Wild Week

Lately, my life and everyone around me’s life has been completely out of control wild. We are all jumping from one insane event to the next. My Mom has been in and out of the hospital lately having problems with her heart resulting in a triple bypass. I fell and hit my head on the tub, went to the ER, and got a concussion. Work’s been nuts. That’s not even mentioning the fact that we went to Las Vegas, Kristyn finished her first year of her PhD, and we opened up the trailer last weekend. This isn’t even all of it. Oh AND?! Our car got stolen, then found, and we had to pay around $300 to get it out of impound. Point being that Momma is BUSY and TIRED. (I’m the “Momma” in this scenario.) Here are a few pictures recent pictures of these events:


The above is me at the ER after I fell. The entire day before, we’d spent in the ER with my Mom and the nurse had told me that she’s had people fall and not report it and die. Then the next day I fell and hit my head HARD. I felt kind of fine / kind of suspicious so of course I had to go. Ugh.


Here we are after getting our car out of hock. We’re smiling because we got it back and also because it’s the SECOND time that this exact same car has been stolen and returned to us.


The above and below pictures are on Mother’s Day. My family took a spur-of-the-moment trip to Michael’s Craft Store after eating brunch and realized we hadn’t taken any nice pictures together. We had to leave to go to Kristyn’s family’s house so we took this one in the aisle, LOL. Gorgeous family portrait.


Also, we forgot to take a photo with everyone in Kristyn’s family together before some people left so as we were walking out the door, we took this quick use. Another beautiful family portrait!


Last weekend we went Upstate for the first time in 2018. It rained and we slept all weekend except for literally this minute just before we left.


This is just Shirley sleeping on me and being a lunatic.


This is me and Kristyn in the ER again with my Mother. She was there to be admitted and we were goofing around. We took more goofy pictures too. Don’t let the fact that we were selfie-ing fool you into thinking it wasn’t a serious situation. It was but we handle serious situations with goofiness and this beautiful background was the partition curtain in my Mom’s room, ha.


the above picture we took after we found out that Mom’s surgery went well. We were jolly because of the weight lifted and all leaving for the day after being at the hospital since the morning. This bag that my Dad is holding up has my Mom’s initial “D” on it. She kept calling it “the D bag” as in “Can you hand me my D bag?” and it kept making us laugh. So here we all are the D bag.

We do find a way to enjoy ourselves but man I could sleep for a thousand years haha.

Brain Drain


Image from here.

I don’t know how this country failed Hillary Clinton so badly. I mean, I do; racism, homophobia, transphobia, ablism, ageism, anger, and fear. The majority of Americans voted for this dedicated public servant who would have been the most qualified person to ever be elected to this office. Instead, because of the Electoral College, and the aforementioned darkness, we now have the most virulently cruel President-Elect in our nation’s history.

I’ve been all shades of defeated, depressed, apoplectic, and hopeful over the past few days. I’ve been (like so many others) in total fuck it mode, just arguing with people online outraged that people could be so uncaring and/or apathetic. It honestly  made me feel a lot better because I’ve been veritably meek for the entire year + of this election; not wanting to get into fights or be a poor winner. Boy were we mistaken. That was the absolute wrong way to go. We should have been this vocal and angry all along; but honestly, I don’t think my heart could have taken that. As it is, I’ve been stressed out over this election for over a year and I barely got into one fight over it. Although, had I, maybe I would have gotten some of that aggression out that made me feel so good this week.

I’ll calm down eventually; I already am beginning to. I have been researching and taking action on ways to engage with my community. I don’t want to talk about the things that I’m doing just yet because I have a tendency to stop working on things the second I mention them. I’ll just say that the things that I’m working towards are incredibly positive and inter-connected. I have a good feeling and am feeling inspired.

Before I go skipping off into positivity-land though, I want to say that the third party voters or liberals who skipped voting are the people who are pissing me off the most. Someone told me that I’m “just like those on the far right” and I agreed with her in that we both have something we believe in. That’s why I’m not as mad at the people on the far right. They legitimately BELIEVE that they did the right thing. Although I find it absolutely abhorrent, I can’t argue with that logic because I, too, believe that I’m on the side of right. What I have seen in this election is misogyny in action both from the right and the left. Oh the horrors that a woman might out-qualify every male candidate in the race. Lots of gaslighting in this race from the Bernie bros. They convinced a generation of liberals that Hillary Clinton was basically a far right republican. I’m horrified.

