Snuggie Day


I don’t know if I mentioned it in my last post but yesterday and today are “Snuggie Day”. Since we were so busy on Christmas Eve and Day, I decided to dedicate the 26th and 27th to straight up chilling with no goals in mind. So yesterday, we really, really, really did that. We just laid flat on our backs and watched TV; specifically The L Word: Generation Q, Handmaid’s Tale and The Office (as a palate cleanser). This marnin’ I let myself sleep until about 10:30! It felt so good. I want to be mad that the day is getting away from me but I can’t even.

Kristyn wants to go get a haircut and I kind of want to go see Little Women so we’ll probably get up and go out for a little while and then come back and watch more of The Handmaid’s Tale. I’m a little “meh” about this season because it seems to stuck in a swirl “Do we or do we not trust Serena?” Blerg. Same for The L Word: Generation Q (btw I can’t with that title). I mean, I’ll WATCH IT and be GRATEFUL WE HAVE IT but honestly, I roll my eyes quite a bit watching it. Here are the things that make me roll my eyes in a bulleted list:

  • The young blonde one galloping around like a Golden Retriever all the time.
  • The lesbian couple that’s getting married. Literally who cares about them and their non-issue issues? Like they get engaged one second into the show and then immediately introduce all kinds of “Oh but maybe we shouldn’t?” and “How DARE your Dad offer to pay for a nice place to have our wedding?!” I get that there is nuance there but it just seemed to have escalated faaaaaar too quickly without much context. Relax. Also, the one with “the Dad”; what is her entire deal? She’s spooky and I am not about her character at all.
  • I like the trans character but do not even understand what his storyline is so far. They’re not giving him enough yet.
  • Shane having enough money to “impulsively” buy a bar in LA.
  • Shane not being able to keep it in her pants with the bartender.
  • Bette’s whole sex-with-a-married-woman drama.
  • Bette and her daughter’s tension.
  • The fact that we keep hearing about Tina and yet, no Tina? We had better see Tina.
  • Alice’s girlfriend’s baby mama drama.
  • Alice’s talk show is weird and so is the logo to the talk show; although I was vvvvv into the Megan Rapinoe cameo.
  • Oh AND the fact that they slipped in that Jenny died by suicide after dedicating the entire final season to a “whodunnit” style caper without actually ever revealing “the murderer”. THAT was some true fuckery, you guys.

I mean, I guess that’s the entire show that I’m rolling my eyes at, really. Kristyn said “It’s always been soapy” and this is true but this is some other level shit. I hope they keep it going and we get more seasons because why not but I can’t say I’m LOVING IT so far. I hope that changes as the story progresses. I wish I could see what Cammie Esposito has to say about all of this but I don’t have a subscription to New York magazine and do not intend to get one so here we are.

One stupid (and unrelated) thing I want to say is that I finally figured out something about my bangs today. For a long time I’ve been looking at pictures of my hair when I was in LA and trying to figure out what was different about my bangs then and how to recreate it. I finally realized today that I just pushed them to the side in a different way than I’d been doing it. I swear to Goddess, you guys, I have shit for brains sometimes. I was like wracking my brain trying to think if they were cut differently or something. Nope, just pushed to the side. Honestly, I think I unlocked the secret to my bangs due to two factors: 1) Kristyn’s Dad is a barber and we talked at length about how to cut bangs on Christmas Eve and 2) all morning while I was sleeping, I was dreaming that I was trying to cut my bangs. Basically, my laziness ended up with a bang revelation. Man alive!

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