Oh holy shit you guys


Soooooooo anyone reading this knows that we have had a global pandemic going on for six weeks? Hard to say. I haven’t been posting here because there’s just too much going on and it’s felt hard to narrow it down. It’s more than a leetle bit overwhelming. Imma try.

So, in January, I went back to work and it was…exhausting. Also, I had “bronchitis” which I now think maaaaaaybe it was COVID. I had gotten a diagnosis of bronchitis but it didn’t feel like bronchitis and even though I went back to work, it took me down for a few weeks. Hard to say if that’s true or not.

Then we had Kristyn’s 4oth birthday. We kept it simple, stupid, because Kristyn was studying for her Doctoral Exams. We had balloons and flowers and ice cream cake which was fun.


Since then, life has been a reeeeeeeeeaaaaal blur. I had wanted to post some photos of things we’ve done between now and then but for some reason I haven’t been able to so I’ll give that up for now.

*NOTE* this is a post I started writing in May 2020 but didn’t finish. I’m posting it now in October 2020 even though it’s unfinished because why TF not?



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