My family huddled around the warm glow of the internets

Me and Kristyn finally decorated the tree today.  We already had the lights, garland and star on it but hadn’t gotten around to the balls.  I was irritated right off the bat this morning because the cats had torn off half of the garland and some of the lights in Mortal Kombat earlier in the morning.  I dramatically declared, “That goddamn tree is gonna be the DEATH of me!  Mark my words, I will have torn it down by New Years!”  Haha.  So in order to make me smile (and to save the tree not to mention the cats), she started putting the ornaments on.  Because she had to go to work, it turned into a marathon ornament putting-on session but we got it all done.  This picture doesn’t even show the whole tree just because my lens wouldn’t let me get the whole thing and I was too lazy to switch lenses.  I’ll get a better picture later.  The bottom line is that the lower half of the tree has next to no ornaments on it haha.  It’s not worth it because if I have to put them back on I am sure to tear my tshirt and shorts and turn into the Hulk.  Merry Christmas!

Anyway, here is a picture of MOST of the tree.

And here is a picture of the top of the tree.  Yes that is a lady’s leg you spy.  Yes there are an awful lot of birds.  Definitely that is masking tape at the bottom of the star.  What can I say, we’re classy broads…

So then I wrote down some recipes for a while.  I have started writing up a book of all of the recipes I use all of the time because I am tired of always searching for them.  I mean almost NONE of them are my own.  They’re from other people, cookbooks and some are just off the box of something but I hate having to rely on finding that stuff.  A few years ago I had bought three hardcover notebooks at Barnes and Noble with inspirational messages on them.  I gave one to me (!), one to Kristyn and one to my Dad.  They were just to keep track of life goals because we were all in a time of flux.  WELL. Me and Kristyn started using ours but my Dad didn’t use his and I found it in a box of his stuff when we moved.  I snatched it back from him haha.  So I started writing my recipes in here.  The cover says, “Life isn’t about finding yourself, life is about creating yourself.”  That’s apt for a cookbook in case you want to create a lardass out of yourself.  (And I do!)

Anyway, my sister Christine  and her boyfriend Matt invited my parents, brother Charles, Grandma and Matt’s parents over for “Thanksmas”.  In other words she made a Turkey and they exchanged grab bag gifts.  From what I saw of the gifts, there was: A Santa Clause outfit Snuggie (want), A bottle of viscous fluid (my Dad purchased this and Matt got it, I tried to get them to crack it open and drink some with a spoon but they weren’t having it), a Jersey Shore poster, a candle and I forget what else because my brain lost steam with the viscous fluid.

THE POINT IS that we Skyped for like an hour haha.  Here is my Sister and my Dad (and me in the little window at the bottom):

Here is my Grandma Barr (my Dad’s momma), my Mom and my Sister:

Here is my Dad and my brother Wee Charles (or just, ya know Charles if that’s how you are) (P.S. Wee Charles is at like a foot taller than me and eleven years younger than me haha.):

Here is my Sister and my Momma:

Here is another one of my Grandma, Mom and Sister:

And here is my Dad and Charles doing god knows what.  It was weird to scream “LOOK AT ME!!!” at them from 3,000 miles away haha.

So that was that! I forgot to get one of Matt!!! He might have edited himself out of the photo shoot though if I know him haha. And who can blame him, computer cameras are not the most flattering format. My video kept cutting out so they could only see me like half of the time. Drat. Anyway, I’m a tad hungry so I’m going to go slap my feedbag on. TTYL.

mr. Gnome!

Guys my first LA Music Blog post went up!  I went to see mr. Gnome play at the Silverlake Lounge last Wednesday.  They were awesome and I highly recommend them.  Go here to read my review. I also shot the photos. Silverlake Lounge doesn’t have much in the way of lighting effects so I had to shoot these at 800 ISO. I’m proud of how (mostly) clear these pictures are because I had my aperture WAY open (sometimes to 1.8) and my shutter speed was like 6. I guess those ambles around Silver Lake working on my steady hand have been helping haha.

