She’s back at it

Okay sorry for the super closeup on my mug but this is a selfie I took to send to Kristyn when heading into werq yesterday. I don’t know if you remember, but we send each other a selfie when we get safely to work and this was mine. I worked from home on Monday and went into the office on Tuesday for the first time since November 22nd. So crazy.

I had a nice day and actually, my energy and focus seemed much improved! We’ll see how the focus goes because bitch has been REAL unfocused lately so it’s hard to say whether or not that’s gotten better. What I WILL say is that it felt great to be out of the damn house. I have essentially been in self-imposed exile for approximately three months while I healed. I’m glad I took this time because I was definitely NOT healed when I went back in early November. While I was getting ready for work yesterday, I had a moment of self-clarity where I checked in with my self to see how I felt. I was like “Okay, this is a vast improvement to how I felt the last time I took a crack at going back to work.” Good to know that I’m not going to forever be stuck in a “Low Energy Jeb”-type swirl. (P.S. “Low Energy Jeb” is (and will forever be) the only thing that Donald Trump has ever said that made me LOL. The LOL has nothing to do with 45 or Jeb but I like the idea of a person insulting someone else as being “low energy”. It’s a bizarrely specific crack and those are always the ones where, even if it’s directed at you, you’re like “Okay, good one.”)

I also got a new yoga mat yesterday and tried it out today. I’ve had my old one for a while now and it’s not in great shape anymore because the cats love to dig their claws into it and Shirley likes to zoomies on it. It’s the sun (masculine) and moon (feminine) and kind of also the mother, maiden, and crone. It’s also sacred geometry. Interesting and pretty.

Okay, I’m tired and babbling now but I also have to head out the door. Bye!

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