Christmas Stories

This past Friday, we went to see our niece perform in a local performance of A Christmas Story: The Musical. The musical was put on by the town and kids from 3rd through 12th grades could be in it. There were like 60+ kids in the cast! They did such an excellent job too. So proud of her!

We also celebrated my Father in Law’s birthday. Linda put eyedrops in his eyes (see above). Also, it was the first time I’ve had a slice of pizza which felt like a non-scale victory in that I was able to eat all of the cheese and 75% of the crust and felt fine! My brother and sister in law apologized for serving pizza (completely unnecessarily) but honestly, I was really glad to try it in a comfortable setting (AND I’m just glad for their hospitality). I need to experiment with different kinds of foods to see how they settle. So far, I’ve been to a party at my Aunt’s house, to Thanksgiving dinner, and to this mini-birthday party and was able to eat anything that was served. This makes me happy to know that I can enjoy party food just so long as I have a smaller portion size. That’s fine by me. I actually had a little bit of birthday cake too. I felt fine, honestly.

On Sunday, we went the Shannon Rose. It’s a local Irish chain restaurant. Honestly, it’s the last place we saw my brother alive in October 2017. We hadn’t been back since. We decided to go only because it was close to the movie theater. Kristyn shed a few tears when we walked in the door but I was surprisingly fine. I will say, however, that we didn’t go into the room we hung out with him in or I might have lost it a little. Here’s a picture of that night:

After dinner, we went to see Knives Out. We were originally intending to go see Meet Me in St. Louis or National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation but we felt kind of loosey goosey about it and spent too much time in the restaurant.

Knives Out was really good, you guys! It was a really fun movie to watch. I love mysteries like Agatha Christie (which it’s styled after), Murder She Wrote (which they played in the movie), and Clue. This movie wasn’t very close to Clue tonally but it was fun to watch like Clue; just in a different way. It was kind of like Wes Anderson meets Agatha Christie meets Clue. Overall, highly recommend even IF I was able to untangle the mystery. Basically, me and Kristyn make fun of each other because SHE is a “great TV watcher” and I am “not”. She figures out every mystery whereas I just like to go along for the ride (and therefore perpetually shocked and surprised by everything).

Today got sucked away by the Impeachment Hearings. I can’t even discuss it except to say that apparently we’re getting Articles of Impeachment in the morning! Jesus, finally. Okay, I think I’m going to “fanciful sleep” in the armchair in the living room with the Christmas lights on. I usually do it on the first day we put up the tree but I haven’t yet. Bonjour!

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