Here are a few of my favorite shots:

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Productive Day o’ Blogging

Me on my 31st Birthday!

I was uploading my 31st Birthday pictures and they made me happy so here's one of'm.

If a day can be measured as productive by time spent blogging things, then I have had a seriously productive day. I worked on some stuff for LA Music Blog, blogged all of my Tofurkey Day pictures and now I’m getting all of our pictures off of our SD Cards and onto Flickr.

I need to get a more physical hobby than blogging and sitting. I was just, and this is ca-razy, reading a blog about a guy who decided to stop going on the internet for four months. He is somehow blogging about his experience AS IT HAPPENS. I don’t know if he is snail mailing his blog to someone who is then posting it or if he is dictating it over the horn or what. The point is that I am uploading pictures off of my digital camera onto a laptop while organizing the photos on flickr AND reading a guys’ blog that is documenting his time AWAY from the internet on my cell phone. I’m like a goddamn junkie. Oh AND I should mention that I was also watching “The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo” on Netflix Instant on the Wii at the same exact time…this is a movie entirely in Swedish with English subtitles. I am out of funking control.

And as soon as the movie ended, I ran right here to get another hit off of the internet. I am nearing rock bottom I think. Ah well, I’ll see you all down there.

What I REALLY wanted to (briefly) discuss was how freeing a time 4am is to do shit like this. I don’t have anywhere I have to be in the morning so I don’t feel all stop watchy. During the day I am hyper aware of the sun and it’s gradual downward slope. The later it gets, the more of a failure I feel like. I suppose should feel all “fail” for doing THIS at 4am instead of getting some shuteye but it doesn’t seem to work like that. ALTHOUGH I should lay down because while 4am seems like an okay time to get inane work done, 5am seems like a criminal time to be awake. I have a rule that if I am awake and the sun starts to come out, a firing squad has to take me down immediately. This is how strongly I feel about never being awake to see the rising sun. I guess it reminds me of my errant youth. There’s nothing more gross than walking OUT of a New York City club while the sun is at full blast and you had NO IDEA. Ugh. Blerg. Shiver. Not me. Good times at the time but I am (choose to be) too old for that shit, EVEN if all I’m doing is giggling to “Parks and Recreation” under a crocheted blanket I made.

ALSO me and Kristyn realized that we have seriously cut back our portion sizes in the year + we’ve lived here. In NJ we ate out all of the time and you KNOW what kind of servings restaurants give you. Here we cook every meal and can’t afford to eat out. When we do, we end up gagging trying to stuff the entire meal in our pie holes because:

a) We misguidedly think we can.
b) Because we don’t know when we’re going to eat out again and…
c) Leftovers aren’t as good.

WELL, we were just NOT PREPARED for Thanksgiving. We filled our plates as usual and then were dismayed by how much food we’d put on the plates for a couple of reasons:

a) It was definitely way too much food.
b) I looked at my plate and actually said, “I have no idea how in the hell all of THAT is supposed to fit in here. *points to stomach*”
c) It looked like two if not three meals to me (on each of our plates so like total 4-6 of our regular meals). It seemed like a waste.

BUT, we again crammed that shit down our pie holes because it’s Thanksgiving and that is what you are required to do, no? Kristyn was actually SCREAMING in pain intermittently. But then got up for more haha. I don’t know what is wrong with that girl.

But everything we ate last night had me actually feeling full until around 9pm tonight. I had some biscuits and cookies throughout the day but that was just gluttony. If I’m honest, I was not hungry one iota all damn day. It was weird. And then I had Thanksgiving for dinner and I stuffed myself again. I don’t think I’ll need to eat again for another 24 hours.

Okay, well now it’s 4:19. I really gotta go. Before you know it, 5am will be here and you all KNOW that the firing squad has a standing order to arrive if my eyeballs are not closed. And they’re good guys but they mean business. So goodnight fools.


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Usually I would post a whole blahblahblah story about our night but I went ahead and uploaded 45 pictures and that is WAY TOO LONG of a story. So here’s a shortened version:

* Kristyn cleaned things as if people were coming over, which was nice.

