She’s back home (for today)

This is my mug from the other day.

So, I worked four days this week; two from home and two from the office. I ended up taking a sick day today because I’m just worn out. It feels so good to be back to work but I just gotta take it slow to start what with my fatigue from the surgery plus the bronchitis. Both are getting better every day which is good. I’m coughing less and moving around more. It’s been nice to see everyone at work and to get back to a kind of normal. I walked into a meeting this week and people cheered for me which was so nice. I had lunch with a pal and LOL’d with people I haven’t seen in a long time. I also got some werq done getting myself back up to speed. We have off on Monday for MLK day so that’s a nice way to ease back into things. I feel bad about taking a sick day today but I just couldn’t get out of bed today. I didn’t do anything physically demanding whatsoever yesterday but I WAS there until 9pm finishing up my end of year review and I DID talk to a lot of people yesterday. I think I just overspent my spoons. I’ll be bright and shiny on Tuesday. I’m lucky to work in a company that offers me things like medical leave and sick time to get through this. Although it’s taken me longer to heal than expected, I’m glad for this experience and how much better I feel post-surgery. 10/10 would recommend.

Although I am run down a bit, I don’t really want to spend the day sitting in a chair (although it’s cold as a witch’s tit outside–and therefore in here–so it would be a reasonable thing to do). Maybe I’ll putter around and put some clothes away and then read a book or do a craft. I’ve been in the mood to make something lately and I’m trying to get through reading The Watchmen. I’ve been trying to read that for ages and can’t really get into it. I’m just not into super heroes and the art style doesn’t appeal to me although I loved From Hell and V for Vendetta which are also by Alan Moore. At a friend’s house recently, some people started talking about The Watchmen tv show, which I’ve heard is great and scored by Trent Reznor (who I love) BUT it’s a continuation of the book which I have trouble reading SO I’m a’forcin myself. My friend Dave said, “If you have to force yourself, maybe don’t do it?” But, honestly, my friends “forcing” is something I’ve always done to finish books. I love reading but sometimes you have to force your way through the beginning to get to the good part; same with binge watching TV shows.

Speaking of which, we just finished the Dick Van Dyke Show (which started out painfully on the original pilot starring Carl Reiner–who I also love–but improved immeasurably with Dick Van Dyke). But that show just got better and better and better. SO fucking hilarious. And now we just started The Bob Newhart Show which also started out painfully but is now getting better and weirder (and therefore funnier) about 5+ episodes in. All the best shows are like this: The Office (both UK and US versions), Parks and Rec, Maude, the Golden Girls, Schitt’s Creek, Last Man on Earth, The Good Place, Brooklyn 99, etc. For literally, ALL of those shows, I felt “meh” about at least the first episode, if not the first season (ahem: Parks and Rec) but then they got SO good. You gotta give people space to get their bearings before something can really take off. I LOVE sitcoms. They make me happy and are so comforting IF they’re done right.

Anyway, whatever. I’ve gotta go straighten up and maybe get back in bed to stay warm and rest. It’s 20 degrees outside and maybe 60 in here even though we have the heat up to 80; literally. I put sweatshirts on Shirley, Monster, and Elvira. Giles won’t let me put a sweater on him or rather, he will, but he removes it as soon as I turn my back so why bother? Shirley, Monster, and Elvira love a good sweater when it’s cold. Monster and Shirley love them no matter the temperature. Elvira doesn’t love it. She walks like an old lady with a sweater on but she’s happy to have it when it’s cold. The second it warms up though, she slinks out of it. Shirley and Monster will actually bite you if you try to take their sweater off. Once you put it on them, they’ll only let you remove it when they’re about to die of heatstroke. I have babby clothes horses for pets, what can I say? G’bye.

UPDATE: I ended up spending the entire day in bed reading for a long while and then sleeping for a few hours. I was so tired and also sosososososo cold. It was so cold in our house that, eventually, I had to put the heat up to 90 JUST to get it up to 70. We have turned it down to a reasonable amount now. Also, it was nice to spend the day sleepies. Partytime, excellent.

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