Dream House

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Here is the rest of what I was saying:

I know that we will eventually move back to the East Coast. There is a lot about the East Coast that doesn’t suit us but there is a lot about the East Coast that does (namely family and friends and some of the weather and the food and…)

BUT rather than living in NJ again, maybe we can move to NY. We’ve never lived there before so maybe we’d like that better. OR at least we can move to a different area in NJ that is still close to NYC ALTHOUGH NJ is not that big so if you are near NYC, you are basically near where we are from and therefore in a similar neck of the woods. What I DO know that I like is Upstate NY. If there is anyplace on Planet Earth that I would definitely WANT to own property, it is there. It’s beautiful, it smells good, the sky is full of stars, there is a huge amount of open space and trees and grass and hills and water…There are a lot of interesting boarded up houses and farms that are interesting to look at and photograph (and it is rumored that a lot of these properties are going to be restored to their former glory). There are county fairs, drive-in movie theaters and tons of antiquing and thrifting. It’s beautiful. BUT I have also spent two weeks straight up there and after a little while it’s like, “Okay, I feel a little too removed from the world.” So I know I can’t live there full-time but I want it as an option in my life. Also, there aren’t enough job opportunities up there for my taste.

SO the way I think our lives will go is that we will probably eventually buy a small house up there (or just land and build a small house on it) and then rent an apartment in Montclair or NYC. We want to be close enough to NYC so that it’s not a shitty commute but there are things to do and conveniences around. There are NO conveniences in Upstate. Not like in Northern NJ or NYC anyway. Shit shuts DOWN. And the area I like (The Hudson Valley/Catskills) is about an hour and a half to two hours from Northern NJ/NYC. In not much of a time investment, you really feel like you’ve gone somewhere else. It’s simple to drive in a weekend. When you’re there you actually FEEL the shackles of your life coming off of you, the little stressors you didn’t even realize were there until you don’t have them anymore. I just feel like up there, I actually sit down and read newspapers and books and kind of get up out of my chair and DO physical things. Take walks, go swimming, go biking, collect rocks, look for firewood, just kind of rudimentary things that seem like a hassle (or aren’t even an option) to fit into your daily existence but up there are ALL you have to do. No schedule or appointments, just EXISTING for a while. And you don’t have to go to bed at any particular time but you fall into bed EXHAUSTED at the end of the day anyway and wake up at the crack of dawn naturally.

We’ve always gone up there camping in the summer but can’t go up there in the winter because there the heat and electricity gets shut off in the part of the campground where we stay. I feel like if I had my own little house or cabin, it would be nice to go up there year-round. Spend Thanksgiving and Christmas up there. Have Easter egg hunts in the woods. Have a fireplace inside and outside. Maybe have a pool for the summer. It’s just a different world up there. There’s no one around to bother or to bother you either. Also the general lack of visible police is actually more comforting than you’d imagine. First of all, a visible police presence isn’t NEEDED because you’re not in any danger. Second of all, you don’t realize how monitored you feel until you are somewhere that isn’t passed by a police cruiser every ten minutes. I’ve brought people up there who get uneasy because of this. They don’t feel safe that there aren’t police around. But if you really stop and think about it, they’re not there constantly because they don’t need to be. That is nice. (And in the 30 years I’ve been going up there, I’ve never needed a police officer or SEEN anyone need one either. There is a general “live and let live” policy up there where everyone minds their own bidness and respects each other’s stuff/privacy.) Third of all, it is kind of freeing to know that, for one, there aren’t eyeballs on you other than those that belong to the people you have invited. You don’t realize what a stressor that is until you don’t have to worry about it. (Not that I do ANYTHING that is illegal. I am a girl scout but what I am saying is that it’s nice to just be away from prying eyes and left to your own devices sometimes.)

Also, when we used to go camping, we had clothes, towels, toothbrushes and just “stuff” we used there that stayed there all summer. And that “stuff” wasn’t ever pretty or stylish or anything but functional. That “stuff” was always handmade or thrifted and was always fell into one of these two categories “useful” or “fun”. Nothing was “have to”, everything was “want to”. It as a relief to have a space full of things that didn’t hold any ties to “have to”. When you only have your house or your apartment, you don’t know how relaxing it is to have a separate place where ONLY your “want to” things live. And responsibilities DO come with owning such a place because you have to clean it and weatherproof it, etc but even THAT is a “want to”. It’s like a giant craft project and if you involve your family and your friends, it can become a “want to” space for everyone and therefore a craft project everyone can get involved in. Everyone can contribute things that can be used later by everyone like games and toys and puzzles and warm blankets and books etc.

