Day Ninety-three

Man am I getting bad at posting these on time. This is my latest one yet! Regardless, we had a really great day again!

Our friend Samantha somehow was able to get a bunch of tickets for ten beans a pop for the Dodgers vs. Giants game last night. I’ve only been teice. Once when I was a wee lass, I went with my parents to see the Mets play at Shea stadium. That was a day game but I remember it being really cold. The other time was only a few years ago. That was the time our friend Amanda got tickets from some guy at the hotel she worked at. It was the same deal, he’d bought a row for cheap. We went to see the Yankees at the old Yankee stadium. Some drunk guy started hitting on Amanda’s 17 year old coworker (who also got tickets) and natch she wasn’t interested. So we sat between them and they started screaming at us calling us cockblockers and fat bitches. Little did he know we ARE cockblockers and fat bitches so we got them kicked out of the game and the Yankees won! Hurrah!

Anyway, we got to the game LATE. It was already the END of the 7th inning! Didn’t stop us from ordering beer.

But it was a thrilling experience! And we’re Dodgers fans now! And d’ya know what? We live five minutes from Dodger Stadium. I mean I knew it was close but it is CLOSE. (For our families: we live way closer to Dodger Stadium than to Giants Stadium. It’s THAT close.)

And we had so much fun that we’re gonna go back! We can actually take the bus from our house and get our drink on…*ahem* I mean save on parking.

The Dodgers won! All the dudes were kissing and hugging. I think I like night games better because it’s all lit up pretty. And it was “Friday Fireworks sponsored by Pizza Hut” night so they let everyone down on the field and then had fireworks! (Sponsored by Pizza Hut.) So much fun!

And my job allows you to borrow DVDs from their lending library so I borrowed Tales From The Crypt, Season 3 and Mad About You, Season 2. We watched those and drank blueberry beer until we fell asleep.

I gotta go pick up Krissy from work in a hot minute. Later!










Productive Day o’ Blogging

Me on my 31st Birthday!

I was uploading my 31st Birthday pictures and they made me happy so here's one of'm.

If a day can be measured as productive by time spent blogging things, then I have had a seriously productive day. I worked on some stuff for LA Music Blog, blogged all of my Tofurkey Day pictures and now I’m getting all of our pictures off of our SD Cards and onto Flickr.

I need to get a more physical hobby than blogging and sitting. I was just, and this is ca-razy, reading a blog about a guy who decided to stop going on the internet for four months. He is somehow blogging about his experience AS IT HAPPENS. I don’t know if he is snail mailing his blog to someone who is then posting it or if he is dictating it over the horn or what. The point is that I am uploading pictures off of my digital camera onto a laptop while organizing the photos on flickr AND reading a guys’ blog that is documenting his time AWAY from the internet on my cell phone. I’m like a goddamn junkie. Oh AND I should mention that I was also watching “The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo” on Netflix Instant on the Wii at the same exact time…this is a movie entirely in Swedish with English subtitles. I am out of funking control.

And as soon as the movie ended, I ran right here to get another hit off of the internet. I am nearing rock bottom I think. Ah well, I’ll see you all down there.

What I REALLY wanted to (briefly) discuss was how freeing a time 4am is to do shit like this. I don’t have anywhere I have to be in the morning so I don’t feel all stop watchy. During the day I am hyper aware of the sun and it’s gradual downward slope. The later it gets, the more of a failure I feel like. I suppose should feel all “fail” for doing THIS at 4am instead of getting some shuteye but it doesn’t seem to work like that. ALTHOUGH I should lay down because while 4am seems like an okay time to get inane work done, 5am seems like a criminal time to be awake. I have a rule that if I am awake and the sun starts to come out, a firing squad has to take me down immediately. This is how strongly I feel about never being awake to see the rising sun. I guess it reminds me of my errant youth. There’s nothing more gross than walking OUT of a New York City club while the sun is at full blast and you had NO IDEA. Ugh. Blerg. Shiver. Not me. Good times at the time but I am (choose to be) too old for that shit, EVEN if all I’m doing is giggling to “Parks and Recreation” under a crocheted blanket I made.

ALSO me and Kristyn realized that we have seriously cut back our portion sizes in the year + we’ve lived here. In NJ we ate out all of the time and you KNOW what kind of servings restaurants give you. Here we cook every meal and can’t afford to eat out. When we do, we end up gagging trying to stuff the entire meal in our pie holes because:

a) We misguidedly think we can.
b) Because we don’t know when we’re going to eat out again and…
c) Leftovers aren’t as good.

