Day Two Hundred and Twenty-five

Yesterday was a looooooong day but a good one. I stayed at work until a quarter to eleven at night! Haha. For the past few weeks, I’ve been working on a project that put me behind in everything else and I just needed to catch up when there was no one around to give me more pressing things to do. I’d do it again today but it’s Friday and I’m not self-hating haha. Fridays are for fun. Hopefully I can get a chunk done today anyway though.

I left work with another temp who was still here so I’d have someone to walk out to the parking lot with. I drove to Kristyn’s job and got some money and went and had dinner at a 24 hour Subway. After that, I just laid down in the car and watched “The X-Files” until Kristyn got out. She’s supposed to get out at 1am but she asked to leave at 12:30. I’d just dozed off when she came outside. It was busy but felt good to get caught up.

Oh AND! A girl at work gave me the ENTIRE SERIES of Little House on the Prairie!!! YOU GUYS. I am shitting a brick. So. Awesome. I have to repay the favor somehow. SOOOOOO EXCIIIIIIITED!!! I know what this bitch is doing with her weekend.

Day Two Hundred and Twenty-Three

Yesterday was more of the same. Work and then home to watch some Weeds and chill. We’re up to Season 6 now. Also, I had a Watermelon Airhead. Stacks up to a good day. Oh! But! I also took a little walk in the park when I got home. It was nice because a lot of people were out there. I even sat on the swings for a little while, booyah.

This blog sounds like the journal of a fifteen year old girl. Unapologetic.

Day Two Hundred and Twenty-two

Hey is anyone else as bored by this blog as I am? Hot DAMN I keep a boring blog. My life isn’t actually that boring (to me) but I am writing it as a dirge lately haha. I just can’t be bothered to add any flair to this shit.

Anyway, yesterdizzle was cool. Kristyn had that day off. She relaxed a bit and watched Weeds. But she also cleaned the entire damn house and put stuff up on the bookshelf I built over the weekend. Girl is unstoppable. We watched more Weeds and chilled when I got home. We had quesadillas and tomatoes for dinner. Then we had some popcorn while Kristyn read me Larry David’s interview in Rolling Stone. LOVE that man so damn much. I heard he’s pretty cool in person too. He is on my bucket list of people I want to throw an eyeball at. I don’t know if I would want to meet him though because he’s way too funny and I’d get tongue-tied. After that, we had some cut up bananas and strawberries with cool whip on top. So good. Then we went fanciful slept on the couches. We woke up at 5am!!! We went to our real bed to sleep for two more hours. Craziness.

Day Two Hundred and Twenty-One

Yesterday was a great day. We slept in a little. Then we got up and had breakfast on the lanai and decided what we wanted to do with the first half of our day. Kristyn works on Sunday nights and lately we’ve been making more of a conscious effort to pack some fun into the early part of the day. I had decided that I wanted to go thrift shopping and Kristyn was more in the mood for a Farmer’s Market. We decided to try out the Farmer’s Market in Atwater Village. It was underwhelming at best. Supermarket prices really. But the strawberries looked and smelled good. We already have some at home though so there was that. We decided to stop at two little yard sales by our house. At one of them, they were just about closing up shop and Kristyn found a little green table. We’d been wanting something to drop our mail/keys/pens in/on so this was perfect. Five beans. We stopped home so Krissy could change and to get some ice water and rocket pops. I drove her to work and she had a really crazy day.

But back to me, more on her later, I was looking for a Salvation Army on Sepulveda that I had sworn I’d seen when I ran into a Ross Dress for Less. I decided to go in because they always have crazy stuff on the cheap tip. I ended up buying a $7 dress, $12 sandals and a pair of black and white plaid Converse for $25! “!!!!” I am regretting the Converse purchase though but I just could NOT put them back. I should return them, I feel guilty as hell. I’ll decide later tonight about that. But I’ve been wanting a pair of plaid Converse for a while. I had about a million of’m in high school. And these are so perfect and SO cheap. IDK. I also got us a little cabinet for towels for the bathroom. This was something we’d been looking around for. It’s the perfect size and shape but it’s a little banged up. It was the exact amount we figured we’d have to pay for something like that too and better-constructed that that Target shit you buy. She just needs a little lovin and she’ll be perfect.

