YouTube Bender

UNHhhh is like the inside of my brain.

For all of these years, I’ve barely paid attention to YouTube. I mean, whatever, I’m not an idiot. I know it exists and I have watched videos on it from time to time but I’ve never been an avid YouTube watcher LIKE I AM NOW.

It started with UNHhhh. Kristyn and I watched every single episode of UNHhhh twice. Clearly.

This is mainly for sleepy times. (Yes, I also have apps for this.)

Actually, FALSE, we started initially with Harry Potter ASMR rooms. Worthwhile use of time, friends.

Sharon (left) and Alaska (right)

And THEN we moved onto UNHhhh. From there, we went to looking up all kinds of Trixie Mattel and Katya videos. We then moved onto Sharon Needles and Alaska videos and literally any other drag queen.

Jeffree (left) and Shane (right)

Then we (mostly me) got deep into a Jeffree Star/Shane Dawson swirl and I watched Shane’s whole documentary on Jeffree and then yes, I bought the Conspiracy pallet. (If you do not know what I’m talking about, it’s probably for the best. *sigh*)

There’s a lot of lesbians here. You get it.

Then, because we were over-indexed in gay men, we took a break and watched the entirety of The Real L Word (which was a LOT to take in).

Tig (left) and Ellen (right) (duh)

From there, it was back to YouTube to watch Tig Notaro interviews. Went through a bunch of those; focusing on all the Ellen interviews she did.

L-R: Dax, Ellen, Kristen

I THINK that’s how we got heavily into Kristen Bell and Dax Shepard interviews because they’ve been on Ellen A LOT. But then, of course, the Kristen Bell/Dax Shepard-a-thon went in lots of different directions because they are funny and they go on talk shows a helluva lot. Guys, this is STILL going on with no sign of a slow-down.

It’s Always Sunny

Then, because we got into watching It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia at night, we had to watch interviews with the cast on YouTube while we dine. We’re still only a few seasons in on this show so I can’t see the YouTube obsession dying down.

Then, somehow, I came upon “mental health YouTube”. Lots of fascinating areas to cover here.

The first channel I watched was Living Well with Schizophrenia. This gal just talks about what it’s like to live with this condition and how to live well with it. She talks about how her condition affects others and her husband does an interview. It’s pretty cool that she’s putting her knowledge and experience out into the world. Then I got into:

The Entropy System

The Entropy System is a channel hosted by a person with Dissociative Identity Disorder or DID. Wyn refers to herself as a “system”. Essentially she explains what it’s like to realize that prior trauma has formed different identities within you in order to shield your mind. Super interesting.


All of this has brought me to Katie Morton who is a licensed therapist in California who has a channel dedicated to all different facets of mental health. She has over 1200 videos and so many good ones like: “What is Gaslighting?” “Am I being manipulated?” “What is BPD?” “What does your therapist really think about you?” “What’s it like to be a therapist?” Just all kinds of interesting stuff about therapy and the human mind. I find it really fascinating and I’ve watched a bunch of videos that have actually helped me with regards to situations in my life and my own anxiety and depression. Highly recommend!

Anyway, if you’re thinking watching the above was a waste of time? Sure, I was wasting time but I was also LOLing and eating meals and taking vitamins and learning shit. So, pretty cool. Also? YouTube is not a platform that I’ve ever given much thought but it sure seems like lots of other people have! Guuuuuurl…everything’s going down on YouTube. A whole new world. Speaking of which, I’m going to stop fooling around on the compooter and go outside for a little while. I go back to work (again) tomorrow so I might as well get some sunbeams on my D-deficient flesh.

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