Day Thirty-five

Made some decisions today, yes I did. Decided to live more in the here and now. Made me feel instantly better. Yes I had to make a craft project to support this victory. What is a victory without celebratory crafting? See below.

Here is Kristyn preparing for something awesome/major that I will die if it doesn’t happen. DIE I tell you. Also thanks to WordPress’ awesome app the picture of Kristyn won’t come up. Turns out WordPress has beef with Kristyn. Who knew? Also, I’m on her side. Again, I’ll fix it tomorrow. *sigh*

BOOM. Fixed.

Reminder to keep my head in the present and appreciate what I have. And no this is not a slight on the state of NJ. I’ll cut bitches who slight NJ. Because I’m from NJ. And that’s how we do.

Also, I’ve made a Tumblr. If you want to know what it is, you have to ask me.

Day Thirty-four

WordPress made an update for their app today that was so helpful that it’s been rendered totally useless. One of those “so good it went out the other side into bad again” type deals. Anyway, this might explain why there are possible two pictures of my doughy face instead of one picture of my doughy face and one cute picture of Lucky Kristyn and Monster.

So here is me trying to give the camera “stunned”. I think the camera is reading that as “brain-damaged” instead.

So this might be yet another picture of my face OR a loverly picture of Kristyn and Monster. I guess we’ll all find out after I publish it.

As for today:

1) Kristyn stayed home from her internship because she isn’t feeling well.
2) I hung out with the living dead in a sketchy area.
3) I opened a crazy woman’s Starbucks latte for her.
4) I got checked out by a crazy guy.
5) We played Harry Potter Lego and beat it finally. The feeling of victory was somewhat temporary when we realized that all we did to defeat Voldemort was press the B button. We high fived and Kristyn said, “That was definitely a children’s game I think.” Still so good.
6) Kristyn got an article she wrote about a band she loves retweeted by the band!
7) Then she got a really awesome opportunity that I won’t discuss until she does. It’s her news. BUT, so exciting!
8) Talked on the horn with my Momma.
9) More Harry Potter Lego but this time we are going through and playing with evil characters because there are a lot of things you can only do with dark magic. What?

And that’s about that. G’nite!

P.S. If the pictures are fuckocked I’ll fix’m in the morn!

Day Thirty-three

First I wanna say:

Happy Birthday Kristyn’s Momma!

Next I wanna say:

We are having a pretty good day although it’s almost time for bed. As part of “Coleen’s all better now time to get back in the swing of things” week, I have a full load of things to do tomorrow. INCLUDING a job interview. Wish me luck!

We woke up kinda early this morning and laid in bed reading stuff and playing with los gatos until we were good and ready to get up. Then we had breakfast, Kristyn fooled around with iTunes, I taught myself two new crocheting stitches, talked on the phone with Kristyn’s parents and played Harry Potter Lego.

We’re now trying to print some stuff but the computer is slow and it’s making us bananers.

* Regarding my picture above, Kristyn asked me if it was a misguided duckface. Alas it was just a boring old “cross-eyes tongue out” face that went seriously awry (my eyes are not even crossed and you cannot see my tongue). I sure wish it was an attempt at a misguided duckface though. *sigh* She gives me too much credit.

Day Thirty-two

I knew I was gonna forget to post this before I went to sleep last night and I did like a dummy.

Yesterday was a much better day. I got out of the house for a bit and went to Amoeba to get a replacement needle for our record player. Turns out they were out of stock. It was refreshing to be outside though and to drive around LA. I haven’t been outside of the house for a while.

Here I am looking blotchy bc I had probably just been picking at my face. I’m awesome what can you say?

And I forgot to take a picture of Lil Krissy yesterday so here’s one from just a second ago. Isn’t she lovely?

This picture is kind of dark but man was it nice to see those palm trees?

Also we are not in my sister’s wedding anymore. It’s not what we wanted and are upset about it. I don’t want to talk about it but I don’t want there to be any whispering about it either. So you heard it here first. It’s a shitty situation but it’s one can’t be resolved. It just is what it is and we wish them the absolute best!

November 1, SoCal Style

I wish there was a way to figure out who keeps doing this…

A clue…a name…anything to get to the bottom of this unsolvable mystery!

Actually the bandit pointed out her folly. She actually proudly pointed to her masterwork and said, “Look what I did now!”