* Then she peeled stuff.

* Then I chopped things.

* Then Kristyn went to Target to buy a sensor for the Wii. One of our furry fools chewed the wire so we haven’t been able to pay with the Wii or watch Netflix Instant. We haven’t spent any money on entertainment in a LONG TIME so we decided that this would be the thing so we could play a game together after dinner and watch some TV.

* This was Kristyn’s first Black Friday experience EVER so she was quite proud of herself, haha.

* While she was gone I put the Tofurkey in the oven and prepped some more food.

* She came back and set the sensor up.

* Then we boiled things.

* Then we made things.

* Then we set the table and put the food out.

* Then we gorged ourselves like crazy. We are NOT used to eating like that.

* Kristyn gasped for air but managed to take in seconds.

* I knew there was no way I was fitting seconds in there and anyway I wanted dessert.

* We drank some wine and watching some South Park Christmas episodes. Hiiiiiiidey Ho!

* Then we had some pumpkin pie and Empire Biscuits.

* Then we played Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince.

* Then we took a series of weird pictures.

* Then we watched episodes of “Parks and Recreation” until we fell asleep.

* It was the bomb day.

Here’s what we had for Thanksgiving:

Potatoes, carrots and onions
Mashed Potatoes
Sweet Potatoes
Turnips and Carrots
Cranberry Sauce
Sparkling Apple Cider
Two Buck Chuck Chardonnay
Pumpkin Pie with Cool Whip
Empire Biscuits

P.S. Sorry for adding so many pictures of me, my double chin and root vegetables!


Please go see “The Next Three Days”! I read this script on my very first day Interning at Lionsgate last year so it’s really surreal to see a trailer for it. The script was really good but more importantly, a lot of good people worked on this movie. I can’t afford to go see it in the theater right now so I’m going to need you to go see it and tell me how it was! I’ll have to wait for it to come to Netflix. *sads* GO! NOW!

What I am Thankful For

In my last post, and in last year’s Thanksgiving posts too, I forgot to write what I was thankful for. Oversight and it will never happen again! Haha.

I will number them because that’s how I do:

1) Kristyn – Kristyn is THE best friend I could ever want and I am forever grateful and thankful for her. I thank my lucky stars for her every day and always will.

2) My family – I am blessed to have such a large, accepting, funny and LOUD family haha. My family, on both sides, takes people as they find them and welcomes everyone with open arms. I am lucky to have such people in my life.

3) Kristyn’s family – Kristyn’s family are such good people and I love them as if they were my own. They always make me feel welcome and are a ton of fun to hang out with. I am so lucky to have them as well.

4) “The cats” aka the cats and Chucky – They knock everything over and chew anything that remotely resembles a string (or a WIRE Jesus Christ) but they bring so much goddamn love into our lives it is ridiculous. AND they’re so cute that I am grinding my teeth down to nubbins from the involuntary clenching my jaw does when my eyeballs witness potent cuteness. I will need dentures some day. It’s worth it.

5) Los Angeles, California – I know it’s been rough for us but I feel like a much differerent, much less naive person since coming out here. I think this has been a gigantic growing experience for me and it was one that I desperately needed. We now know the value of a dollar. We know not to take good fortune for granted as a given. We now know what we want out of life. We know the value of our family and friends. It has been a really awesome experience as well as the culmination of a lifelong dream that we both happened to share.

6) Opportunity – Since we’ve been here, we have had the opportunity to see and do things we never imagined we’d ever be able to do. Kristyn started writing for LA Music Blog and gets to review her favorite artists on a regular basis. I now get to do it too. We’ve both done internships that have taught us so much and introduced us to some really wonderful people. We’ve gotten to peep a LOT of celebrities (which might not be important to you but is something I LOVE to do) and be a part of some really great events. The highlight of the famous people I’ve met this year is DEFINITELY Eric Stonestreet (Cam from Modern Family). Jesus Christ was I excited about him. It was at the SU2C Telethon. I am REALLY professional when I meet anyone famous at work but with him I just couldn’t. I was pressed up against the stage door by a crush of people and he ended up crammed into the melee like a foot away from me. I just blurted out, “You’re my favorite!” And he was like, “No you’re MY favorite! Well at least out of the three of you standing along this wall. You are definitely my favorite.” And I said, “I am SERIOUS. Out of all of the people here, you are the ONE person I have been dying to see in person because I’m such a huge fan.” He said thank you and told me I was sweet and moved towards the stage door. After he walked past me he said to the other two people (one of which is an awesome Oncologist doing work for SU2C’s Dream Team and his publicist), “I was just kidding. You two are my favorite. I just said that because you know how she is.” HAHA AAAAAAH! So good.

