Day One Hundred and Two

I can’t even get into how awesome the GLAAD Media Awards were right now because I don’t have the time but we had so much fun. We laughed, we cried, we accidentally rubbed elbows with Mondo from Project Runway. We didn’t have cable during that season so therefore had no idea who he was. Nice guy though!

Anyway, all I will say for right now is:

Dolly Parton
Amy Poehler
Rashida Jones
Craig Robinson
Sean Hayes
People from the cast of Modern Family
People from the cast of Parks and Recreation
Kristin Chenowith
Joel McHale
Marlee Matlin

The list goes on, I mean there were just so many people there that I am such a big fan of. Also, we escorted the girls from “Pretty Little Liars”. They were really nice.

Kristin Chenowith received an award and her speech made us cry. Kristyn found it on YouTube and cried all over again. I’ll find it and post it later. She’s so damn amazing.

Anyway, I said I wouldn’t go into it and here I am anyway: Going into it. I’ll stop, I have work to do. Later.

I am STILL dizzy from the champagne I guzzled. I have seriously learned that:

Coleen + Alcohol = Broken Toy

I guess I’m lucky that I don’t have a hangover cuz I really don’t. I don’t feel sick or headachey, just fuzzy and sort of euphoric. Definitely NOT the way I want to feel at work. Drink some more Joe Coleen. You can do this!



We are volunteering at the GLAAD Media Awards tonight and are so goddamn excited! (GLAAD = Gay and Lesbian Alliance Against Defamation). Click on that link to see why. So many awesome people are gonna be there. I am so glad we’re in LA for this one because I would be pissed if we weren’t, haha.

God I love volunteering for this event guys. Not only is it a great cause, the people are great AND you get to peep some awesome gay-positive celebs. Such a fun night. Don’t get me wrong, it’s a LOT of work but so worth it.

OMG last year when we got home, the cats were outside! They had knocked out the front window (bc the screen wasn’t secure) and jumped out! We found Elvira right away. A) She hadn’t left the courtyard, B) We saw her white fur in the dark.

Monster, on the other hand, left the courtyard and was hiding in the bushes in the front. We were terrified. Crying, calling out to him. We thought we were gonna find him in the street. But then Kristyn heard a rustle and there he was: TERRIFIED. He was hiding from us. Well moreso just frozen with fear. She grabbed him and we went in and cried and hugged them for a while and then went to bed.

WELL, just a little while ago, I was holding Monster and decided to step out the front door into the courtyard to grab something. Suddenly that memory flooded back and I was like, “Maybe today isn’t the best day to get Monster interested in the great outdoors.”

Anyway, we’re getting ready now. SO EXCITING!!!

Here’s Kristyn’s post on the GLAAD Media Awards from last year:


And here’s mine:


Wish us luck!

Day Ninety-four

Kristyn doesn’t want to play this game anymore so she’s digging in her heels but you’ve still got me!

Anyway, yesterday I ran some errands and Kristyn worked 11-9. I went to the bank, to the goodwill (to look around, I bought a few skirts to alter) and grocery shopping. Look at that vending machine of whoopie cushions and stuff!

Oh AND our friend Vanessa sent us that Dr. Mario plaque! She made it!!! She makes awesome things out of these little beads and she knows we like Dr. Mario so BOOM! She also sent us cookies, a Christmas card and a candy cane (haha) and a letter. Thank you Vanessa!!!! We love it!!!

Then I went to get Krissy and we came home, had some coffee and ice cream then some blueberry beers. We watched Saturday Night Live on Netflix Instant and fell asleep on the couch. Good day!

P.S. Oh also we listened to Traditional Scottish Fiddle Music.








Day Eighty-six

I passed OUT last night before I could write this. This has been an exhausting week but a great one. God I hope they let me keep this job. This is purely wishful thinking on my part because I was told when I was hired that this is most definitely NOT a temp to perm situation. The person I am covering IS going back to their desk. BUT this is all predicated on some ex-intern coming to take the spot she’s filling, a spot she WANTS really bad. And she is really GREAT. Like super professional and efficient. So IDK. I mean maybe if she knocks their socks off, they’ll keep her, leaving her position open. And maybe if I knock their socks off I can keep mine. But there’s danger bc they can still bring him on for where I am and “let me go” as was scheduled so we’ll see.

Either way I’m starting school in the fall. I have to finish that goddamn bachelor’s degree if it kills me. I can maybe just make my classes real late at night or maybe even on Saturdays. I’ve done it before and I’ll do it again.

Either way I’m not gonna cry over spilled milk because there are too many awesome happy things on the horizon. Who can complain?

Here I am pre-loss of consciousness.


Here’s Krissy playing with Chuckles.


Here’s a cute notebook I bought to scribble down my “How-To’s” at work. A bean fitty at Michael’s! And no, I don’t know why it says “The greatest!” at the bottom. I repeat: a bean fitty.


