WordPress Block Editor Fuckery


Babbies chillin.

Oh thank fucking God you guys. I have been enjoying blogging again but at some point in the recent past, I let WordPress lead me down a dark alleyway to a seedy gin joint called “block editor”. WHY, I DO NOT KNOW. I am an “early adopter” (short for galloping optimistic looliebird) and I like to try new things. “Ok, you say it’s new and improved? Go ahead, sign me up.” ‘Twas a fool’s errand. For months, I’ve been annoyed at this block editor because I feel like I don’t know where anything is nor how to publish anything. The thing I liked about the “classic editor” is that I felt like I had more control over my posts and to edit the HTML if I needed to. With the block editor, I eventually got the hang of it but it’s fuckery for people who want something as low effort as possible AND it takes a lot of ability to make manual changes out of your hands.


Look at dis tail on chest! Plus those little wet eyes!

One thing that has been driving me ABSOLUTELY BONKERS is photo captions. For the past year or so the captions to my photos are the same exact font size as the rest of the blog post so it looks like a goddamn mess when you go to read it. I’ve been on and off investigating how to fix it to no avail. I finally found the solush today and that’s just that the stupid bollocky block editor isn’t compatible with my theme. So, I looked up premium themes that ARE compatible with block editing and there was ONE. There are more when you go to free but COME ON. Boo, why are you pushing errybody into block editor when you barely have any options that’ll work with it?


Look at that paw on that pink belly! They’re sister brother friends.

Okay, this is, probably by far, the nerdiest blog post I’ve ever made but take a whiff of that small caption. Smells good right? I’m in love with the font size of my captions. That’s because I changed to “classic editor” and suddenly my entire WordPress looks normal again. Thank ye Goddesses.

Okay, now I had better go clean this dump. I’ve really let it go to seed.


Little sleepers.

P.S. If you want to remove block editor, just start a new post and it’ll give you the option to move back to the classic editor. I searched fugging EVERYWHERE in WordPress before finding it here. Whew!

P.S. #2 For those who don’t care about WordPress, hopefully you got a lil’ thrill out of the babby photos.

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