Little stinker

The little stinker is me, you guys. I saw my doc yesterday and am now going to go back on medical leave through the end of the year. On one hand, I’m glad for it because I am not myself and I need to get well. On the other hand, I feel so guilty and sad. However, THAT’S the kind of thing that won’t serve the first hand so I gotta get past that.

This time on leave, I think I’ll need to try to do some things that help me feel accomplished because I think it’ll help me; mind, body, and soul. I have to straighten up that front room because it’s been a mess all year and straightening that up will be good for my mind and body. I have to sell some things because we have way too much stuff and getting rid of the clutter will be good for my mind. I need to make some things because it’s good for my soul. I need to exercise and take Shirley for walks because it’s good for my body (and hers).

I know that cynical people will criticize the fact that this is happening over the holiday season. This can’t be helped. Honestly, it would be nicer if it happened during the summer because then I could go convalesce at the trailer. I relax way more up there because there’s less to clean and to do. However, I do love the holiday season so I’m going to lean into joy. We do have a few things planned:

  1. We’re going to Kristyn’s parent’s house for Thanksgiving.
  2. We’re going to pick up Grandma on Black Friday to drive her home.
  3. We’re going to hang with Randy on Black Friday to buy some gifties and go to the movies.
  4. We’re going to our niece’s play.
  5. We’re going to the Great Wolf Lodge for our nephew’s birthday for the night.
  6. We’re going to Kristyn’s Aunt’s house for Christmas Eve and to my Aunt and Uncle’s house for Christmas Day.

Other than that, I’m sure I’ll be decorating, cleaning, and trying to get as healthy as possible during this time. Hopefully I can read some books. I couldn’t do that the first time I went on leave. I just couldn’t focus on anything. I can’t now either so I hope that changes. Also, I say I’m going to do all of the above but lethargy is something I’m having trouble with. I say I’m going to do all of the above with the conviction that I don’t want my health to get in the way. I hope to do the above to build my strength or because I WAS able to build it. We’ll see I suppose.

What I know I WILL definitely do is get in my protein, liquids, vitamins, shower, and dance lightly to the Dick Van Dyke Show (until I run out of episodes and then it’s onto something else).

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