So anyway, that is what I want for myself. And if anything ever happened to my apartment in/near the city, at least I’d have a home to go to. *shrug* As much as I like people, I need a space to get away from people too. And living in such close quarters to other people on other people’s land is just too shaky for me. You never have a sense of ownership or power in your station. But buying a house in even a semi-urban area like where we’re from in NJ stresses me out because that feels like it would be sort of a kick in the ass. You OWN this property and yet you STILL can’t turn your radio up or have a party or not have to hear the person in the next house throw up. Haha. I feel like I would feel too indignant all the time if I owned a house that I didn’t have total control over.

We have to stay here for a few years and work and go to school. Ultimately what I want is to have a job where I make enough money to have an apartment on BOTH coasts. It would be nice to be able to fly back and forth for work and get the best of both worlds but I am dreaming in that respect. But I feel like if I had a house Upstate, I could move West for work if I had to and then our families could get use out of it. We all win, whereas if I owned a house in Montclair, NJ why in the hell would anyone want to take over that house when I’m not there? I mean it’s a cute town but not different enough from anywhere else so that you feel like you’ve gone on vacation. If we had a house in the woods, even when we were out of state, someone else could enjoy it and relax for a weekend or for a week.

So that’s the plan for someday. And I WILL make this happen, mark my words haha.

Boring Buberella

Last night I FINALLY finished my Halloween blanket!

Kristyn has been a nervous nelly lately because she can’t get me to talk. Well let me back up. Typically I am a motormouth and Kristyn is not so much of a motormouth. I mean the girl talks but she prefers that I do the talking. If you’ve ever wondered why Kristyn and I work so well it’s definitely because she hates to talk and I have to. She does her fair share of talking and I do my fair share of listening but our individual carnal needs are for her to be quiet and for me to babble. Neither of us know why.

To that end, Kristyn has been getting increasingly crazed lately because I never have anything to talk about. She said to me the other day, “Coleen I have a problem. You never talk about anything anymore and therefore I don’t feel like you’re not there. I wish there was a way I could crawl into a pocket inside your abdomen for a half hour a day to know what was going on in there.” And I said, “Well, what is there for me to talk about really? The websites I go on to job hunt? How many stripes I crocheted on my blanket? What happened on all of the TV shows I’ve watched that you haven’t seen yet? What things the cats ate that they shouldn’t have? See it’s all very boring the first time and I don’t want to have to relive it when you get home. You don’t even want to hear about it now right?” So Kristyn said, “No, you’re right I don’t. But that was kind of fun.” We are losing it dudes, haha.

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Read More

You might have noticed that my last two blogs have an order to “Read More” at the bottom of them. That is because I finally learned the code to create a jump. So from now on I’m going to add a jump to my more blahdy blah and picture heavy posts. If you come here from Twitta or FB you might not have noticed it because it doesn’t come up when you are brought to a single post. You only see it on the main page. I just don’t want my entire front page to be dominated by a full page post of drowsy ramblings. I’d rather keep it down to a dull roar and if you’re really that interested in finding out how an intellectual genius’ mind works, you can follow along with the jump to learn about such important things as:

What I dreamt about last night.
What I ate today.
What garbage I purchased.
Seriously unique pictures of “the cutest cats that have ever lived”.
Accounts of Kristyn’s and my foolery.
Reasons why LA is awesome.
Reasons why LA is trying to kill us.

You know, just seriously important ideas that really need to be shared with the world. Ideas that are bigger than me. Just let me be great guys, just let me be great.

A Spaced Out Ramble for Your Viewing Pleasure

Mondays are Kristyn’s day off and now that we have the Internet reconnected she doesn’t have to go into her internship to keep up with writing the music blog. This means that we have one full day to do shit together! And that is up from no days so we consider ourselves lucky for the time being.