WELL, we were just NOT PREPARED for Thanksgiving. We filled our plates as usual and then were dismayed by how much food we’d put on the plates for a couple of reasons:

a) It was definitely way too much food.
b) I looked at my plate and actually said, “I have no idea how in the hell all of THAT is supposed to fit in here. *points to stomach*”
c) It looked like two if not three meals to me (on each of our plates so like total 4-6 of our regular meals). It seemed like a waste.

BUT, we again crammed that shit down our pie holes because it’s Thanksgiving and that is what you are required to do, no? Kristyn was actually SCREAMING in pain intermittently. But then got up for more haha. I don’t know what is wrong with that girl.

But everything we ate last night had me actually feeling full until around 9pm tonight. I had some biscuits and cookies throughout the day but that was just gluttony. If I’m honest, I was not hungry one iota all damn day. It was weird. And then I had Thanksgiving for dinner and I stuffed myself again. I don’t think I’ll need to eat again for another 24 hours.

Okay, well now it’s 4:19. I really gotta go. Before you know it, 5am will be here and you all KNOW that the firing squad has a standing order to arrive if my eyeballs are not closed. And they’re good guys but they mean business. So goodnight fools.

Things I want: COME TO ME

I know I was going to start “doing things” but I got to eating some pancakes which reminded me that I WANT things. It’s been a long time since I’ve written a semi-cohesive list of things I want/require and I think it’s important sometimes to put that shit out into the ether. I am not a God-fearin’ woman (despite my Mother’s and Grandmothers’ best efforts) but I basically believe in the power of prayer. I try not to use the word “prayer” much because it’s so loaded with dogma (for me) but I do believe in putting your hopes, dreams and wishes into focused thought. I DO believe that you can draw the things you want to you. The downside of such a public display of “want” is that the assholes who do not “want” you to “have” will be counter-praying for you not to get what you want but that is a chance this idiot woman has to take.

List of want:

1) A job “for now”. Just one to pay the bills until I can get…

2) A job “I want”. This job doesn’t have to be glamorous just in the field I want it to be in so I can get ON the ladder.

3) To go to Disneyland during this Christmas season. I’ve been thinking a lot lately about our stint working at Disney World over the holidays in 2002. I worked in the Magic Kingdom from August 2002 to January 2003 and the park, ALL of the parks were never so beautiful as they were during Halloween and ESPECIALLY Christmas. The weather is similar in LA as it is in Orlando so I’ve been thinking about that a lot lately and really want to go. Also, I found these glasses they gave us at MGM for their Christmas light show. When you put them on, they turn all twinkly lights into the the shape of angels. It’s weird/awesome.

4) To go to Knott’s Berry Farms for Christmas. That park is Peanuts gang themed and they have call the park “Knott’s Merry Farm” during Christmas. It would be like LIVING in “A Charlie Brown Christmas”. I die.

5) I want Kristyn to be able to work part-time at the Vet Hospital. She’s been working her ASS off since we got here and she is really burnt out. We wouldn’t be able to afford her to not work at all because we’d be back to square one but I think if I can get a decent paying job, she could work part-time while interning. She deserves it. As it is now, she only has ONE day off a week and she spends that catching up on all the shit she couldn’t do all week. Poor Krissy.

6) I want to come home. We need to visit home DESPERATELY. Once I get a job, we can come home for at least a quick weekend jaunt. I can’t wait for that. I want to hug our families and especially Nana. We almost lost her this year and she is still sick. I want to sit and drink tea at her kitchen table SO BADLY. *suck it up Coleen, this is not a time for weepiness*


7) I want to re-join Weight Watchers. I really like that program and it worked well for me. I felt good/healthy when I was on it. What I liked best about it was that I was doing something only for ME. I also liked the sense of support/community that came with it. I can count points on my own but I do better with a group setting.

8) I want to join the Hollywood YMCA. I perversely miss walking on a treadmill and using weight machines. Plus they have a pool. What?

9) I want to take classes at Upright Citizen’s Brigade. Although I am a blabbermouth, I do NOT do well performing in front of others. BUT I want to take their sketch comedy writing class and you have to take Improv 101 to do that I think. Also, even if that’s not true, I think it would be useful to learn “the rules of the game” and do it myself if I’m going to learn to write sketches. (FYI, I actually don’t like sketch comedy at ALL but I would like to write scripts one day and I think it would be a handy tool to have in my pocket.)

