We are volunteering at the GLAAD Media Awards tonight and are so goddamn excited! (GLAAD = Gay and Lesbian Alliance Against Defamation). Click on that link to see why. So many awesome people are gonna be there. I am so glad we’re in LA for this one because I would be pissed if we weren’t, haha.

God I love volunteering for this event guys. Not only is it a great cause, the people are great AND you get to peep some awesome gay-positive celebs. Such a fun night. Don’t get me wrong, it’s a LOT of work but so worth it.

OMG last year when we got home, the cats were outside! They had knocked out the front window (bc the screen wasn’t secure) and jumped out! We found Elvira right away. A) She hadn’t left the courtyard, B) We saw her white fur in the dark.

Monster, on the other hand, left the courtyard and was hiding in the bushes in the front. We were terrified. Crying, calling out to him. We thought we were gonna find him in the street. But then Kristyn heard a rustle and there he was: TERRIFIED. He was hiding from us. Well moreso just frozen with fear. She grabbed him and we went in and cried and hugged them for a while and then went to bed.

WELL, just a little while ago, I was holding Monster and decided to step out the front door into the courtyard to grab something. Suddenly that memory flooded back and I was like, “Maybe today isn’t the best day to get Monster interested in the great outdoors.”

Anyway, we’re getting ready now. SO EXCITING!!!

Here’s Kristyn’s post on the GLAAD Media Awards from last year:


And here’s mine:


Wish us luck!

What I am Thankful For

In my last post, and in last year’s Thanksgiving posts too, I forgot to write what I was thankful for. Oversight and it will never happen again! Haha.

I will number them because that’s how I do:

1) Kristyn – Kristyn is THE best friend I could ever want and I am forever grateful and thankful for her. I thank my lucky stars for her every day and always will.

2) My family – I am blessed to have such a large, accepting, funny and LOUD family haha. My family, on both sides, takes people as they find them and welcomes everyone with open arms. I am lucky to have such people in my life.

3) Kristyn’s family – Kristyn’s family are such good people and I love them as if they were my own. They always make me feel welcome and are a ton of fun to hang out with. I am so lucky to have them as well.

4) “The cats” aka the cats and Chucky – They knock everything over and chew anything that remotely resembles a string (or a WIRE Jesus Christ) but they bring so much goddamn love into our lives it is ridiculous. AND they’re so cute that I am grinding my teeth down to nubbins from the involuntary clenching my jaw does when my eyeballs witness potent cuteness. I will need dentures some day. It’s worth it.

5) Los Angeles, California – I know it’s been rough for us but I feel like a much differerent, much less naive person since coming out here. I think this has been a gigantic growing experience for me and it was one that I desperately needed. We now know the value of a dollar. We know not to take good fortune for granted as a given. We now know what we want out of life. We know the value of our family and friends. It has been a really awesome experience as well as the culmination of a lifelong dream that we both happened to share.

6) Opportunity – Since we’ve been here, we have had the opportunity to see and do things we never imagined we’d ever be able to do. Kristyn started writing for LA Music Blog and gets to review her favorite artists on a regular basis. I now get to do it too. We’ve both done internships that have taught us so much and introduced us to some really wonderful people. We’ve gotten to peep a LOT of celebrities (which might not be important to you but is something I LOVE to do) and be a part of some really great events. The highlight of the famous people I’ve met this year is DEFINITELY Eric Stonestreet (Cam from Modern Family). Jesus Christ was I excited about him. It was at the SU2C Telethon. I am REALLY professional when I meet anyone famous at work but with him I just couldn’t. I was pressed up against the stage door by a crush of people and he ended up crammed into the melee like a foot away from me. I just blurted out, “You’re my favorite!” And he was like, “No you’re MY favorite! Well at least out of the three of you standing along this wall. You are definitely my favorite.” And I said, “I am SERIOUS. Out of all of the people here, you are the ONE person I have been dying to see in person because I’m such a huge fan.” He said thank you and told me I was sweet and moved towards the stage door. After he walked past me he said to the other two people (one of which is an awesome Oncologist doing work for SU2C’s Dream Team and his publicist), “I was just kidding. You two are my favorite. I just said that because you know how she is.” HAHA AAAAAAH! So good.

7) Time – I know that I have been climbing the walls being stuck at home like this but I am self aware enough to realize that this time will likely be THE only time in my life where I have nothing to do and nowhere to be. SO I try to cherish it, get enough sleep, work on creative projects and try to enjoy the day. The alternative is to worry and freak out and then get a job and worry and freak out once I’m there. SO I’m glad for this time and I’m glad for the perspective it’s giving me on how lucky I would be to have a job.

8) Health – About a year and a half ago, I though I was going to have to get spinal surgery because my back was in THAT bad of shape. Now I have no pain and am SO grateful for that.

9) Creativity – I have had to rely on my creativity a LOT this year. Creatively stretching our money to make sure we’re fed, the lights are on, a roof is over our head and our animals are happy. Creatively finding ways to make us feel like things are okay (such as decorating for holidays and forcing us to have fun when we need it). Using my creativity to learn to crochet and then making seven thousand blankets. It’s been a good way to feel productive and it’s a hobby that keeps us warm when we sleep at night haha.