I had an appointment at 8am that I thought was going to take three hours for some reason but really actually took less than twenty. This kind of fuckocked me up because I was up until probably about 3am tossing and turning a bit. Then I had to get up at 6:30 to be to Glendale for 8. It’s not far but I didn’t want to be late.

I had a good time on the way there though because I got to talk on the horn with my friend Rachel. That was a nice way to start the day! I should do all my horn-talking at that time because I was freshly caffeinated.

So basically I got no sleep and then amped myself up on goofballs to have a fifteen minute appointment so I could turn my fat ass back around again and go home. I tried to wake Kristyn up but she refused to even acknowledge me. She played possum so hard that THE ONLY question she would answer is, “Are you ignoring me?” She responded with the very tiniest nod a person can make. It was barely a nod and could have easily been passed off as a tick. But I know Kristyn and she will try to get away with the vaguest phrasing and gestures as humanly possible. That tiny spasm meant, “GO AWAY YOU WHITE DEVIL.” Well, alright.

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I miss the Northeast

I know it sounds crazy but I hate LA’s weather. I guess you can take the girl out of the unpredictable weather but you can’t take the unpredictable weather out of the girl. Whenever I see snow or coldness on TV I get really jealous!

And you know what else I miss? Old things. Everything in LA is basically brand new. Even the older buildings are not as old as they are in the Northeast. I miss being close to DC and Massachusetts and Pennsylvania and New York. I feel like holidays are cozier there.

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Weird Day


1) The alarm didn’t go off but I woke up at 7:00 am on the dot anyway.

2) I made it on time for an 8:30 appointment. A passive-aggressive time was had by all.

3) I got something done that I thought would take a lot longer.

4) I bought cat food which was good because Kristyn said the cats were pulling tiny switchblades on her. Can’t have that.

5) I applied to a few jobs.

6) Allergies sucked.

7) I decided to sit on my bed all day.

8) I started crocheting a blanket, more on that later. (Christine I’m going to make yours but I’ve been wanting to start this one forever. This was my “good times” reward.)

9) I watched a lot of “Sons of Anarchy” and “The Office”.

10) My Mom told me that my Aunt Rosemary passed. She was very sick so it wasn’t sudden but still sad. She passed at home in her sleep surrounded by her children and grandkids. She had a good life and a peaceful death. She will be missed.

The cats are all sitting around me and behaving for once. Either its because I’m sick and can’t move around much or they’re cutting me some slack. Thanks guys.

I wanted to post a picture of Aunt Rosemary but my Flickr Pro account expired so I can’t access all of my pictures. Unfortunately all the pictures she’s in, I can’t access. :/

So I guess that’s it for today. It’s 11:58 afterall. I’m just waiting for Kristyn to come home so we can go to sleep. Tomorrow I have to get up early and go to the DMV.

A Touch of “Little House on the Prairie”-related Homesickness

Lately I’ve been feeling kind of far away from the world, sort of out of touch. Our cable is off so I can’t even watch the same TV shows everyone is watching as a way to stay connected. I gave up my internship for a couple of reasons, one being that we couldn’t afford it anymore, especially since we were both doing Internships. It’s better for Kristyn to do hers because I’ve had my chance. And I don’t regret that because fair is fair and I love that she is so happy.

The problem with not going to that internship anymore is that I am home alone all of the time. And Kristyn is gone and out of the house all of the time. So I have nothing to do. Ever.

But I’m sort of okay with that too. It gives me a lot of time to think, a lot of time to create, a lot of time to job hunt and clean. I’m okay being by myself most of the time. But this is a lot.

When I love a TV show, I have to buy it on DVD. I like to have the option to watch them over and over again. I know that that’s crazy in the era of Netflix but there are some shows that I just can’t get over. And I want to work in television so I think of it as a form of research. I don’t ever want to mime someone else’s work but it’s important to study the things you like to gain creative inspiration, no?

So we mostly have a collection of sitcoms…and “Little House on the Prairie”. I bought season one a few years back, got through a quarter of it, got tired of Kristyn making fun of it and put it away. During those times we worked on the same schedule so we did everything together. There was literally no time to watch a television show that we didn’t both like (even though she would fall asleep as soon as we put something on haha). Anyway, I started watching it again and just love it so much. It’s so comforting. I like that it’s so innocent. And it remindeds me a lot of my Mom and my Nana and being a little girl.