10) I want to move the hell out of this apartment. Nothing more needs to be said, you all know why.

11) I want to learn how to use Kristyn’s Mother’s sewing machine. It’s pretty and it works great but I can’t figure out how to get the bobbin out. Blerg.

12) I want to fix my “style”. I am already working on this. Like I said, my counselor told me that this is a worthy goal if you are job seeking so I got a haircut/trim and painted my nails. I’ve been experimenting with makeup again and dressing up every day. Also, I dug some earrings out of my jewelry box and I’m glad that I did. I found a pair that my Grandma Barr brought me back from Glasgow. They are silver and very Celtic-looking. They’d originally come with a necklace but I lost them one frigid winter morning in the shower. I THINK that when I was getting undressed I must have broken the clasp on the necklace because I heard a clink and noticed that my necklace was hanging down unclasped, the pendant gone. I think it went down the drain. F. I was going to make one of the earrings into pendant but I think I like’m as earrings and now I feel like they’re a good luck talisman so that’s that.

13) I want to decorate for Christmas. I am fighting this every minute I am alive. Trying to be patient.

14) I want to get into a good school. I am working on this goal.

15) I want to buy new dishes. Although I love the ones we bought from that family, I want new kitchenware. All of our utensils, plates, pots and pans all started out belonging to other people. I think we need our own shit. All of our stuff is mismatched/hodgepodge.

16) We need new bedding and new covers for the couches. These ones are okay but getting a bit threadbare.

17) We need a new kitchen table and chairs. These ones are on their last legs literally and figuratively.

18) We need to get the cable back on. I feel disconnected to the world.

19) I need a car. I am so tired of public transportation and of doing the “car shuffle” ie having to drive Kristyn 40 minutes in either direction to work so I can do a twenty minute errand.

20) I want to go to Scotland. I have people to see and places to be there. To do this, I will need a job, saved money and a passport.

SO, all of these things hinge on me getting a job. And THEN I can’t even do ANY of them for months if not at least a year from whence I secure said position because I gots too many bills to pay. But maybe if said “ether” knows that I have big plans, it will reward me with the tools I need to carry said shit out. PLEASE ether, pay the funk attention! Thanks, that’s all.


My 31st Birthday (part five of a zillion)

The campground guys were good about checking up on us to make sure we were okay/didn’t need help. They started telling us a story about how the weekend prior, they’d gotten into a weird spat with other campers that had ended in a pushup competition haha. The younger guy, I think his name was Taylor, ended up saying that he one-upped their competition by doing one-handed pushups. Naturally we needed to see an example of this. He dropped and gave us at least ten if not twenty. So awesome.

And here we are partying with our campground friends. The guy on the left was the nice guy who’d originally told us about the lions. So nice. The guy on the right is our pushup friend (also so nice).

I figured I should show a less chaotic example of them so you can actually see their faces. I liked the craziness of the above picture though haha.

And here I am with our campground friends. I have to email them these pictures still.

Here is a perfect picture to illustrate our mindset at the end of the evening. Kristyn could NOT stand up for the life of her and it was as if the world was a bouncy castle. I was just as bad but managed to kind of pull it together for both of us haha. And before you start dialing AA, put the phone down because this nonsense was after probably only three blueberry beers each.

In the morning, we woke up and made ourselves some bagels. We usually like to toast stuff on the grill in the morning but we used to have a propane grill and now we have a charcoal one. If we got our stupid charcoal grill hot, it wouldn’t be cool by the time we had to put it in the car. I brought the propane grill with us to LA but then threw it out in a huff because I’d left it outside in the rain and didn’t feel like cleaning it. It was a few years old so I was all, “Well it was cheap, we’ll just get another one”. Well that was before we were rendered poor and mealy-mouthed. This was when “hubris” still existed. When the time came to purchase another grill, I was slammed in the face with the realization that no major retailer sells cheapo table-top propane grills anymore (at least not where I’ve searched high and low and trust me I am ALWAYS searching for this item). Blerg. (Oh and don’t even tell me that my charcoal grill is more green, this is one thing I don’t care about. I am green like whoa but I do NOT want to have to fight with charcoal briquettes when I want a sandwich. Uh uh.)

Here is all of our crap lined up on the tables. We brought SO MUCH CRAP.