7) Time – I know that I have been climbing the walls being stuck at home like this but I am self aware enough to realize that this time will likely be THE only time in my life where I have nothing to do and nowhere to be. SO I try to cherish it, get enough sleep, work on creative projects and try to enjoy the day. The alternative is to worry and freak out and then get a job and worry and freak out once I’m there. SO I’m glad for this time and I’m glad for the perspective it’s giving me on how lucky I would be to have a job.

8) Health – About a year and a half ago, I though I was going to have to get spinal surgery because my back was in THAT bad of shape. Now I have no pain and am SO grateful for that.

9) Creativity – I have had to rely on my creativity a LOT this year. Creatively stretching our money to make sure we’re fed, the lights are on, a roof is over our head and our animals are happy. Creatively finding ways to make us feel like things are okay (such as decorating for holidays and forcing us to have fun when we need it). Using my creativity to learn to crochet and then making seven thousand blankets. It’s been a good way to feel productive and it’s a hobby that keeps us warm when we sleep at night haha.

10) Friends – Last but not least (at all) is our friends. We have some really, REALLY good friends around us who make us laugh every day and pick us up when we are down. We are forever indebted to you and we love you!

Harry Thanksgibbing everybody!!!

Second California Thanksgiving!

Happy Thanksgiving everybody! I can’t believe it is our second Thanksgiving here already. This past year has felt like it went by in a wink but ALSO feels like “THE LONGEST YEAR OF MY ENTIRE GODDAMN LIFE” haha. I re-read the post I wrote last year on Thanksgiving and the post I wrote a few days later to showcase our grub. I am flummoxed by those posts for a few reasons. At that time we had JUST gotten here. We were still filled with that dizzy giddiness to be here. Also that Thanksgiving was difficult because it was the first one we spent away from our families and even away from each other because Kristyn had to work. One thing hasn’t changed, she’s working again today so we’re going to have our Thanksgiving dinner tomorrow because we have the whole day off together. I am oddly less homesick this year but I guess it’s because I deal with homesickness in one way or another EVERY day so why should Thanksgiving be any different? That said, I wish I was there and having fun with our families. Another thing that amazed me about those pictures is how short Kristyn’s hair was! Hot damn them’s some short hairs! Haha.

Anyway, we have all of our food ready to go except one or two little things we will pick up tonight after Kristyn gets home. We had a mini Thanksgiving meal today. I toasted some wheat bread, put heated up Tofurkey deli slices, stuffing and cranberry sauce on it and made “Thanksgiving sandwiches” for us. Good shit. Kristyn is probably going to have a busy but fun Thanksgiving at work today. I have some work to do that I don’t want to have to do tomorrow. SO I’m listening to Christmas music and blogging to warm up my hot little fingers so I can start my other writing assignment haha.

Later, I am going to watch Dexter, drink a bottle of already opened wine (it’s asking for it) and crochet this blanket:

I had bought these colors to make a Thanksgiving blanket with the leftover orange yarn from Nana’s Halloween blanket. BUT they clashed with the orange but looked nice together. (I think we’ve been through this.) Anyway, these colors are Gryffindor colors! SO this blanket is going to make me forever say either “Harry Thanksgiving!” or “HP Thanksgiving!” to people and they’ll love it.