The problem is that it is making me homesick. I love LA but I don’t like the climate. Everyone at home feels like it is something to be jealous of but honestly it gets old fast. We are only truly happy when it’s “cold” (aka 60 degrees) or rainy. There’s no change in the weather ever. But IDK, I’d surely be just as sad if I were back there.

Sometimes it feels like, “Why are we even here?” We’ve been here for over a year but haven’t gotten to experience what it’s like to live here at all. There’s no room for fun or enjoyment. Any day Kristyn has off, she just has to collapse and rest because tomorrow she has somewhere else she has to be. We’re always hurrying her out the door and it stresses her out and makes me feel guilty. But I’m trying, it’s just not working. And when she has off, all I want to do is get out of this horrible apartment and into the world but she needs that time to be here. To see the cats, to lay down on the couch, to not move. And when she’s at work, I can’t take the car and go out because we can’t afford the gas. So IDK we are in a bad cycle. We have come up with a plan that will likely be more affective than what we’re doing now in terms of the quality of our lives.

Because Kristyn works late, we tend to stay up late and then sleep late and then she has to rush out the door. We realized last night that if we get up early on the weekdays no matter what time she has to be to work, she will have more time to write her blogs, call her parents and enjoy being here. And I will be able to get up, keep regular hours, spend more time with her and maybe we can even go for a walk together or something. And then we can sleep in on the weekends like normal people do. So IDK, we’re going to try it this week and see.

Another problem is that we are not in our element here. When you live someplace for your entire life, you know how to keep yourself busy. You know where to find all the things you need and want. That is a huge reason why we LEFT NJ. We were tired of not having to use our brains. We WANTED a challenge. We WANTED to have all new things. The prospect of not knowing where to find things was something we wanted. And it’s something we still do want. The problem is that sometimes you DON’T want to have to think or plan. You just want to do. And everything we want to do involves a big-ass plan. So it’s tiring sometimes. For instance, I desperately want to go to a yard sale. Not a Hollywood Hills yard sale where everything is a ridiculous amount of money. I want to go to a cheap-ass yard sale where someone’s aunt is selling all their weird crap on their lawn for a bean. I want to buy seven things, hand them a fiver and get change back. But this is fucking Hollywood. There are regular people all over the place but the odds of me finding yard sales like that around here are slim to none. I found one recently but it was seriously just JUNK. Like stuff that ought to have been thrown out fifteen years ago and not saved under any circumstances. In NJ we went yard sale-ing all the time because we knew exactly where to troll for sales. And NJ is small so the odds of you finding a little nook with a sale are great. LA is huger than you can ever even begin to imagine. You could probably fit five New York Cities in LA (or more). It’s huge. So where the hell do you start?! That is the problem with this city. It’s so goddamn big! For everything the first question is, “Where do we start?!” So then I think, “Well I’ll go to a second hand store to get my thrift on.” Wrong. Everything is priced the way it would be if it were brand new and in a store which takes all the fun out of it even if I DID have money to spare. The fun part of thrifting is the hunt, the surprise of finding weird stuff you didn’t know you wanted and the low commitment of expense. I’m not interested in ripping people off but if you are charging $50 but a point and shoot 35 mm camera that probably sold for $10 five years ago, we have a problem.