10) Friends – Last but not least (at all) is our friends. We have some really, REALLY good friends around us who make us laugh every day and pick us up when we are down. We are forever indebted to you and we love you!

Harry Thanksgibbing everybody!!!

More Lady Gaga Flash Mob Videos

A better video was posted yesterday of the Lady Gaga Flash Mob we participated in.  Kristyn posted it on her blog yesterday.  Here it is (you can see us sometimes on the bottom left):

She also posted a HIIIILAAAARIOUS video of her practicing the routine. She’s good!

Go read her post on it! She even has video of the twink dancing!

Lady Gaga Flash Mob

This past couple of weeks, me and Kristyn have been planning something secret that I mentioned in a previous blog. (I told you I wasn’t supposed to tell you.) Anyway, it was that we were participating in a Flash Mob. I mean, honestly we probably could have told you that because it’s not like we even had any pertinent information about it.

Okay, I’m getting ahead of myself. I mentioned Flash Mob America in my GLAAD Media Awards Post. Flash Mob America is a gang of people who organize sychronized dances to perform in public venues. The idea is to surprise the unsuspecting masses. They are really organized and usually “hired” to do this places, such as the GLAAD Media Awards and this past Friday’s Pink Party.

Anyway, we saw them at the GLAAD Awards and though they were funny so we signed up. Luckily, they had a Flash Mob event coming up. They didn’t tell us where it would be just when it would be. They gave us video of the choreography and set up practices. We only went to one but the one we went to was a lot of fun. Learning how to do a dance routine with a gaggle of people you don’t know in an outdoor park is hysterical. It wasn’t a group of professional dancers, just fools like us who like to have a laugh. There were people who were GOOD and people like us who were tripping over our own feet. Everyone is welcome, no judgements are made and NO not everyone knew each other. Just a buncha strangers who think this is a funny idea.

Anyway, the routine was to a medly of Lady Gaga songs. We found out our location soon before the event and were told just to wear a lot of pink.

The location was the 3’rd Annual Pink Party in Long Beach. The Pink Party is kind of a kick-off to Long Beach’s Gay Pride Week. It was set up like a street fair. There were food and beer tables and the rest of it was just room to mingle and dance. We were told to meet by the front of the stage by nine. I don’t know if the people who weren’t involved were wondering why there was suddenly a ton of feverishly dancing people by the stage but no one seemed to mind. A Lady Gaga impersonator came out and this was our cue. The whole thing went by really quick. Kristyn said that the couple in front of us kept freaking out because they felt stupid for not knowing the dance moves. She said the woman was like, “OMG they all know the dance moves and we don’t! Why do they all know the dance moves and we don’t?!” Haha…Anyway, it was HELLA fun and something we are going to do again and again.

Here is some video I ripped off of Flash Mob America’s Facebook. Thanks dear user who posted this!

Here is a picture of us chillin at the pink party.  Excuse us for looking so cute/weird:

Here is a Pink impersonator.  This is Morgan McMichaels from RuPaul’s Drag Race:

And here is a Drag Queen who performed Paula Abdul’s “Cold Hearted Snake” and DIDN’T KNOW THE WORDS!  For SHAME!  But IDK if they were joking or not, they said she was 50 somethin.  Looking like that? Work it gurl.  You don’t NEED to know the words.

Here’s some brief video of one of the Drag Shows.  If you like Drag Queens and ABBA, this is for you:

Here is Krissy looking adorbs as uz:

Here is a dance circle that started.  Good times:

There were some kiddies here too.  Some kids participated in the Flash Mob too!  Fun for the whole family y’alls!

How much is that twink in the window?!  This guy was stalking around for a hot minute and it made us wish we were young gay men.  “Oh to vamp around topless thinking you’re hot no matter what you look like!” (Although he WAS hot, the sentiment is the same.)

We decided to go to Johnny Rocket’s.  It was on the street next to the Pink Party.  Kristyn decided to take this weird picture of me in free Sunglasses I scored.  I need a different haircut.

Here’s Krissy looking cute.  Our veg burgers left a LOT to be desired but there were some cute MTF ladies in there.  They were funny because they were all dressed like Moms.  Ha!  Love it.

After we left Johnny Rocket’s, it seemed like the Pink Party was winding down so we bizounced.  My cellie was dying anyway and you can never have that…

Oh, also, Long Beach was CU-UTE!  Kristyn knows some people who live there who say that there ARE some sketch places and some nice but all we saw, for the most part, were the nice places.  For any of you that have been to San Diego, it’s downtown area (where we were), is very similar to San Diego’s Gaslamp District.  Cute.  It’s “allegedly” only 34 minutes from LA (according to our iPhone GPS) but I think it might’ve taken a little longer than that to get home.  (I’m not judging the trek there because we made it in rush hour traffic.)  It’s cute but I don’t think I’d live there because it feels too out of the way.  Who can say?

Here’s a gallery of the rest of the pics: