually A-OK with this and this is not me just “being strong”.  I was actually more nervous for anyone to see me than anything haha.  I am more of a thrill-seeker/doer than I am attention-monger so the experience of doing this (and getting paid for it to boot) was more than enough.  The “seeing me do this” was actually kind of the only downside but I wasn’t going to rob my fambly from seeing me mug on national tv, especially when I’m so far away.

Anway, if you want to read about what it was like, go read the jump below.  I wrote this a while back and haven’t re-read it, I just want to post it so I can have it for my own memory because I doubt lightening will strike twice haha.

Continue reading

A Letter to Me from Me

My friend Jenn just posted on FB that she wrote a letter to herself and sealed it to read next New Year’s Day. I thought that was a great idea so I did the same. I just wrote down how this year went, how I want next year to go and some things I hope happen for myself and everyone around me. It was two pages long and on some creepy-ass stained glass stationary I bought a few years ago. Speaking of creepy, this is the folder I found it in:

I am nothing if not a thrify nerd/maniac. I found that gem (and all of the weird stationary and stickers within) at various NJ dollar stores. Good. Times. And yes that is a unicorn and a castle on my envelope to Future Coleen. I have it on high authority that Future Coleen will appreciate the sentiment and (questionable) wit of affixing these to such a personal document of posterity.

I really wish I could say that I won’t be searing your eyeholes with another post today but I have had three giant cups of tea and MAN am I having a good time. Deal with me, Happy New Year!

P.S. Yes Kristyn, I am going to force you to do this too! We will store them in the Card Moose until next year!

P.S. #2 How about that? I am the first person to add a Richard Marx tag to WordPress!

What I was doing in September 1983

On September 18, 1983, I turned four years old. In 1983, Vanessa Williams became the first African-American Miss America and Michael Jackson released his “Thriller” video (which I, like every other kid in the world, watched crouched behind the living room couch).

At first glance, I didn’t remember this party at all. I mean, in the picture below, my Aunt Heather is wearing a “Playgirl” shirt. What? She doesn’t even remember that. (We’ve discussed it.)

I have one of these flat 110 cameras at home. I just have to find the appropriate film and I NEED to take pictures with it.

That Sit and Spin was my favorite toy I owned. ALTHOUGH I regularly got hurt on it because I had insuppressible need to stand on it. You can take it from there.

Here is my Nana and PopPop patiently watching me open a prezzie. This prezzie might be the game that Christine later ate. Lately I can’t seem to keep it straight but it was either Candyland or Chutes and Ladders. Obvi, the former seems likely but IDK. All I remember was that we were sleeping in the living room on our mattress because our room was being painted. It was summertime. We woke up in the morning and were watching tv. I opened the box and found that Christine had gummed all the cardboard gamepieces and wrote on the board in blue pen, haha. Man oh man.

Also, one time (right around this time actually), I fell and scraped my knee. I would not bend it under any circumstances because the scab hurt so damn much. Rather than walking up the street, I crawled (doesn’t make sense, I know). Nana was all, “Oh my god how DRAMATIC. Get up fool.” There’s nothing like wisdom from your elders.

Here’s me and Gram. Gram is my Great-Grandma/my mother’s Grandma/my Grandfather, PopPop’s mother. This was her house. We lived on the second floor and she lived on the first floor. She was the bomb. She’s the one who was born in 1906 and lived in Kearny when it was all farmland. She taught me how to read, helped me memorize the “Our Father” and the “Hail Mary” and told me, with firm confidence, that although license plates had letters on them, trust her, they weren’t usually legible. Thanks Gram! I also remember getting that Barbie Corvette, yes!

In this picture, Nana, Pop Pop, Aunt Margaret and Aunt Heather seem to be having a varied time.

Here me and Christine are hitting the ground running playing with the Barbie Corvette. We loved that thing.

Here’s me receiving every kid’s worst gift: clothes. (And thank you to whoever prized me with them. I sure would like a pair now but back then, clothes were the gift that said: I like your parents a little bit more than I like you.)

Although I liked opening presents, I have never been comfortable with the attention that opening presents brings. If it were up to me, I either wouldn’t get presents (but that’s a bummer) or I’d open them all in a dark closet and then lay them all out to viewed/thank everyone. I know that this is not an example of acceptable party behavior which is why I don’t do it.

I did, however, enjoy getting pajamas. Isn’t weird how everyone likes getting pajamas? At our core, all any of us wants to do is lay down.

Here’s my cake. I hope it was an ice cream cake.

Here’s me and Christine blowing out the candles. Good times.

I don’t know why my parents, other Aunts and Uncles or other Grandparents didn’t make a brief cameo in these pictures. Maybe they were all working? Maybe they were camera shy? Maybe they were in the kitchen? IDK what happened but whateva.

* ADDENDUM: I looked back and can spy my other Grandma’s legs in the Aunt Heather Playgirl pictures. The other legs, I assume, are my Grandpa.