And here is our empty ten person tent. Yes I said ten person. We were frivolous when we bought this. So? Haha.

My 31st Birthday (part three of a zillion)

Once we got done swimming, we cleaned ourselves up and got dressed in some semi-warm duds. We were HANGRY (well no we weren’t but I just like that word) so we decided to throw on some veggie burgs. This is the one area of cooking that is solely Kristyn’s job. I just cannot seem to make a veggie burger to save my LIFE.

Here I am in my SU2C crew shirt. That shirt may not be flattering but it’s hecka comfortable. Also, it looks like I have SO MUCH makeup on.

Here is Kristyn working her veggie magic. Involves copious amounts of Worchestire and Garlic.

The Diana comes with a removeable flash and an adaptor to put on a hotshoe so you can use it with SLRs and DSLRs. It also comes with these color gels that allow the flash to turn your subject a funny color. Love it.

I guess either the pink is an intense one or it’s just because I am an almost completely white surface haha.

We went for a little walkaroo around the campground. Apparently there is a cool California Gold Rush trail right behind the campground. We were going to go on it but after all of our shenanigans, it got dark QUICK and we decided it wasn’t the best idear.

Here is Kristyn taking some pictures.

And here she is by the pool. Good times.

Also sorry about all of the close-up portraits of us. I took plenty of pictures of inanimate things but I tend to post a lot of pictures of everything BUT us for some reason. I guess it’s because I take pictures of everything but never think to take any of myself. But I read a lot of blogs and I always get a special kick when the author posts a picture of themselves rather than just what they are seeing. And for our friends and family, I would imagine you’d rather see US than a “particularly special rock” I’ve found, haha.

My 31st Birthday (part two of a zillion)

And here is the Shambala Preserve! You can go in here if you have $50 to blow. I think for like $100 Tippy will actually walk you around and then for $150 you get lunch too?

That’s what the guy from the campground said anyway. He honestly wasn’t too sure and had only recently kind of engaged with Shambala’s “people” in sort of a dispute. Apparently fools are pulling onto Shambala’s ground and trying to barge their way in for a “right this minute” tour and saying they were told to do this by someone at the campground. He said that wasn’t the case and I believe him because he is a really nice guy.

So we just pulled over on the side of the road and looked in. Our friend Lou gave us some pretty stellar binoculars a few years ago and thankfully we had kept them in our camera bag. Still, we really couldn’t see anything.

Besides this guy, haha:

Kristyn was definitely more stalwart than I was. She was like we WILL see a big cat. Unfortunately she was wrong. We will definitely come back because Kristyn has been obsessed with big cats since she was a wee lass. And I am just obsessed with anything remotely feline (why our house is overrun with bratty cats).

These horse ranch was literally right next to our campsite. These guys were actually doing a Civil War re-enactment so naturally we were obsessed with them.

A) Because that’s so weird it’s awesome.
B) We’d never seen that before.
C) Don’t even get me STARTED on our Gone with the Wind thing.

When we got back we chilled for a little while and decided what to do next. Earlier in the day we’d chilled for a couple of hours chatting with one of the campground’s workers. He was a nice chap who’d paid his debt to society.

It wasn’t exactly hot and we were feeling LAAAAZY so we started to put the kibosh on swimming. Then I decided that we had to go swimming. This is truly the only way that Kristyn and I are completely incompatible. She hates swimming. She’s so skinny that a gentle summer’s breeze makes her want to put on a hoodie. And then there’s me. But still, I love me some mothercrunking swimming. If there is a pool in my immediate vicinity, I WILL re-arrange events in order to MAKE time to go for a swim. “Oh you’re getting married in ten minutes? Let’s make this ceremony quick then, there’s a pool up in hizzy!” The picture below is my best attempt at minimizing my Irish double chin. The other attempts clearly failed or you’d be seeing them here.

Suffering at Zuma Beach

You know how when you don’t live  by the beach, you say that you would TOTALLY GO if you lived there?  Well we don’t exactly live “near the beach” but we live a HELLUVA lot closer to it than we did in NJ.  The distance from our house to the beach is the same as Kearny was to NYC.  Twenty minutes without traffic, an hour with traffic, give or take ten minutes.  In NJ, we were about an hour without traffic to the beach.  I’d say this is an improvement.

Either way, when we go to the beach, we tend to drive a little farther up the California Coast to Zuma Beach in Malibu.  The closest beach to us is Santa Monica but it can be pretty crowded and you have to pay for parking. 

