Pink hurr, Christmas tree, and Elvira.

I have to admit that I looked up synonyms of the word “slow” to find “sluggardly” but if the sluggard fits, wear it. I am still struggling with my energy, you guys. I’m not suffering like I was. I think the Wellbutrin is starting to work a bit because I feel a little more perked up than I did. However, I still cannot really focus to get much done. I feel like all I do is eat things, recover from eating things, take vitamins, recover from taking vitamins, shower, get dressed, put makeup on, and then it’s time to eat and recover from eating as well as take vitamins and then recover from taking vitamins. By the time all that fuckery is done, it’s almost time for bed.

Me and Sammie.

I WILL say, however, that I feel like I’m seeing an improvement this week. I’m at least getting dressed, putting on actual clothes, and makeup. Prior to this, I was only fully getting ready on the rare days we go out. Otherwise, I was wearing PJs all day. I’m hoping that getting dressed will eventually make me feel more spritely and able to actually DO SOMETHING.

12/12 moon at exactly 12:12am ET

When I say that I am not doing anything, I don’t totally mean that. I straighten up the house every day including making the bed, straightening up the living room, feeding the pets, maybe doing some dishes and sweeping. What I’m NOT doing is straightening up two rooms that really need it. One of the rooms was organized until I half-heartedly started going through clothes to see what fits and what doesn’t. I just have to finish that job. The other room is our study and it’s been a damn wreck for a year because it’s become our dumping grounds. Today Kristyn said “I have no clue how you’re going to be able to make sense of that room. HOARDER ROOM.” Tis true “HOARDER ROOM”. I mean, it’s not a hoard like you’d see on TV with fetid mummified cats falling out of the ceiling. It’s just stacks of books and boxes of craft stuff. BUT. STILL.


Pals, between the above paragraph and now, I took a two hour break. I’ve done nothing productive BUT I have watched the Impeachment Debate/Markup. It’s 8:26pm and I’ve been watching this since 9:30am. Jesus.

Also, I died my hair pink sort of. It’s a washout pink spray. It’s fine. Kristyn went to a holiday party for her department today. Here she is looking cute and holly jolly:

Sharp dressed “and”.

Okay, gnite! (FYI, I recognize that these blog posts are PREEEEETTY PRETTY boring but writing every day is making me feel productive and also, more importantly, they make Kristyn LOL. Feel free to say “Oh fuck off, we know about the hoarder room already, Coleen” and click off if you like haha. But also, thank you for being here and reading my bullshit because I’m back on it.

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