She really knows how to cheer a gal up. *HUG!*

An interesting thought

I want to start by saying that I am sorry if these every day posts with our faces and the mundane elements of our day to day are seriously boring haha.  Well I am and I’m not.  My original intent was just to take a picture of my face and this was because:

1) I think it would be interesting to see how and if my face changes over a year.

2) I’m not comfortable in front of a camera so it’s kind of nice to let go of that insecurity.  Maybe next year I’ll do full-length body shots.  I need to be comfortable that way too.  Baby steps.

I added in the “what we did today” stuff because:

1) It was just a natural step.  Why not?

2) I think it would be funny to see exactly what we DID all year.  Like were we lazy?  Were we busy?  Was this a good year or a bad one?  I think we tend to paint a year with a broad brush “good” or “bad”.  I’m pretty sure this is going to be a tough year so I’ll be tempted to paint it with a “bad”.  But if I look back on the days I’ve had so far, they’ve all been “good” or “nice” with only like one or two “bad”.

The interesting thought I had was this:

Me and Kristyn were talking last night about how it’s funny that you forget so much stuff in your life.  The only memories you ever really hold onto are kind of stored in your brain as a picture and then the events are kind of words around that picture.  Okay well let me back up.  Kristyn was reading an article about Susan Sontag and in it, Susan was talking about the power of photography. She was specifically talking about war photography. How powerful of a medium it is. Like when wars are going on, on other people’s soil, if there isn’t a picture of it, we can’t feel it or imagine it. And how even one picture of one moment in time can encapsulate a moment and so perfectly sum the moment up AND give you an understanding of what happened.

So then we started talking about how your life is reduced to a series of small pictures in your head of events that took place. Conversely, we tend to hand onto the memories that we actually HAVE physical pictures of. Because the camera is doing the work that our memory does. Like if our brains are a filing cabinet for memories stored as images with words attached, photographs are like forcing your brain to recall a memory. Even if you forget that moment because it didn’t make that big of an impression, if there is a picture, you will be drawn right back into that moment and (for the most part) remember that day.

So I don’t know that a picture of my face a day will bring back startling vivid memories of me watching Buffy and playing Harry Potter Lego but in a way, I will have at least one year of my life that I know what happened every day. One year with a light shined on it. One year that doesn’t go hazy with memory. That’s kind of a nice thought. That said, I really need to get a job if I want this “memorable year” to be any kind of good memory haha. MOMMA NEEDS MONEY AND TO GET OUT OF THE HOUSE SOME!


P.S. Speaking of shit that happened, a woman just tried to walk into my house. Our apartment is on ground level and we don’t have a lot of windows so I keep the front door open with just the screen door closed. My front door opens out into our courtyard. SO if you walk into the courtyard, you can see right into my apartment and me sitting here. These two women came into the courtyard, came up to my screen door, talked to my cats and went to open the (locked) screen door to walk right in. I was like, “Can I help you?” She said, “Here’s an invitation to you from the Baptist Church!” I said, “Okay, you can leave it right there” so she stuck it in the door haha. *sigh* We need to move.

I suck/rule at life

Reason why I suck at life:

I just remembered NOW. 39 minutes into it starting. That I was invited to an informational meeting for a school I applied to. Specifically for a program I applied for that I do not know how it works and really could have USED and informational meeting for. Kristyn has to be at work at 11 so I remembered as she was pulling away. I actually RSVP’d that I was coming to this event. I actually marked it on my calendar and day planner. Then as Kristyn was leaving, a nagging feeling hit me like maybe there is something important I am supposed to do today. A quick check of the ol’ day planner lets me know I am a chucklehead. Coleen, you suck at life.


Reason why I rule at life:

This morning I bounded out of bed effortlessly and was in the kitchen making breakfast (bending, reaching, grabbing, doing) for about five minutes before I realized that I EFFORTLESSLY BOUNDED OUT OF BED AND WAS STANDING IN THE KITCHEN MAKING BREAKFAST. I’m healed! Man the past week was full of me slouching around like a 90 year old. There was a gutteral sound I had to make to do anything. Kind of like an “AAAAAAARGH!” Kristyn called it my “lifting weights” sound. Like I already said, my back was hella sore in the morning and today? Just bounded out of bed and made breakfast with ease. I feel like goddamn Cinderella (not the wenchy one, the princesa one). Kristyn gave me a hug and then a high five and said, “Way to heal!” I think that says it. Also, I think, “Coleen you rule at life” also says it.