Anyway, we realized last week that with the hustle and bustle of job hunting and such, we have totally forgotten to go to the beach.  We decided to go last Tuesday because I had an interview on Monday.  For some reason, the last two times we drove there, we got sunny skies the whole way down the 10 but once we got to Santa Monica, the beach was overcast.  Last time, we turned back and went to an LA pool (since we were already in our bathing suits).  This time we were hardcore and decided to stay.

Zuma beach is pretty cool because since there isn’t a lot of “beach-type” activity, sometimes you can see dolphins in the water.  We didn’t see them this time though.  Since it was 80 degrees and sunny in LA, we didn’t anticipate it being in the 60’s and overcast in Malibu.  There were people swimming in the water but it was too cold even for me.  (Kristyn is a baby and will only get into water if it is bathtub temperature or if I force her.  I, on the other hand, grew up swimming in a bone-chilling freshwater river in Upstate NY.  The water was cold but was worse was how cool it was outside.  If it had been hot, the water temp wouldn’t have really bothered me.)

We got there around 2pm and as the afternoon went on, the sun started peeking out from behind the clouds.  It didn’t get any warmer though and before long we looked crazy.  Kristyn had a sweatshirt on and used her towel as a blanket.  I didn’t bring a sweatshirt to the beach because I’m not crazy.  BUT this ended up being the silly thing to have done because I was freezing.  Luckily I DID bring two towels though.  I used one as a shawl and the other as a blanket for my legs haha.

It was nice sitting there and reading though.  I read book two of Buffy Season Eight.  So good.  I don’t remember what Kristyn read because I was shivering too much.

Eventually I got tired of NOT swimming.  I hatehatehate going to places with water and not swimming.  If there is a body of water, I have to go in it and that’s fng final.  So I resigned myself to read until the book was done and then take a drastic measure and just jump in with no warning and that’s what I did.  I ran in and dove under a few times but the waves were starting to get strong and the lifeguards were gone so I got out just as suddenly.  It felt great.  I need to join the Polar Bear Club.

Another cool thing about California beaches is that this summer (maybe every summer?) they decided to have sponsored Lifeguard Stations.  Some of them are sponsored by local organizations but this one was sponsored by Benjamin Moore Paints, hence the colorful design.  So pretty right?  And check out the crows!

Once I got out of the water, we waited a hot minute for me to dry off so we could leave.  Here’s Kristyn suffering and packing up:

Here’s my shadow on the sand.  Notice the Sea Gull footprints.  The Sea Gulls here are GIGANTIC and BELLIGERENT.  At one point, the people next to us walked down to the water and no less than twenty Sea Gulls stood on their blanket and went through their shit.  The people weren’t far so I didn’t feel comfortable scaring them off but it was kind of hilarious to see them at work haha.

Here’s Krissy’s slender shadow haha:

Here’s me post-Polar Bear dip.  I’m really glad I went in.  Maybe we’ll go again this Tuesday.  It’s supposed to be warmer this week:

Here is Kristyn’s suffering face.  She looked so upset that I asked her if I could take a picture of the suffering.  She acquiesed.  (Author’s note: I don’t like to see Kristyn suffer.  I DO, however, like to make fun of her aversion to cold.  Homegirl could find a way to be “cold” in a heat wave.  I mean she is actually SUFFERING in 65 degree weather on a beach in Malibu.  Suffering.  What a cruel world it is for some of us haha.)

Here is a closer-up look at the Lifeguard Stand.  So pretty:

And here is a sign on the back of it.  “Trash your friends not the ocean!”  What an “LA” thing to say right?  Haha:

And here’s a bonus Monster picture.  I like that he’s sort of cross-eyed and sitting in a position I like to call “bullet-shaped”.  If you saw him from above you’d get it haha.

Vanessa’s AIDS Ride

This past July, our friend Vanessa rode her BIKE from San Francisco to Los Angeles.  It was to benefit AIDS/LifeCycle. It was a 545 mile ride. If you can’t believe it, I’m floored because I met her at the finish line and homegirl didn’t even have a sweat going.