The other thing that is unsettling to me is how little I have to say to get a huge reaction out of people. They aren’t used to us speaking up at all so every tiny pushback is like I burned their house to the ground. They literally cannot hear how abusive they have been all this time and aren’t used to being challenged so when I treat them exactly how they’ve treated me, I’m “rude”. I’ve been called worse, too. I don’t care though. None of that matters right now.

The beautiful thing that’s come of this is that I’ve seen people making connections, too. Kristyn and I have heard from people that we normally do not. Connections have been forged where there didn’t used to be. We are uniting around a cause and maybe if we’d done it a little sooner, Hillary would be our President. It’s too late to wonder about that now; we just have to look forward and not get so complacent again. It’s just the first time we’ve lived without fear in our lives and it felt GOOD. Now we’re back to the drawing board and I am hoping that we can connect and move forward together.

Momma I’m comin home…

We are coming back home for the weekend because my Nana isn’t feeling well. We want to see our families, engorge ourselves with good Chinese and Pizza and possibly go here:

Our jobs are being so super cool about it and we are so grateful for that. Also it’s another example of all the synchronicity that’s been happening in our lives lately. If I hadn’t gotten this job right when I did, there’s no way we could have come home to see Nana right now. And how lucky that I got a job that values family over business. I worked at a job just a few years ago where my boss gave me a hard time over these following things:

1) She wouldn’t allow me to go to my Aunt’s funeral.
2) She was mad because I took time off to sit with my Dad in the hospital.
3) At another job, I had gotten a call that my Mom had had a heart attack (she didn’t) but was in the Emergency Room. I ran out to take the call and this guy CHASED ME OUT of the building and demanded to know what I was doing WHILE I was on the phone with my panicked family. I told him what was happening and he said he didn’t care, to get in and answer the goddamn phone and not to leave my desk again without asking him first. Yeah I quit that bitch haha.

Anyway, all of my bosses and all of Krissy’s allowed us to take the time no questions asked and I am SO grateful and thankful for that.

So we’re still in the planning stages of this because we just finalized the tickets yesterday. If you are one of our family members, please don’t stress out if you can’t make it to see us or anything. We couldn’t have planned this any differently so this trip is less about seeing everyone that we can and more about spending quality unrushed time with just a few loved ones.

We had toyed with having dinner in NY but when we woke up this morning, we realized it would be a waste of time. NY is (probably) not going anywhere and we couldn’t think of anything to do there that we haven’t done a zillion times before or would really want to do again. I mean there are a lot of NY performers we’d like to see and we looked into it but they all happen to be somewhere else right now, some of them actually in LA haha.

So that’s that. I’m still gonna post pictures every day. If I thought I was tired from the late night at GLAAD Awards, how am I gonna be next week? We are landing at LAX at almost 10pm after a six hour flight and then I have work in the morning! OMG.

And for any robbers out there:

Don’t even try it, we have people watching. Yeah that’s right.

Day Thirty-five

Made some decisions today, yes I did. Decided to live more in the here and now. Made me feel instantly better. Yes I had to make a craft project to support this victory. What is a victory without celebratory crafting? See below.

Here is Kristyn preparing for something awesome/major that I will die if it doesn’t happen. DIE I tell you. Also thanks to WordPress’ awesome app the picture of Kristyn won’t come up. Turns out WordPress has beef with Kristyn. Who knew? Also, I’m on her side. Again, I’ll fix it tomorrow. *sigh*

BOOM. Fixed.

Reminder to keep my head in the present and appreciate what I have. And no this is not a slight on the state of NJ. I’ll cut bitches who slight NJ. Because I’m from NJ. And that’s how we do.

Also, I’ve made a Tumblr. If you want to know what it is, you have to ask me.

Day Thirty-three

First I wanna say:

Happy Birthday Kristyn’s Momma!

Next I wanna say:

We are having a pretty good day although it’s almost time for bed. As part of “Coleen’s all better now time to get back in the swing of things” week, I have a full load of things to do tomorrow. INCLUDING a job interview. Wish me luck!

We woke up kinda early this morning and laid in bed reading stuff and playing with los gatos until we were good and ready to get up. Then we had breakfast, Kristyn fooled around with iTunes, I taught myself two new crocheting stitches, talked on the phone with Kristyn’s parents and played Harry Potter Lego.