After that, I went and got some Chinese. This place by Kristyn’s job is like, the ONLY place that sells General Tso’s Tofu in LA so I got that and then stopped at Carvel next door. Honestly, after the Chinese, I wasn’t hungry for ice cream but this Carvel is like THE only one in LA so I wasn’t going to pass it by. I dropped off the rest of the Chinese and the ice cream with Kristyn so she could have it for dinner. She was kind of way too busy though. She had a bananas day.

I came home, intending to go swimming and ended up in a weird “barricade situation”. The street to go up to my street was blocked off by police. Apparently there was a standoff between a guy who wanted to kill himself but have the police do it and the police themselves. Such drama. Helicopters overhead, police everywhere. I made it home and went out on the balcony to snoop because the helicopter was circling my building. The sunset was pretty so I took some pictures and then the helicopter screamed “Ma’am, get back inside your apartment! It’s for your own safety!” So crazy. And I did, and they circled for another hour. I tuckered myself out and decided not to go swimming. I napped instead and the standoff ended at like 9pm, after going on for four hours. No one got hurt. Basically the guy said he had some sort of a weapon that he intended to use on the police. They sent a robot in and nothing was there. The man was unconscious on the couch. They took him to the hospital and that was that, thank god. I’m glad he’s okay, whoever he is. I watched me some X-Files and took a naparoonie until it was time to go get Krissy from work. I wish I could tell you the full extent of Kristyn’s crazy day but I can’t so instead I’ll just say, “Leon” and “Boys Don’t Cry”. Crazy dayz yo.

Day Two Hundred and Twenty

Yesterday was fun. In the morning, I helped Krissy get ready for work. We had a really good brekky on the lanai. Everything bagels with facon, avocado and cheese. Good times. I spent most of the afternoon chilling out there, drinking coffee and watching the rest of Season 5 of Weeds on Netflix Instant. SO GOOD. I came in at around 3 or 4pm because the sun was creeping up on a bitch and I didn’t want to get burned. I texted with Kristyn about the woes of having nothing to do and then forced myself to take a naparoonie in the AC. It was short and sweet. I got up and did a load of dishes and then set about straightening this place up. Scooped the cat litter, cleaned the stovetop, swept the floor, mopped/swiffered the floor, put things in their places and febreezed shit. Then I decided to put together the bookshelf we bought with some Arrested Development for company/stress management. Then it was time for Kristyn to come home! I hopped in the shower because we’d decided to go FINALLY see Harry Potter. We got ready quick and drove over to Universal Citywalk to the AMC theater. Guys, I really seriously LOVED this Harry Potter and I don’t say that lightly because I really don’t like the other ones much. I find that they cut shit out unnecessarily that takes from the heart of the books. Like the director/screenwriter/whoever wants to put their “thumbprint” on it, fans be damned. Like I get shortening the time it takes Harry to come to a discovery by like having someone just kind of tell him something but certain things should be left alone. There was some ish like that in this movie but moreover, THAT is a funking great movie. I have seen all of them in the theater besides the part one to this one and I have fallen asleep in ALL of them. I swear to God. And I never do that. Weird.



Oh ALSO, speaking of Harry.  I am doing a project that I need to draw Harry Potter. I took out the softcover versions of the books and found that card tucked into the 5th book. I opened it and it’s ROSEANNE BARR’S AUTOGRAPH. What?! I forgot I even had that! Guys I was STUNNED because I definitely did not remember that that even existed. I almost gave that book away before we left and/or almost sold it at our yard sale. I am SO glad I didn’t! I’m not big on autographs honestly but she is one of my idols and I am so glad to have it, ESPECIALLY in such an awesome little card. What happened with this was that I took my parents to see Roseanne do standup at the Mohegan Sun Casino in Connecticut a few years ago. I bought that card in the gift shop while we were waiting to get in just as an impulse purchase because I liked the sentiment. We met her afterwards and that was the only piece of paper I had. A few minutes after we met her, my Dad almost had a heart attack and we spent the rest of the night (and the following week) in the hospital with him. I must’ve just put that card in there and forgotten about it until NOW. Crazy right? I added a picture of us with her at the bottom of this post. Amazing right?