This week has been fun because Kristyn’s co-worker Nina and her boyfriend Marco threw a Thanksgiving party on Tuesday. It was an ambitious endeavor because there were SO many people there. The food was so good and it was SO nice to get out of the house haha. We met a lot of really nice people to. So thanks again guys! :)

And I’m writing for LA Music Blog now so I went to my first show last night. I went to see mr. Gnome at Silver Lake Lounge and they were so good! Here is one of the pictures I took:

So okay I’m going to go do all of that stuff right now. And this below picture is for our families that tease us about our Tofurkeys haha.

Routine is the Spice of Life

* Wake up.
* Read blogs on my phone.
* Check Facebook.
* Talk to Kristyn.
* Go to the bathroom.
* Leave the bedroom and greet the HERD of animals that run at me screaming.
* Get momentarily flattered by their attention and then notice that their food bowls are empty.
* Call them all jerks.
* Feed the jerks.
* Turn on the oven to make facon.
* Put on some coffee.
* Kristyn drags herself out of bed and starts the dishes.
* Straighten up the house while the oven is heating.
* Make breakfast.
* Eat breakfast.
* Talk about the shit we gotta do.
* Write a To Do list.
* Start the day.

From here things take different turns depending on where we’ve got to be but every morning is the same. I love this part of the day. (But I hate that I always have to do the cooking because “Kristyn doesn’t know how”. That’s some “While you’re up” shit if I ever heard it haha. But I go along with the farce because more than cooking, I hate dishes.)

Things I want: COME TO ME

I know I was going to start “doing things” but I got to eating some pancakes which reminded me that I WANT things. It’s been a long time since I’ve written a semi-cohesive list of things I want/require and I think it’s important sometimes to put that shit out into the ether. I am not a God-fearin’ woman (despite my Mother’s and Grandmothers’ best efforts) but I basically believe in the power of prayer. I try not to use the word “prayer” much because it’s so loaded with dogma (for me) but I do believe in putting your hopes, dreams and wishes into focused thought. I DO believe that you can draw the things you want to you. The downside of such a public display of “want” is that the assholes who do not “want” you to “have” will be counter-praying for you not to get what you want but that is a chance this idiot woman has to take.

List of want:

1) A job “for now”. Just one to pay the bills until I can get…

2) A job “I want”. This job doesn’t have to be glamorous just in the field I want it to be in so I can get ON the ladder.

3) To go to Disneyland during this Christmas season. I’ve been thinking a lot lately about our stint working at Disney World over the holidays in 2002. I worked in the Magic Kingdom from August 2002 to January 2003 and the park, ALL of the parks were never so beautiful as they were during Halloween and ESPECIALLY Christmas. The weather is similar in LA as it is in Orlando so I’ve been thinking about that a lot lately and really want to go. Also, I found these glasses they gave us at MGM for their Christmas light show. When you put them on, they turn all twinkly lights into the the shape of angels. It’s weird/awesome.

4) To go to Knott’s Berry Farms for Christmas. That park is Peanuts gang themed and they have call the park “Knott’s Merry Farm” during Christmas. It would be like LIVING in “A Charlie Brown Christmas”. I die.

5) I want Kristyn to be able to work part-time at the Vet Hospital. She’s been working her ASS off since we got here and she is really burnt out. We wouldn’t be able to afford her to not work at all because we’d be back to square one but I think if I can get a decent paying job, she could work part-time while interning. She deserves it. As it is now, she only has ONE day off a week and she spends that catching up on all the shit she couldn’t do all week. Poor Krissy.

6) I want to come home. We need to visit home DESPERATELY. Once I get a job, we can come home for at least a quick weekend jaunt. I can’t wait for that. I want to hug our families and especially Nana. We almost lost her this year and she is still sick. I want to sit and drink tea at her kitchen table SO BADLY. *suck it up Coleen, this is not a time for weepiness*


7) I want to re-join Weight Watchers. I really like that program and it worked well for me. I felt good/healthy when I was on it. What I liked best about it was that I was doing something only for ME. I also liked the sense of support/community that came with it. I can count points on my own but I do better with a group setting.