We’re now trying to print some stuff but the computer is slow and it’s making us bananers.

* Regarding my picture above, Kristyn asked me if it was a misguided duckface. Alas it was just a boring old “cross-eyes tongue out” face that went seriously awry (my eyes are not even crossed and you cannot see my tongue). I sure wish it was an attempt at a misguided duckface though. *sigh* She gives me too much credit.

On the Road, Day Five, SD & NE, part five

Okay, I’ve slacked on telling you the rest of this day. Here are parts


Once we left Wall Drug and the Badlands, we had to kind of figure out where we were going to go next.  This many stops in one day was kind of unheard of for us because we liked to keep cruising.  BUT we were kind of ahead of schedule and there was a lot to see over here.  We didn’t have to be anywhere particular until September 8th (tell you why later) and from checking the map, we had more than enough time to get there AND take a look around.

We happened to be in the area of another major destination and we didn’t expect the town surrounding to be so populated and touristy.  It was so cute though.

Here is where we went!  This is our first sight of Mount Rushmore from the highway.  It’s mesmerizing.

I don’t know if it’s our city showing but we were kind of dumbfounded to find this place teeming with people.  I guess it’s because you always see a picture of this quiet mountain with it’s carved Presidents so stern and majestic.  I certainly wasn’t expecting this:

But that’s silly because this is obviously a tourist destination and not a desolate forest area haha.

Anyway, it also turns out you have to pay to get in but you can only pay cash.  (WTF.)  We didn’t have any so the nice man just let us in for some reason.  It’s good to be an American?

Here is sort of a close up shot of Mount Rushmore.  Can you even imagine that someone painstakingly DID that?

I mean look at that detail?!  How can you even tell if you’re doing a good job?

Here is Kristyn doing an obligatory pose in front of Mount Rushmore, natch. Isn’t she the cutest?

And here’s my fathead posing with our Nation’s forefathers.

I’ve included a picture of the soda machine at Mount Rushmore for two reasons:

1) It made me giggle at the time.

2) I figured it’s kind of a curiosity.  I feel like it’s akin to wearing a tshirt with your own picture on it (which I have done before and totally do not judge as a life choice).

After that, we drove into Nebraska.  We wanted to cover as much ground as possible to keep on track, especially since we took so much time sightseeing.  In reality, we probably only took about an hour or so sightseeing total but we DID take a detour to get to Mount Rushmore.

Oh AND, remember how I told you that I would tell you something about Buffalo?  We saw one REALLY up close.  We got kind of lost in the woods around Mount Rushmore and ended up on sort of a rural road.  We didn’t see the Buffalo until we were right up upon it.  It was standing on the left side of the road.  A motorcyclist passed within three feet of it and swerved screaming.  We did the same.  The reasons for swerving and screaming around the Buffalo are:

1) They are like six feet tall (at least in my mind they are) and like HUNDREDS OF POUNDS.

2) Therefore they can probably kill you with their MIND if they want to.

3) There are hysterical signs everywhere warning you about your life expectancy should you encounter and piss off a Buffalo.

4) These hysterical signs tell you that in no uncertain terms, you are on Buffalo Property and if you do something to make them kill you, you are on your goddamn own because you have been warned.

That being said, ENTERING NEBRASKA!

See that sign above and the one below?  That’s Nebraska.  Open fields and flat land everywhere.  Nothing around.  Well at least where we were.  We kind of goofed and took what we thought was a highway (and was according to our maps).  It was actually like a SERIOUSLY RURAL AND DESOLATE country road.  Never. Doing. That. Again.  So terrifying.  When I say there was nothing, there was NOTHING.  No houses, no gas stations, no phones…just empty fields.  Now here’s the predicament:

1) The sun is going down.

2) We don’t know where we are.

3) Will we have enough gas to get to wherever it is we’re going? (a side note: we tried to set up hotels in advance but it logistically didn’t work because we could plan to get somewhere in time but what if we didn’t make it and ended up paying for the night in that hotel because we couldn’t cancel until the last minute?)

4) We’re in a rural area so our phones have dropped cellular and internet service.

We were really scared and pretty screwed.  We, for some reason, thought we were getting on a highway that was a more direct route to “somewhere”.  Because in NJ, when you turn off a major artery like the Parkway, there are always a lot of populated alternative routes to drive on.  BIG MISTAKE.  HUGE.

