It’s so cold!



Art by Lisa Congdon.

Clearly, I mean that it’s so cold weather-wise BECAUSE IT IS but also, I feel like that’s a fitting thing to say on this particular Martin Luther King, Jr. Day with all of the fuckery going on in the world. Someone on Twitter reminded us ALL that next year, on this very day, we will be swearing in a President AND IT HAD BETTER NOT BE THAT MAN.

The NYT endorsed both Warren and Klobuchar today with the reasoning that Warren represents the Progressives and Klobuchar the Centrist Dems. I’m a full on Warren fan and I love Klobuchar’s attitude. I’m not even going to talk about the fact that she’s been tough on her staff. If she weren’t a woman, this wouldn’t be an issue. The Bernie stans have been out in full force both saying that they don’t care about the “losing NYT” (where have we heard that before?) and also basically expressing fury that their leader has not already been crowned king.

Look, I don’t take issue with anyone preferring Sanders over Warren or Yang over Buttigieg or WHATEVER. What bothers me is the cultish ‘tude that Bernie stans (and bros) have had for 5-6 years now. Talk about “I could stand in the middle of 5th Avenue and shoot someone and I wouldn’t lose any voters.” Anything Sanders says is not only “fine” but somehow “morally righteous” and therefore that “moral righteous” “indignation” somehow extends to his “followers”. THAT spooks me out because he’s essentially a left wing cult leader and after these four years, I’m not thrilled to install another cult leader whether he’s on the left or not.

WHATEVER, bottom line is that the shit that’s going on in our country is WILD and we need to defeat THAT MAN aka 45. I’ll “hold my nose and vote for Sanders” (as the bros love to say) if he’s the nominee but I won’t be thrilled about it. With regards to MLK Day, I think that any of the Democratic candidates will stand up for social justice which is the main thing I want to see in a candidate.

The other thing is that there is a pro-gun/white supremacy rally going on in Virginia today. What the ever loving fuck? And you know they’re doing this on purpose to stoke anger and fear. They’re armed with their faces covered and wearing combat vests and helmets. Fucking assholes.

Today I’ve been restless. After looking at the news, I tried to lay down and read but couldn’t focus for long enough to actually READ. Next, I gave up and tried to nap but was too restless for that also. I tried to order lunch and it got cancelled. I re-ordered lunch from somewhere else and hopefully it’ll get here soon because I’m starving but also nervous that what I ordered is going to make me sick so that’s fun.

Tomorrow, the Impeachment hearings start and 45’s team of crackpot lawyers have sent a 100+ page document refuting the legitimacy of the impeachment on the grounds that “Abuse of Power isn’t a crime”. Literally, that’s the best they’ve got. And…with that, I’ve realized that I didn’t take my medicine for anxiety and depression yet today LOL. (I can feel it spiking; jeezy chreezy.)

Getting back to how cold it is…I mainly focused on the “cold world” we’re living in above but, truly, it’s a “cold world” in actual fact today. Alexa says “Currently, it’s 33 degrees Fahrenheit with clear skies and sun. Today’s forecast calls for more of the same with a high of 33 degrees and a low of 18 degrees.” That, my friends, is January fuckery. The indoor temp says it’s 67 degrees but we had to put the heat up to 90 to accomplish that. I had to put sweatshirts on all the pets again and they’re still cold. Honestly, I think that the coldness is our foolishness because we really need to make sure that all the windas are closed tightly at the top (because they tend to slide down) and, really, we need to cover the air conditioner. The issue is that I use the fan on the AC often so that’s kind of a nonstarter. Ugh. WELL, if I were to re-install the blades to the ceiling fan that those jokers took down months ago, I prob wouldn’t need to use the AC’s fan.

Guys, I’m descending into babble and my to do list now. Instead of chattering to you, I’m gonna go do this stuff. Next, I’m going to eat lunch. Finally, I’m going to take a GD shower and warm myself up. (Yes, I’m still in my jams at 3:59pm on a Monday. It’s a day off and I wanted to relax!)

P.S. It’s SOMEBODY’S 40th birthday this week!!!

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