Happy New Year/Decade!

We had a pretty great New Year’s Eve this year. All we did was put on makeup, eat pigs in a blanket, drink Friexenet, and dance around with the pets but ’twas a good time. I love celebrating NYE like this. Going out is too expensive, too pressure-filled, and never as much fun as cleaning up the house, making appetizers, and getting wild on bubbly.

The few times we did go out that I can remember are:

  1. In our 20’s, we decided to go to Manhattan (but not to the ball drop). Because it’s expensive, we “pre-gamed” which meant that I drank a full bottle of wine BEFORE we left the house and brought almost another one in a Snapple bottle to drink “on the way there”. You guys, bish got so drunk that she was sleeping the second we got there. Kristyn, my sister, and her friend had to prop me up places and then dance around me. You know what? I think I’ve told this story on this blog before. Well, whatever, I was a MESS. All I remember doing are asking people to tap kiss me (and getting offended when they didn’t want to) and then I remember us all squeezing into a one person bathroom and knocking down bottles that were put on a shelf in the bathroom (broken glass and yelling people everywhere). What a mess.
  2. Also in our 20’s, we got invited to a house party hosted by a couple we’re friends with. We got there around maybe 9/9:30pm and the hosts were already out of their minds intoxicated. The gal host decided to go to bed and the pal host was so worried about her that he spent all his time in the bedroom making sure she was okay. At 10:30, they told everyone to go home. It had been snowing heavily and had taken quite a bit of effort to get there via cab so we had to stand outside and wait for a cab for a long time to get back home. What a mess.
  3. Alsoalso in our 20’s, we decided to go into Manhattan to watch the ball drop in Times Square. It was a moderately-temperatured evening; probably like 50 degrees which is unusual. We took advantage of it and got there at like 7pm. A thing to note about the ball drop is that people get there at like 7am to jockey for position. And then once you’re there, you cannot get out of that area for any reason; not to eat, not to pee, not for any reason. No WAY am I ever going to do that. So instead, we meandered lazily down there at 7pm. The way it works is this: The streets are fully closed down for blocks in every direction around the ball. You can only enter in certain areas and not only are the streets closed but there is a pretty intense system of police-enforced gates to get through. So, for example, when you’re first entering the gates, you have to get wanded by police to make sure that you don’t have any weapons. If you get approved to move forward, you have to keep going until the next police-enforced area. THAT police officer also wands you and then allows you passage into the next police-enforced area. It continues on like this until you get to an area that already has people congregating. When your section fills up, they close it off and start letting people line up in the next section and so on. WELL, where we ended up was probably about 3-4 blocks BEHIND the ball. This means that we had absolutely no visibility on any celebs, were definitely not on TV, and no ticker tape for us at midnight. It also meant that when the ball dropped, we could only see it go down for 10-5 and then it disappeared behind an area of the building blocking our view. Still, it was pretty fun; mostly because of the rowdy German tourists who were singing en masse all night. Also? 50 degrees is not cold BUT when you’re sitting outside in windy Manhattan from 7pm-12pm wearing a lighter coat than you would normally wear? It gets cold. There were pizza vendors selling pies at the side of our prison so there were pizza boxes everywhere. All of us in the cage took to sitting down on pizza boxes because our feet hurt and our butts were cold sitting on the pavement. Anyway, we saw the ball drop and then decided to head home. In fact, we drove to Clifton, NJ to our fav bar, The Loop. We got there probably around 1am and the bar stayed open until 3am. We had bought those glasses you see everyone wearing with the New Year across them. I think it was “2007”. Anyway, a guy in the bar that I didn’t know, asked me if he could put them on. I said yes and he ran away with them. When I finally caught him and asked for them back, he literally said that he was hoping I’d forget or wouldn’t be able to find him. I said “No chance in hell.” He forked them over and I have no idea what happened to them now. Pretty decent NYE.
  4. When we lived in LA, our final NYE was actually one of my favorites and I KNOW I’ve told this story on this blog but I don’t care, I’m going to tell it again. We went to Universal Studios during the late afternoon and went on some rides. Around 10pm, we came home and at midnight, we were drinking champagne on our balcony watching the fireworks go off all over LA. That’s literally one of my favorite NYE on record.
  5. Oh oh one more. I don’t know if it was the first NYE after my nephew was born (which would have made him like two weeks old) or the second year (which would have made him one year and two weeks old) but we decided to go stay over at my sister and brother-in-law’s house to spend NYE with them. Once we got there though, my sister and brother-in-law were EXHAUSTED (from having either a two week old or one year and two week old son). They fell asleep probably at 10:30pm. And then Kristyn, never one to be outdone with regards to snoozaroos, went to sleep as well. So now all three of them were unconscious on the couches in the living room and I’m WIDE AWAKE and ready to party. I tried, to abso-fucking-lutely, no avail to get someone anyone to get up and watch the ball drop with me or to go outside at midnight and clang pots and pans. Outright refusal. So at midnight, my sister’s neighbors started shooting off fireworks so I went outside by myself and watched them and then went inside and went to sleep on the couch. LOLs.
  6. One more one more. Last year we had a lot of fun too. Our friend, Amanda, came over and we did exactly what we did this year PLUS we played the Game of Life. I am pretty sure that I was losing for the entire game and then suddenly won huge at the end. Hopefully, this is foreshadowing for how my life will actually go. I mean, I’d rather not win huge at the end then die. Let’s make sure I win huge with plenty of time to enjoy it.

So, I’m writing all of this because I am procrastinating on posting something else. I wrote up a MAD LONG overview of everything big we did this decade; organized by year. Basically, I think I need to break it into two posts and add photos to it. I just can’t seem to get myself to finish it though because I guess I’m not ready to close the book on this decade (although we already have haha). Well, coming soon to a blog near you (it’s this one guys).

Here’s some more photos of this year’s NYE:

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