On this road you see below?  We saw a town that you could actually SEE COMING.  A cluster of houses with a sign that told you the population.  The population?  18.  Yes 18.  18 people.  And honestly I doubt that shit.  It was so abandoned looking.  And like Christine pointed out, you KNOW every single one of those bastards probably owns a gun.

But that isn’t even the crazy thing.  The crazy thing is that we came upon another town.  It had a sign that read “Population 1”.  I didn’t take a picture because I didn’t want to stick around.  I’m not trying to be city-dweller biased against country dwellers because I grew up spending my summers in Upstate NY where it is pretty damn rural.  I have nothing but love for the rural life.  But Population 1 just chills a bitch to the bone.  You KNOW that if a town has one person in it and they advertise it as such, it is because that person WANTS it that way.  Motion is not denied.

We eventually came upon a really cute little town that was not freaky at all. I guess they considered themselves a city because the rates for the hotels were outrageous for such a backwater. I could spend the same and get a cheap room in LA or NYC. But we found a clean place that I cannot for the life of me find pictures of. Shame too because it was one of our better rooms. It had a motel door opening but the room itself was gorg. The animals loved it and it was so comfortable. We were so tired and so hungry and full of adrenaline for being scared for so long that we were just excited to get the funk out of the car. We went across the street and got subs from Subway and housed them. We called our parents and siblings and friends to tell them we were definitely not dead. We gave the cats baths and clipped their nails after days of sweating in the car. We figured they would probably appreciate it once it was overwith and we were right. Everyone was snug as a bug in a rug and we were just happy not to be stuck on the side of the road in the dark.

Day Nineteen

Today we have a lightening round of photos. I’d call them bonus but there are just so many.

This first one is an out-take from earlier today. I believe this is what I changed INTO to make the man at the door regard me as sane persons. The pose is supposed to reflect befuddlement. I sent it to my sister because I was trying to look up bridesmaid dresses with sleeves and kept getting transferred to LDS Bridal websites which I didn’t even know was a thing. Also you saw the one I actually sent Christine in the “Piggy Bitch” post WHICH after hours of quiet contemplation (not really), I realised was because I

a) called myself a piggy on here on Saturday
b) have a pretty liberal policy on the word bitch in terms of “words I do and don’t use up in here”

THIS one is in response to a picture that my friend Silvia texted me of my friend Don all covered in duct tape to make a dress form. Don inspired me to make one and I texted back with m’tape! Also, this outfit is close to what I had on when the guy knocked on the door only my bangs were involved in the headband making me exhibit mad potato head.

And this one was taken approximately ten minutes ago. We just got back from a show at the Echoplex. Kristyn’s covering two bands from New Brunswick, NJ! La Sera and The Screaming Females! This time Nina (who works with Kristyn and whose house we went to for Thanksgiving) took Kristyn by the hand and pressed two pairs of ear plugs into her paw. Our ears might have been ringing all damn week from the Babies show but Nina’s eyes must have been ringing from our constant dramatic Facebook updates regarding the status of our ears. Thank you Nina!!! Seriously, SO so much better. Sometimes you really need someone to lead you to water haha.

Here is Kristyn, fast asleep. But…

…then you find out she is a faker!!!! I took the first picture and gave it to her to look at. She felt her clasped hands looked like two different people’s hands and demanded a reshoot. She told me that as the (cellphone) photographer it was my duty to tell her when things are looking good.

So I just let her settle down into a dreamy sleep state look and then screamed, “Lookin good!”

So then I let her calm down again and screamed, “Really! You’ve never looked better!” We did this for a very long time.

Then I gave Kristyn the phone to select her photo and she went with the sleepy one. She told me specifically NOT to mention that her hands look like two different people’s hands clasped together. And so I won’t!

Day Seventeen

I really don’t have any action to report to you today since I was online from dawn till dusk. Unless you really want specifics on all the nerdy things I did with my computer today, I think I’ll do us all a favor and skip past it. I will say that I was so engrossed in what I was doing that I didn’t even watch Buffy. DIDN’T! EVEN! WATCH! BUFFY! FYI Sarah Michelle Gellar is filming a tv pilot that sounds pretty good apparently. I think she’s on the run from the mob (?) and takes over her twin sister’s life (?) and then finds out she, too, has a price over her head (?)? Either way I’m sold.

Below is a picture of someone (a piggy) who didn’t even take a goddamn bath today. Ask her (me) if she’s (I’m) sorry. NO she’s (I’m) not.