And I know I’m rambling at this point but I need a good ramble and it’s doubtful you’re even paying attention anymore so whatever. Another problem we have is that people keep giving us advice. We appreciate it but this city is way too complex for anyone to really advise us on anything. In NJ/NY everything is so close together. Our conventional wisdom that works in that area just doesn’t work here. You can’t really walk to anything here. And when people said that to me before I moved here I was all, “Malarky!” But it’s true. Everything is farther than you imagine it to be. For instance, when driving down Santa Monica Boulevard towards home, there is this fast food place that I always take as a marker that I am home…just a little bit further now. But that fast food place is actually twenty minutes from my house. The drive is just so long that my brain remembers it as “almost home” and it is in no way “almost home”. In NJ, anywhere you want to go is 20 minutes away for real. We’ve gotten so used to LA’s hugeness that a 40 minute drive (one way) doesn’t seem like anything at all. When I drive Kristyn to work and come back again that’s 40 minutes each way and then another 40 each way to pick her up at night again. So that’s 160 minutes in the car which is TWO HOURS AND FOURTY MINUTES driving time so that I can have the car to go food shopping. Do you know how much gas that is?! Haha. It’s a lot. So we FINALLY learned that it’s just best for us to run these sorts of errands when Kristyn has off or when the car is already in this area either before she goes to work or when she gets home. Which of course leaves me here babbling to you guys, watching a million episodes of “Little House on the Prairie” and thinking about all the things I want to do but don’t know how to do here but would know exactly how to do if I were home. Vicious cycle guys, vicious cycle. And the horrible part is that I KNOW that if I were home either because we left here or because we never came here, I’d be crying about the exact reverse problem. I have ACTUALLY said these words in NJ, “Even sitting in an apartment in LA would be better than having a good time here!” I’m an asshole, what can you do?

BUT on the bright side, we are going to start the process of applying to schools out here. As much as I’m bitching, we both know that this is the place we have to be right now if we want to work in this industry. Naturally we can live home and work in New York in this industry if we wanted to but we both suspect that our resumes will look shinier if we learn the ropes and pay our dues here rather than there. Nothing says “Hollywood” like a diploma from “Hollywood”. And we are smart enough to realize that while adding school onto our load is only going to make us whine even more and look back on these times as “simpler times we wish we could go back to”. Life = suffering. Once you understand what that means it actually is kind of funny. The past and the future always look rosy and the present, no matter how sweet, always looks bleak because you’re in the midst of your problems, the realities right in front of you and the future unsure. I do know that despite all my whinging, we will look back on these days fondly. We were young, we were stupid, we didn’t have anyone to take care of but ourselves (and our million pets). We were living in the city of our dreams and following the path to the careers we always wanted. And I know we’ll definitely say, “Why did we need all those crocheted blankets again?”

So anyway, I’m gonna go now, cross-stitch and watch some more (you guessed it):

P.S. Someone needs to buy me the full collection of this show. Who cares if it veered into “who cares” territory towards the end. THE COLLECTION COMES IN A GODDAMN COVERED WAGON! How lovely (obnoxious) would that look presented on a mantle? “Welcome in friends. I have a mental illness not classified by the latest version of the DSM. Please put on a bonnet and have a wheatflour cookie.”

P.S. #2 Here is the episode I am going to go watch. It is a BEAUTYFUL episode and I tried to force Kristyn to watch it last night to no avail. This clip shows all the important parts, enough to rip out those heartstrings.

Forcing my hand

Guys, thankfully we got the internet up the other day. This is going to make job hunting SO MUCH EASIER. Besides that though I have come to a firm realization. If no one is going to hire me, I have to hire myself. I have been doing so much brainstorming trying to figure out what I can do to bring in some money. Over and over I am going over my skill set while making things with my hands. And the phone doesn’t ring and I’ve made yet ANOTHER crocheted blanket. I finally realized yesterday that I seriously have to put up an Etsy shop and start being serious about it. I’ve had a bunch of requests from people to make things for them but I have turned them all down. The REASON I’ve turned them all down is for a few reasons:

1) I’ve seen my Grandma open a craft business and it got to be a lot for her to do.

2) Crafts are labor intensive and I would need to charge accordingly for that which is something I know I’ll have a problem enforcing.

3) I feel funny about charging family and friends for things I’ve made.

4) I’ve been trying to come up with products I can turn around relatively quickly. (I think I have come up with some good stuff though.)

5) We don’t really have enough expendable income to seed this project.

BUT I have finally realized that we have a lot of good reasons TO start with this:

1) The shop might have been a lot for my Grandma to handle but she also had three of her kids living with her and a full-time job. I don’t have these problems.

2) I will just have to man up and set my own prices. We need money, plain and simple.

3) I need to feel productive and like I’m contributing more than just keeping the house clean and feeding these little furballs.

4) I am applying for jobs but they’re not calling back. I can drive all over LA asking for jobs but whenever I do that, we waste a ton of gas money because they just all tell me to go home and apply online. I can use that money instead to just seed this venture. Makes sense to me.