And here are my gray-clad stems at my desk. Kristyn always tries to talk me out of wearing these tights for some reason so I rarely wear them. I thwarted her yesterday and put’m on. I love them!


Okay I gotta go help Kristyn get ready for work. We’re going to see MEN perform at the Echo tonight, so excited! I honestly and for truly credit their recent record for pulling me out of the goddamn slump I’ve been in for six months. It inspired me in a way I haven’t felt in a long time and a ton of great things followed.

Anyway, later!

Day Thirty-four

WordPress made an update for their app today that was so helpful that it’s been rendered totally useless. One of those “so good it went out the other side into bad again” type deals. Anyway, this might explain why there are possible two pictures of my doughy face instead of one picture of my doughy face and one cute picture of Lucky Kristyn and Monster.

So here is me trying to give the camera “stunned”. I think the camera is reading that as “brain-damaged” instead.

So this might be yet another picture of my face OR a loverly picture of Kristyn and Monster. I guess we’ll all find out after I publish it.

As for today:

1) Kristyn stayed home from her internship because she isn’t feeling well.
2) I hung out with the living dead in a sketchy area.
3) I opened a crazy woman’s Starbucks latte for her.
4) I got checked out by a crazy guy.
5) We played Harry Potter Lego and beat it finally. The feeling of victory was somewhat temporary when we realized that all we did to defeat Voldemort was press the B button. We high fived and Kristyn said, “That was definitely a children’s game I think.” Still so good.
6) Kristyn got an article she wrote about a band she loves retweeted by the band!
7) Then she got a really awesome opportunity that I won’t discuss until she does. It’s her news. BUT, so exciting!
8) Talked on the horn with my Momma.
9) More Harry Potter Lego but this time we are going through and playing with evil characters because there are a lot of things you can only do with dark magic. What?

And that’s about that. G’nite!

P.S. If the pictures are fuckocked I’ll fix’m in the morn!

Day Thirty-three

First I wanna say:

Happy Birthday Kristyn’s Momma!

Next I wanna say:

We are having a pretty good day although it’s almost time for bed. As part of “Coleen’s all better now time to get back in the swing of things” week, I have a full load of things to do tomorrow. INCLUDING a job interview. Wish me luck!

We woke up kinda early this morning and laid in bed reading stuff and playing with los gatos until we were good and ready to get up. Then we had breakfast, Kristyn fooled around with iTunes, I taught myself two new crocheting stitches, talked on the phone with Kristyn’s parents and played Harry Potter Lego.

We’re now trying to print some stuff but the computer is slow and it’s making us bananers.

* Regarding my picture above, Kristyn asked me if it was a misguided duckface. Alas it was just a boring old “cross-eyes tongue out” face that went seriously awry (my eyes are not even crossed and you cannot see my tongue). I sure wish it was an attempt at a misguided duckface though. *sigh* She gives me too much credit.

Day Twenty-nine

I had a pretty okay day. Back still hurts but not as bad. Made some calls, did some paperwork (or tried to anyway), applied to some jobs. I spend the largess of the day trying to get pictures off my damn phone. There were 1,900 of them and now I’m down to 900. That’s not great but it’s pretty damn good. While fixing the picture situation, I watched Buffy Season 7, crocheted a Christmas blanket and thumbed through Reader’s Digest. Yes I know it’s not 2002 and yes I know I’m not 90. And no I don’t know why the good people at Reader’s Digest sent us their magazine, only that we were both delighted to see it (but will not be subscribing thankyouverymuch).

Kristyn had a fun day at work too which is always nice considering the hell the holidays put her through. Busy, busy, busy. Anyway, she’s home now and we’re going to sleep. Gotta get up bright ‘n’ early!


Day Twenty-eight

My back is feeling a bit better today. I still limped around kind of crooked and hunched over but at least I knew I could hold my own self up. Yesterday I walked around with a cane and my cellie, worried that I would fall. Scary.

I just had the best yogurt of my LIFE! The day went too fast and Kristyn is home and sleeping already.

I’m watching a documentary called “Cropsey” but I don’t know how long I’ll hang on with this. Oh well. G’nite!

The Desperate Housewives Thing

FYI: This post has been hanging around in my Drafts folder since mid-December so about a month or so.  Since this happened, the Desperate Housewives episode I was on aired and my person was left on the cutting room floor.  Before you pat me on the back and hand me a hanky, I am actually A-OK with this and this is not me just “being strong”.  I was actually more nervous for anyone to see me than anything haha.  I am more of a thrill-seeker/doer than I am attention-monger so the experience of doing this (and getting paid for it to boot) was more than enough.  The “seeing me do this” was actually kind of the only downside but I wasn’t going to rob my fambly from seeing me mug on national tv, especially when I’m so far away.

Anway, if you want to read about what it was like, go read the jump below.  I wrote this a while back and haven’t re-read it, I just want to post it so I can have it for my own memory because I doubt lightening will strike twice haha.

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