8) I want to join the Hollywood YMCA. I perversely miss walking on a treadmill and using weight machines. Plus they have a pool. What?

9) I want to take classes at Upright Citizen’s Brigade. Although I am a blabbermouth, I do NOT do well performing in front of others. BUT I want to take their sketch comedy writing class and you have to take Improv 101 to do that I think. Also, even if that’s not true, I think it would be useful to learn “the rules of the game” and do it myself if I’m going to learn to write sketches. (FYI, I actually don’t like sketch comedy at ALL but I would like to write scripts one day and I think it would be a handy tool to have in my pocket.)

10) I want to move the hell out of this apartment. Nothing more needs to be said, you all know why.

11) I want to learn how to use Kristyn’s Mother’s sewing machine. It’s pretty and it works great but I can’t figure out how to get the bobbin out. Blerg.

12) I want to fix my “style”. I am already working on this. Like I said, my counselor told me that this is a worthy goal if you are job seeking so I got a haircut/trim and painted my nails. I’ve been experimenting with makeup again and dressing up every day. Also, I dug some earrings out of my jewelry box and I’m glad that I did. I found a pair that my Grandma Barr brought me back from Glasgow. They are silver and very Celtic-looking. They’d originally come with a necklace but I lost them one frigid winter morning in the shower. I THINK that when I was getting undressed I must have broken the clasp on the necklace because I heard a clink and noticed that my necklace was hanging down unclasped, the pendant gone. I think it went down the drain. F. I was going to make one of the earrings into pendant but I think I like’m as earrings and now I feel like they’re a good luck talisman so that’s that.

13) I want to decorate for Christmas. I am fighting this every minute I am alive. Trying to be patient.

14) I want to get into a good school. I am working on this goal.

15) I want to buy new dishes. Although I love the ones we bought from that family, I want new kitchenware. All of our utensils, plates, pots and pans all started out belonging to other people. I think we need our own shit. All of our stuff is mismatched/hodgepodge.

16) We need new bedding and new covers for the couches. These ones are okay but getting a bit threadbare.

17) We need a new kitchen table and chairs. These ones are on their last legs literally and figuratively.

18) We need to get the cable back on. I feel disconnected to the world.

19) I need a car. I am so tired of public transportation and of doing the “car shuffle” ie having to drive Kristyn 40 minutes in either direction to work so I can do a twenty minute errand.

20) I want to go to Scotland. I have people to see and places to be there. To do this, I will need a job, saved money and a passport.

SO, all of these things hinge on me getting a job. And THEN I can’t even do ANY of them for months if not at least a year from whence I secure said position because I gots too many bills to pay. But maybe if said “ether” knows that I have big plans, it will reward me with the tools I need to carry said shit out. PLEASE ether, pay the funk attention! Thanks, that’s all.


Quality over Quantity

Quality over Quantity AKA One Seriously Good Friend

I read a blog today that made me think about the fact that I always pick “Quantity” over “Quality”. I would rather buy $100 things at that dollar store than one solid, useful thing for $100. I would rather have a bag of bland, tasteless cookies with garbage ingredients than one perfect cookie made with ingredients resembling food (and not chemicals). I do this in all areas of my life. And when you live like that, you end up in a trash heap.

I’ve been getting a little better about it over the past few years, at least I WAS until “Poverty-gate 2010” happened and everything exploded.

You know what else I went through before we left? The problem of “old” vs. “new”. I have always been an “old things” person. I like “used” anything. It appeals to my thrify side AND my nature-loving side. I use my shit until it cannot be used anymore. I hate wasting things. When we moved out of our apartment in NJ, it was like I had spent the two years in that apartment straight BINGING and now we had to PURGE. Bad euphemism aside, it was pretty liberating to say, “No I don’t need that jagged scrap of denim I kept when I made old jeans into a pair of capri pants four years ago.” “No I don’t need that gigantic penis-shaped cakepan that I bought when I was a bridesmaid for a girl I don’t even talk to anymore.” “No I won’t be using that gigantic ugly dresser that I don’t put anything useful in and only have because it was cheap at a yardsale.”