5) There are a LOT of farmer’s markets and craft shows all over LA EVERY WEEKEND. If I got on that circuit, I could make at least what I’d make working at a seasonal job at the mall. Yeah it would be more work but it would be less soul crushing. Also those people won’t give me the time of day. And if you say the words “seasonal work” to me, I will have to pinch you so hard. Trust me, I’m putting myself out there. They aren’t biting.

6) It could be a lot of fun. I’ve always done crafts and I have a lot of talent in this area. My Grandmas and Mother taught me a lot and the rest is stuff I taught myself. I like being in a creative frenzy. Whenever I get in that zone it’s like giving birth. IT HAS TO COME OUT. The problem is that my creative babies come in bursts so I always have like five projects I’m working on, all kind of getting done in spurts haha. But if I had a series of things I could just bang out all at once and a deadline to do it by, I could get a lot more done. Then the labor intensive things I could set aside for a different time.

7) TV. I could watch a lot of TV. I like watching TV.

So see? Good times had by all. The shop isn’t anywhere near up yet. I’m just posting this so I can formally give myself this challenge. A goal isn’t a goal until you write it down, no? And for me this means that I need to post it up here so that I will feel like an asshole if I don’t go through with it! Booyah.

Something tells me that Kristyn is going to get suddenly really good at crafts against her will. She already made the mistake of offering to help me sometimes. Mooohahahaha.

Monday Fun Day

Yesterday I put my foot down and demanded that we have a day of fun. We haven’t just decided to enjoy ourselves for a long time. I think the strain of it was just getting too much. Kristyn fought against me a bit at first but I insisted. How can we keep working hard if we don’t ever take a break to enjoy each other’s company?

So we woke up late and had a big breakfast. Then we lazed around reading the Internet and deciding what to do. Then I decided to do a little bit of “work” and made some calls to get the Internet turned back on. Then we DID do some discussing on how to get ourselves back on track. We came up with some really good ideas and a way to carry them out.

Then we decided we wouldn’t discuss it anymore. We wanted to buy a bottle of Two Buck Chuck from the Trader Joe’s around the corner and play Wii, either Harry Potter or Resident Evil. We’ve owned both games for a while but haven’t played in forever. We drove to the bank and then intended to go straight to Trader Joe’s but then got drawn in by the lure of the Good Will. There’s a big, clean one near us. This isn’t a poor thing, this is just a “we like to thrift shop” thing. We didn’t go in planning to buy anything and we left without buying anything. It was just nice to browse for a little while and paw through all the weird crap. Because it’s LA, they have weird artwork that people have made and some weird clothes. I mean it’s not that special but we managed to have a good time. And I’ve been dying to thrift shop forever. Their VHS collection was GOOD! But each VHS was $1.99. For a VHS. Money doesn’t grow on trees Good Will. That’s some highway robbery shit right there. But then I’m used to buying them at yard sales for a quarter so I’m just cheap. Whatever.

After that we went to Trader Joe’s and Vons to get stuff to make tacos. Kristyn has been DYING for them. We decided to forgo the Chuck bc we’d rather have tacos and groceries. I know the wine is only $2 but we’re on a fixed budget and would rather eat stuff than get a slight drunk (and subsequent headache) on.

We got home and ate a LOT of tacos. I am STILL full more than 12 hours later. Kristyn tried to beg off playing Wii with me because her torso was filled with the food of the Gods/Mexicans but I wouldn’t let her, evil overlord that I am. BUT she relented (probably bc she was too confused from her food coma). When she went to turn on the Wii she found that the wire for the sensor bar had been chewed by one of our furry inmates/ingrates. I think I know who it was too and he/she will be duly punished with unwanted/overzealous hugs and kisses. Teach you to eat my electronic equipment. So we watched Roseanne and laid on the couch. I crocheted and Kristyn drifted off to sleep. I put a crocheted blanket over her, turned off all of the lights (except the purple, green and orange string lights I hung for Halloween) and laid down on the other couch. It started raining really hard and I allowed myself to go to sleep listening to the rain outside the window.

It was a good day.

Here is a catalogue I got in the mail yesterday. The cover picture made me laugh out loud when I brought it in.

And here is Elvira playing with one of the Trader Joe’s bags. We always have to lay them out when we get home from Trader Joe’s so the cats can play for a bit.

