Day Eighty-eight

I’m getting real bad about posting same day lately. Bad girl. Day #88 should have been magical by my Mom’s standards. Alas it was not. I did talk to my Mom though so there’s that!

Anyway not much to say about yesterday. I was at the computer writing an article for LA Music Blog and going through pictures from MEN for much of the day. I also ate more bread than is sane for a person to do, watched a lot of Roseanne, listened to the MEN record and did some work on another project.

Kristyn had kind of an annoying day at work and then came home to me totally unconscious. After that she stayed up for an hour with her teeth chattering and listening to the dulcet sounds of a helicopter hovering directly above us with a man in it shouting “COME OUT WITH YOUR HANDS UP!” and the police scanner app on her iPhone. Never a dull moment in Silver Lake yo.

Okay here I am looking innocent in pigtail braids. My tshirt has a picture of Peaches smoking on it. “Rock the Shocker!”


Here’s Kristyn looking like a domesticated Gollum early this morning after helping me get ready. Believe it or not she approved this picture. Haha. I gotta take more early morning photos of her.


Day Eighty-seven

We went to see MEN last night! The show was at the Echo and it was SUCH a great show. Really had a great time. We bought a record of their album. I really feel like their album ushered me out of a serious bummer of a phase. It could have been anything but it was this. And we’ve gotten into collecting records, some just for fun and others for specific reasons. Like we bought “Exile in Guyville” as a memory holder because Kristyn got to interview Liz Phair and it went so well. We already had it on CD but something about the vinyl record feels more personal. Like you are actually collecting “something”. A tangible something. And I knew we had to buy this record “Talk About Body” because:

A) Kristyn’s first interview was with them.

B) It inspired us a lot.

C) It ushered me out of my doldrums.

D) The lifting of said doldrums seems to have brought a lot of positivity with it because my life is filled with a lot more possibility than before.

E) We are just big fans of JD’s in general.

F) The music is good.

G) To buy the record at the show is kind of a memory in itself. It was a really fun night and we don’t get a lot of those lately.

So anyway, yeah. Good night, good times. Here I am slightly damp because it rained.


Here is Krissy, dutifully letting me take her picture. (She hates this project but is an exceedingly tolerant person haha.)


Here is Monster welcoming Krissy home.


Here is MEN wearing a weird connected helmet when they came on stage. It was awesome.


And here’s just a picture taken in the middle of the show.


We’ll post more pictures later. We were there so Kristyn could cover it for LA Music Blog but we would have been there either way. I had a better spot than Kristyn so I took a lotta pictures. I’ll link the article once she writes it.

Oh AND the guitarist, Michael, was selling the merchandise and when we bought the album I told him that they were great and that I had a bummer six months until their record came out. He said thanks and seemed genuine. Either way its awesome when you get a chance to thank people who’s art inspired you first hand. It was a great day! (Oh and the muscle relaxers and Ibuprofin knocked out most of what ailed me with my back and we even hung around and danced afterward bc there was a DJ.)

Today I have a lotta digital things to do and then rest up for tamarra to start the whole week again! : D

Day Eighty-five

I AM EXHAUSTED. So I’ll give it to you quick and dirty. Here I am taking surreptitious photos of myself at my desk.


Here is Kristyn on the bus just minutes after suddenly and violently puking into a bag.


Here is the bag.


Kristyn was stunned by this development obviously. And worse, it wasn’t just the type of thing where you cough up a quick hairball. No there was heaving. It was a full on yak and it was in a bus. Poor Krissy. We’re both feeling yakkish, maybe it’s something we ate?

Anyway gotta to to sleep. But let me say that although I am SO TIRED, it is REALLY nice to be making myself useful in the workforce again even if it is only a few month gig. Okay g’nite for realsies.

Day Seventy-eight

Today was a very busy day for me but really good too.

Here are our daily pictures where we are featured as creeps. This is because we are in bed and forgot to take pictures of our faces so we took’m in the dark with our cellies as flashlights.



And here is what I wore all day today. It was a significant day so like the first day of school I wanted a picture.


But when I came home I put on this crazy St. Patrick’s Day dress and headband I made recently. I wore it last night to Liz Phair for good luck!


And here’s one of Kristyn yesterday jet standing around in the kitchen looking cute!


Day Seventy-seven

Today was a perfect day. I’ll tell you why later because I have to go to bed now but here are some words to describe the pictures below:

1) Living in a memory.
2) Luck of the Irish.
3) Floating head.
4) Liz Phair is awesome in so many ways.
5) Troubadour.

Such a great day. Thank you March 16, 2011! G’nite!

Day Seventy-six

Kristyn interned today. When she got home, we grilled veggie burgers, drank Blueberry Beer and played Rock Band all night. I texted about the end of the world with my brother, Wee Charles, as you do and now we’re watching “Skins”. I almost turned my back on it after the cast change but they’ve piqued my interest again.

