Okay you guys. It is 11:05pm EST on Election Day 2020. I am 1.25 drinks in so just roll with me. Right at this second, Biden has 192 electoral votes and that man has 108 electoral votes. The Senate is 42/42. The swing states are saying that they definitely won’t have ballots counted before Wednesday. Imma just be grateful they’re saying “Wednesday” and not “December”.

We voted Sunday by dropping our ballots in the voting box in front of the Town Hall in our town. Clearly, we voted Biden/Harris. I’m CHOOSING to be positive. You guys, my brain has been in a total fog for about three weeks and I wasn’t sure if that was because of ADHD, the medication to treat that, anxiety, or “who knows what”? The last two days, though, I’ve felt kind of hopeful and have been doing things one thing at a time which is PROGRESS. I think, perhaps, that my brain fog has been a reaction to underlying anxiety about this election that sort of lifted yesterday and today because we were finally “here”.

I dyed my hair purple today. Cannot commit to saying that it looks great on any level but I did it. It’s something I’ve been wanting to do for a while and, frankly, I used my chaotic mindset to put some wind in my sails to get this shit done, LOL. I said to Kristyn, “I’m bleaching my hair and dying it purple.” She said, “Wait………….ok.” She just needed to catch up for a sec. I guess she wanted to make sure I wasn’t behaving in a rash manner and then saw that I was lucid and “making a decision”.

We’re currently watching MSNBC and our friends Rachel and Steve Kornacki are telling us what’s going on. Oh God, the Senate is 43/43 now. Apparently the Dems took the House again. God, if we take the Presidency, the Senate, AND the House? SIGH. I can’t allow myself to be this insanely hopeful. Alright, I’m live blogging here and whatever. Time to go relax. I think I’m going to suggest that we put on something funny and gentle while feverishly checking Twitter instead of continuing to watch this. BYE.

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