Before we left, we had a crisis where we weren’t sure if we should stay in NJ or move out here. We’d actually decided to stay in NJ and bought all new furniture. I’d done that because I was tired of owning other people’s shit, stained with other people’s pasts. And we’d lived in an apartment where our landlord had committed suicide in the apartment above us. We had to live in that apartment for eleven months AFTER his death to run down the lease we’d signed because his brother (who had inherited his estate) wouldn’t let us out of it because he now had an unexpected mortgage to pay. In that time, I became acutely aware of the sharp, grim feelings that could come with using someone else’s old shit. I mean there are better examples too. For example, when we lived in our next apartment, we bought plates at an estate sale. They are beautiful. They are vintage Mikasa plates with a beautiful mod turquoise and lime green triangular pattern. The estate sale was in the home of a recently passed older woman. Her daughters were running the sale and had put out their mother’s belongings like a flea market throughout the house. They told us to ask them about whatever we wanted and they’d tell us whether or not it was for sale. I pointed at the beautiful plates and asked how much they wanted for them. They started to cry. They hadn’t considered selling those plates, they’d just laid taken them out of the cupboard and put them on the counter. I immediately retracted my question and said, “Oh nevermind, it’s okay.” We actually desperately needed plates but NOT LIKE THAT. They ended up INSISTING that we buy them. They said, “We’ve had a lot of good times with those plates. We’ve used those plates through holidays and hard times. Those plates have held all of our mother’s meals. We just ask that they go to a good home. You girls look like nice people who could use nice plates.” We TREASURE these plates. I think about those ladies all of the time and wonder what they’d think if they knew their mother’s plates travelled cross-country and continue to nourish us every single day.

And THAT is the joy of buying other people’s things. Wondering where the item came from and how they used it. Why did they get rid of it? And as much as I like buying used stuff, I love donating used stuff as well. I like knowing that the stuff I can’t use anymore could serve as someone else’s treasure.

BUT that landlord’s death kind of showed me that there is a potential heaviness that can come with surrounding yourself with other people’s discarded things so I made it my purpose to start buying NEW things. In 2008, I had a good job that paid me well so I could afford new things. It’s weird because THAT life is exactly whats made THIS one so bearable. The couch I am sitting on now is a product of the “new things” period. As I look around, I see some used things too that were given to us by friends (like the laptop I am now writing on, thanks Lou!) or the kitchen table we eat at (thanks Uncle Ken and Aunt Theresa). Our TV and bikes are second hand. We bought them when we got here. But everything else is new, ie. ours and ours alone. For all of my “we’re so poor” whining, if you were to actually come here, you would see an apartment that looks stable and comfortable and not cardboard boxish at all. So I think that that those “new things” decisions have actually given me a little peace of mind to know that there has been a time in my life where I could afford those things and those times will come again soon.

BUT I also want to say something about “hand made”. Last night we slept on the couches in a flight of fance we call “whimsical sleeping”. I know I’ve discussed this before but I will discuss it again. When we feel like we need a moment of “Sure, why not?!”, we “whimsical sleep” ie. sleep on the couch. Haha. We don’t have many moments of “Sure, why not?!” anymore so we have to make our own. The way we make our own is to sleep on the couch, don’t judge. Anyway, last night we both laid down and covered ourselves with blankets I’d MADE. That’s kind of awesome. It made me feel self-reliant. Here we are snuggled against the chilly night wearing blankets I’d made with my own hands in a city that we moved to with our own ingenuity. It felt good.

So anyway, all of this relates back to a point and here it is. I realize that I have chosen quantity over quality for all of my life and it’s never gotten me anything but a mess to clean up later. From right now, at this moment, I am going to start choosing “quality” over “quantity” in all areas of my life…The clothes I wear, the people I am friends with, the food I eat, the things I check off my To Do list, everything. If it can’t pass MY TEST of what is “quality” over “quantity”, it isn’t important.

So that’s that. I need to get my ass in gear because I’ve been “quantity” blogging my “quality” ass off and I gots things to do. So seeya.