And here’s poor Krissy, sleepy as usual. She started working 11am-9pm today which suits her way better than 2pm-11pm but she had to get up early after getting up early yesterday and staying out until like 1am waiting for the show to finish. She asked me to put on the end of “Crybaby” and I hollered at her and said I wouldn’t because she’s just going to fall asleep right away. (She missed the ending last week for the same reason.) I caved immediately and put it on and she proved me right immediately by falling asleep during the first scene haha. Good times. She and Monster are fast asleep together right now and I’m fading fast meself. G’nite!

Wait! Wait! Before I go…Doesn’t it look like Monster is looking into a mirror? We bought that pillow because a cat and a bunny that look just like Monster and Chucky are on it. Didn’t plan this picture though it’s just how it came out haha.

P.S. I REALLY have to start getting pictures of Kristyn when she’s awake. I swear to God she’s alert sometimes. Back me up guys!

Day Sixteen for realsies

Okay, I’m up and alert and have had my first barrel of coffee. This means I am ready to post our 365 Face Project pictures from yesterday! That bathroom picture I posted yesterday was from a club downtown called The Smell. Kristyn went to cover a band called The Babies for LA Music Blog but we got there early and caught all of the bands. It was cool/weird to be there.

For our birthdays, we always go away somewhere. Mine is in Septembeer (typo and it stays) and Kristyn’s is in January. We love vacationing off-season so our birthdays make a great time to go somewhere. AND our birthdays are a few months apart so usually we are SERIOUSLY DUE for a vacation after a few months of diligence.

Anyway, we love this band The Gossip and they used to always play in the fall and in the spring on the East Coast. Usually we’d just go to one show in NYC but in 2006 we decided to get tickets for all of their East Coast shows (besides Massachussetts because we couldn’t fit it in timewise). So we got tickets for Roseland in NYC, some little club in Philadelphia (upon further reflection I think it was in the basement rec room of a church), the Black Cat in DC and Ottobar in Baltimore. (Baltimore is TERRIFYING.) We figured it would be a cool road trip with something we want to see at every stop. Also, we’d been to all of these cities besides Baltimore and knew we wouldn’t feel like we were missing anything if we didn’t go sightseeing. The trip was a ton of fun and the bands were awesome. The Gossip had Mika Miko and Erase Errata open up for them on all of the dates. Both bands are all girls. Mika Miko is punk music. Erase Errata is kind of more psychadelic. ANYWAY. We became fans of both bands. In reading up on Mika Miko, we found out that they are from LA and play primarily at a club called The Smell.

So when Kristyn got offered tickets for a show at The Smell, she jumped on them! We’d been intending to go since we got here but we’ve been so broke that we didn’t even look into it. Turns out the shows are really cheap ($5). The venue is an empty building in an alleyway in downtown and actually only like five minutes from our house. I think it’s basically less a club and more an “artspace”. It was funny though because they had a library of books to read, a small candy/soda/water vendor and artwork all over the walls.

A few months ago we found out that Mika Miko had broken up. We were bummed out about it but walking in, I saw two of the gals. As it turns out, they were both playing but in different bands so that was fun. Kristyn said they help run the place which is cool.

Anyway, the show was fun and I took a million pictures of the bands. I’ll post some pictures after Kristyn writes her review because I don’t want to put the cart before the horse.

I took this picture of myself in the parking lot after the show. I don’t know why I look like a wax dummy/mannequin/doll in my expression but I do. My greasy appearance and crazy hairs are due to how humid it gets inside The Smell. Oh, ALSO, that bathroom that I posted a picture of yesterday? Very clean. Plenty of toilet paper and hand towels, just (obviously) no sink haha.

And here is Kristyn. I took this picture during The Babies. Good times. Oh another weird factoid is that The Babies are from Brooklyn and moved to Echo Park. We are from Northeastern NJ (about a half hour to an hour from Brooklyn depending on traffic) and moved to Silver Lake (the neighborhood next to Echo Park). This may seem like non-news but it’s always nice to meet someone from your area out here. It’s kind of comforting. I wanted to scream “US TOO!” at them and put up my hand for a high five but I controlled myself and am now taking my exuberance out on you. You are SO welcome.

And here are some Mika Miko videos for you to enjoy!

This one is cute.

This one is actually filmed at The Smell at the start of the tour we saw them on.

This video is cool.

And I just like this song.