Here is a guy on stilts dancing to guido music. I screamed, “THIS IS THE CORNIEST SHIT EVER I NEED A PICTURE, NO WAIT HE’S ON STILTS THAT’S KIND OF AWESOME!”


“Just Like Heaven” by the Cure was playing:



We went to the 10:45 showing.



So amazing.

Day Two Hundred and Nineteen

Friday was stressful again but only because it was so busy. A lot of things going on up in hizzy at work. Afterwards, Krissy came to pick me up. We had a quick dinner at Taco Hell and then went to get our hairs cut at Rudy’s in Silver Lake. I just got a trim and Kristyn got hers done real short and cute. Very good experience at Rudy’s this time. The last time, the hairdresser refused to cut out my split ends for some reason. This time my hair actually looks healthy AND I want to be friends with my hairdresser haha.

Afterwards we went to Target to buy a bookshelf, a plastic “stuff” container and some groceries. THIS PICTURE. I stare at it whenever we go to Target. I wonder why they dressed a grown-ass woman up like that. She looks like she’s wearing toddler clothes!

We came home from Target and chillaxed. We watched some Glee and Weeds and then went to sleep. A good day was had.

Oh also I am gonna be late with these postings no doubt because my WordPress app is on the fritz with no updates in sight. I know you don’t care but this bothers my ass so I want to remember later why I was so lazy. I’m not lazy, I’m being tortured by WordPress apps.

Day Two Hundred and Eighteen

Yesterday was kind of stressful too for reasons I can’t get into. I’ll just say that it turned out well and for that I am glad. In the afternoon we had a champagne party on the patio because someone brought some in for one of our coworker’s last day. She wasn’t there but we had the party anyway. Good times. I came home from work and went to the supermarket. I got mostly just fruit and vegetables and some stuff we needed STAT.

After that, I came home and watched more Weeds. I’m up to Season 5 and it’s SO GOOD. I feel off of Weeds when they moved to Ren Mar but I was recently convinced to get up to speed with it and I’m glad I did! I watched that, took a naparoo on the couch and then drove to go get Krissy. All in all, it was a good day.

Oh AND I’ve had an almost murderous hunger for watermelon and I bought one that is larger than the size of my head. It’s really ripe too. It was so good that it hurt my stomach last night. Good times.

Day Two Hundred and Sixteen

Yesterday Kristyn worked from home so she was there when I got home. She made us pasta, garlic knots and brussel sprouts for dinner. Look at that sky/moon! After that we played some Harry Potter than watched Glee until I passed the hell out. We want Glee notebooks (for sale at your local Target).

Also, my Dad sent me a picture of 8’s so I sent him one of 8’s. Kristyn sent him and 8 and he sent one right back. Good times. As he said, “Ate, eight, 8”.










Day Two Hundred and Thirteen

Yesterday was a pretty great day. I woke up early and helped Kristyn get ready for work. We had breakfast on the lanai. She had to be there for 11 o’clock. I spent the day taking some stuff out of boxes and consolidating what I can. We don’t have much left now to put away but it’s all stuff that I have NO IDEA where to put it. Next Friday we’re going to go get a bookshelf at Target. I think this will actually take care of a lot of the weird stuff that we don’t know where else to put it. Once we have that stuff on shelves, we can get some containers to stuff the rest of our crap into. Good times.

Anyway, I also did some decorating yesterday, hung some pictures and some lights out on the lanai. I also did one hundred jumps with the jump rope and went swimming in the pool before Kristyn came home. I made us penne with vodka sauce, veggie italian sausage and brussel sprouts for dinner. We ate outside and then watched Glee while drinking some blueberry beers.

We fell asleep on the couches and woke up at around 5am before going to bed. It was a good day.

Ya know the other day I was telling a coworker that I obsessively chronicle my life and a little bit of how I do it. She said, “You must really love your life.” And you know what? I do.