And I didn’t take this one yesterday but prob a day or two ago. I was talking about Clubber Lang with my friend Josh on FB and realized I had a Cabbage Patch knockoff of him sitting on my shelf haha.

Also, both me and Kristyn wanted to thank our friends Anna and Matt for their unexpected kindness this week. It means a lot to us. There are a million people we wanna thank but if we get into that we will probably leave people out and we don’t want that. I just wanted them to know that we really appreciated their help a lot. If you ever need anything we are your gals!!! :*) *HUG!*

Fun and Toiling

Yesterday was a BUSY day. We didn’t get home until almost 2am because I had to pick Kristyn up at work. And then we had to be up by 7am to get her to her internship for 9am. The plan for me was to run a few errands and then job hunt.

My first errand was to FINALLY get this blanket I’ve been working on into the mail. My Nana was in the hospital recently and really thought she was a goner. She has cancer and the treatment itself had almost taken her from us twice so I had to believe her. She decorates her house meticulously for holidays, ESPECIALLY for Halloween. Even if she stayed with us, we didn’t know how long she’d be in the hospital. SO since I’m 3,000 miles away and can’t give her a hug I decided to crochet her a Halloween blanket to:

A) Spruce up and Halloweenify her hospital room.

B) Bc what is a crocheted blanket if not a big hug?

I started it on Labor Day weekend and only just finished now though! I wanted it to be full-sized (rather than lap blanket sized) so she’d be warm as the weather started cooling off in the fall.

But THANK GOD, Nana got out of the hospital and is back home now. She has a good setup where she can get around the house easily and we are so thankful.

The other day I finished the blanket. Lord knows she doesn’t need another blanket at home. And I know she gets tired of holiday decorations the nearer it gets to the date of the holiday BUT I still want her to have it. I took it to the laundromat and cleaned it so it would be fresh. Afterwards I packed it and a bunch of little goodies for Nana, Mom and my brother Charles in there.

I was kinda sad to see the blanket go. I’m not religious like Nana is so this blanket was kind of my rosary to her while she was sick. Like I felt like I was DOING something when I was making it. And I was thinking hard about her while I did it. So now it feels funny sending it away because it almost feels like it’s something FROM her. Weird right? But even if she only uses it for a week, she’ll be cloaked in my prayers and hugs and that makes me feel good. I hope she likes it. The colors aren’t right in those pictures. The blanket is actually pumpkin orange, ectoplasm green, deep purple and black.

And I threw in stuff for Mom and Charles because I know they could use a lil cheering up.

During all of this I got an email for a job interview in the afternoon. I had to scrap all the rest of my errands to go and get ready to be there for 4pm. After that was over I went to pick up Kristyn at her Internship.

We ate dinner and then to the laundromat. (I went twice in one day!) We hadn’t been to the laundromat in a month so we had a LOT to do. We have been doing one large load a month and then hand washing and drying in between to save money. It’s a royal pain in the ass. So going to the laundromat felt like a “splurge” to us. Sick, sick life this is.

After that we went grocery shopping. I was dead on my feet at that point. At the laundromat we needed to break a $20 to get quarters for the machines so I bought a coffee at the 7-11 next door.
I NEEDED it desperately. I gave Kristyn some sips because I had made it particularly well. WELL, the coffee didn’t help me at all. But Kristyn became a belligerent cleaning machine. When we got home (at 11pm) she just started feverishly cleaning everything. I hugged her to stop her and she SCREAMED like a warning siren, disengaged and said, “Well you KNOW you’re not supposed to give me coffee this late!” After that I just kind of let her go. The place looks great.

Our neighbors were having a particularly raucous party because they’re moving next week. Our neighbor Sarah walked over to invite us. We figured after we put the laundry and groceries away we might walk over for a little while. But after Kristyn was done cleaning, she collapsed. I was already collapsed. SO we stayed home. I’m going to bake them something this week. They’re a nice couple and they probably hate us because we never hang out. We’re poor, tired jerks guys and we love you. Even though we never chilled, we’ll be sad to see’m go.

So that was our day. It was tiring but we are feeling much more lighthearted than we did last week. We even chuckled often which felt nice. I WISH I could tell you about the interview I went on. I will someday. *sigh*