I talked to my Mom this morning too and she just got over the flu. She feels like the gravity of how sick she felt was lost on everyone so she asked me to raise her suffering’s profile by writing a song about it or a screenplay, or at the very least a blog post. I actually have another plan about it that I want to do. Will work on it tomorrow. I gotchoo Mom.

In the pictures below, I took a normal one of myself after many crazy ones, one of’m I’ve posted below. Here’s Kristyn looking cute alone and with Monster!

Today was a good day. Goodnight!

Day Seventy-five

Today was a great day! I will bullet the things we did so as to make this a more coherent post:

* Slept late.

* Had frozen pizza and coffee for breakfast. We did this bc a) it was 1pm by the time we had breakfast, b) I didn’t feel like cooking a big breakfast (I always cook a big breakfast). c) I was in the mood for pizza.

* Got ready and Kristyn put some finishing touches on her awesome project. I swear you’ll know what it is soon.

* Went and got my phone fixed!!! The guy was so nice and even gave us two free iPhone cases for our trubz. Thank spaghetti cat* this phone is fixed. (* I only noticed that I wrote “cat” instead of “monster” after I wrote this. I guess you can say that my religion is cats. OR that I associate the word “Monster” strictly with cats now because I have a cat named “Monster”. OR maybe I worship Monster as my God. Interesting tell that is.)

* Went to Amoeba to return the record player needle. They don’t usually do returns but they were nice enough to let us just this once. The right size one is in the mail.

* Went to Rudy’s to get our hairs cut as evidenced below. I got my bangs angle-cut a la Emily on season three of Skins. I’m not into this cast but damn does she have nice bangs. Kristyn was inspired by one of Hannah Blilie’s cuts. Looks SO cute. And she has a perfect-shaped shaved head. Not a shocker haha.

* Came home and had veggie Taylor Ham and cheese on toast and fries.

* Drank some blueberry beers.

* Kristyn did some dishes while I cooked.

* Listened to some music.

* Then Kristyn read more of “Girls to the Front” to me while I worked on my horsey paint by number.

* Talked about all kinds of stuff and now we’re going to bed, gotta be up early in the morning.

Oh and about those two almost identical pictures of Kristyn and Monster below? I couldn’t decide which one to post because although they both look cute in both, Kristyn has a better face in one and Monster’s is better in the other haha.

Okay! Goodnight!

Day Seventy-four

I spent almost the entire day trying to update the computers. I got them to speed up a lot. Our laptops won’t connect to the wireless though and I can’t figure out why. I have to call customer service tomorrow.

I also made some progress crocheting my Autumn and Christmas blankets. AND I watched the entirety of Roseanne Season 3. AND I transcribed an interview Kristyn did last week. You’ll be all “Get out of town!” when I tell you who it was. I’m gonna wait to link to it when the article goes up in LA Music Blog. So exciting!

Tomorrow is Kristyn’s day off, our favorite day of the week! We’re gonna go fix my phone, get haircuts and return the replacement needle we bought at Amoeba the other day (wrong size). I can’t wait! G’nite!

Raunchy Oprah

There's no part of this picture I don't love.

Lately I’ve been having really vivid dreams. Last night I had this really long dream where I went to a garage sale in someone’s house. I went to buy two dresses and the family that was running the sale was really cool and friendly. The dresses were really pretty vintage dresses from the 60’s and about my size. One had a little stain on it. When I went to pay, the woman kind of wouldn’t let me leave. She wouldn’t let me pay and took one of the dresses from me. I said, “Fine if you don’t want to sell it, that’s cool, just let me pay for the other one.” She took my money but held onto one of the dresses and wouldn’t give me change. I had to get out of there because I needed to go to work. I had intended to go to the garage sale, come home, shower and then go to work. It was already past the time I was supposed to be at work, so I was like, “Fine I’m going.” Then she gave me the dress and I left.

I guess I didn’t care about my job because I decided to keep shopping. I walked down a main drag which I think was Kearny Ave and went into a shop. Inside there were all these 60’s Go Go dancers and it was decorated like Laugh In inside. It was a furniture store. It was pretty cool in there so I decided to look for bedsheets. When I got to that section, Oprah was there hosting some kind of event sale. She started talking to me and was REAL raunchy. Talking about how she always has safe sex and kind of just being the Oprah you NEVER get to see. I was so riveted but still kind of distractedly looking for bedsheets. Midway through talking to her, I realized that I knew she was gonna be there because I WORKED there. Her sleeve came up a little and she had a tattoo on her forearm. That was when my boss came up. I guess he forgot I had to work OR thought I was there to work OR was caught up in the excitement of Raunchy Oprah being there because he didn’t seem to notice or care that I’d mistakenly blown off my shift. I was trying to figure out what to do next when Kristyn bellowed:

COLEEN!!!!! WAKE!!!!! UP!!!!!

Then I told her the entire convoluted story and she barely pretended to pay attention though she’s told me some whoppers of convoluted stories in the past. Haha.

Anyway, here is my favorite YouTube Oprah video. This shit never gets old for me. Also, how do you work for OWN? I want to work for Oprah.