Here is the setup they had for the closing ceremonies.  They showed video of the ride and congratulated all of the riders for their amazing contribution:

Here are some more of the people who rode:

And here is Vanessa!!!  She’s cool as a cucumber and totally unbothered by riding her bike for 545 miles.  I was carrying on about the walk from the parking lot.  What a pussy I am:

To top it off, all of the riders had to keep holding their bikes over their heads so fools like me could get a good shot haha. Geez, ride your bike for 545 miles to raise money and AIDS awareness and your think your loved ones would give you a break! (Just one more picture!) Haha…Doesn’t she look like Wonder Woman?!:

Vanessa did this ride with her boyfriend’s family. Here they all are basking in the glow of legitimate accomplishment. So damn proud of them. Such an awesome thing to do:

Here is Vanessa with her parents. They were SO PROUD of her and SO CUTE!:

And here she is shipping her bike. You ride down to LA but you have to get back on your own. They take care of shipping your bike for you. Vanessa took a train home and noted how cool it was to see the California coast out of the train, rather than by bike on the way home. She kind of got to see JUST how far it was she’d traveled. SO. AWESOME.

I don’t think I could ever build up my strength and endurance to do the actual ride. HOWEVER, you can volunteer to be a roadie. They need all sorts of people to keep the riders safe, fed and taken care of. That’s something that Vanessa’s family, me and Kristyn are already dying to do. So cool.

Anyway, I just wanted to share that with you and give Vanessa mad props. So proud of you and your family Vanessa!!!

Crafting, Libraries, Jobs and Slap Fights.

On Sunday I was REALLY bored.  I brought new meaning to the word, actually.  What I did to while away the time was make some vegan Almond Shortbread cookies.  Damn they were good:

Yesterday (Monday) we got a package in the mail from my Momma.  I was going to post a picture of the contents but I realized I took a picture of the letter along with the display of goodies.  Not sure if my Mom intended to publicly publish that letter so I’ll tell you what she sent us: A copy of “Don’t Sweat the Small Stuff” (awesome), two pretty little brooches (awesome), a letter (awesome), and twenty beans to have a good time with (awesome).  Best of all, I liked the label closing the package, haha:

Yesterday we were going to go to the beach but decided to instead further our brains.  We finally went and signed up for Library Cards at the new Silver Lake Library.  Only in Silver Lake (Williamsburg West) would this sign exist in the public library’s parking lot.  It made me laugh out loud and I love it:

We got kind of gluttonous at the library.  Full disclosure: We went to Atwater Village’s library too because they had more stuff we wanted.  You can have books out for three weeks and extend it twice.  I guess that’s enough time to read all of these?  Either way, I have every book that I’ve wanted to read for the past YEAR in a pile at my house.  And YES that top book is a book about two cats and a corgie that solve murders in a rural Virginia town.  Don’t hate.

After the library(ies), we went to Michael’s so’s we could turn in my mother’s twenty beans for yarn and such.  (Kristyn got drawing supplies and I also got a Paint-by-Numbers).  The bottom square is a Christmas blanket I’m re-tooling.  I had started making a zig zag blanket but that’s going to take WAY too long.  Instead she’s gonna look like that.  The top square is part of another blanket I’m doing (but will explain in a hot minute).

I’ve been itching to do a paint-by-numbers for like two years now.  I don’t know why but that’s the truth.  I’ve read a lot of blogs recently where paint-by-numbers keeps coming up for some reason and decided to finish one for once.  (Kristyn is so patient with me.)  We sat outside on the lanai until well after dark.  I was painting these horsies while Kristyn read…

…this entire book out loud to me.  It was pretty good.  It was about modern feminism and the forms it’s taken on from Riot Grrrl to the Spice Girls and everything before, between and since.  It was a good read.

Well probably for the first half of the book I painted.  The second half, I started on another blanket I’m working on.  You can’t see it well in this picture but it’s all multi-color with black around the edges.

Basically what I want to make is a replica of the blanket that’s always on the back of the couch on Roseanne (with my own flair/colors).

Also, I had a job interview today for a job I *REALLY* want.  Please, please, please, please, please, please, please Goddesses of Gainful Employment, take pity on me.  I fling myself at your Birkenstocks.  I will stop picking at my split ends for one WHOLE year if you let me have this.  (No really, I will.*)  I will also continue to go walking three days a week and fit in one day of jogging at LEAST.

* Kristyn HATES that I insist on doing this.  We get into slap fights over it.  For serious.

Anyway, that’s all the kidinky dust I have for your right now.  Let’s hope and pray that I didn’t babble or do anything else untoward in this interview.  I’m on pins and needles, y’alls.