Pals, Momma ain’t herself. I’m fine, I’m not fine. I’m energetic, I’m “low energy”. I’m nauseous, I’m not nauseous. I’m all over the place this week. I ended up not going to work both yesterday and today. Also, I’m having trouble focusing on anything. I mean, I’m not in any danger of a medical emergency; I just don’t feel well. I slept on and off all day yesterday. I did manage to hang a pair of curtains that I’ve been meaning to, though, so that made me feel productive. I’ve been needing to put up those curtains because the window has been bare for about a month and it’s been FREEZING in that room. That literally took five minutes and I laid back down haha.

I’m currently trying to take my vitamins and gagging. I’ve never had trouble taking vitamins in my life but now, every time I do, I gag when they go down and I have to resist throwing up when they hit my stomach. It takes forever to get them all down. I’ve been trying to get these vitamins down for at least an hour now.

If I’m feeling better later, maybe I’ll try to straighten up our “study”/”office”. It’s been a dumping ground for basically all of 2019. Although I’m not feeling well, I really don’t want to lay down all day. I’d like to be up and moving around and I feel like that room might be easier to organize than I think it will.

I’m watching Day 2 of the Impeachment Hearings. Yovanovitch is a very credible witness; so diplomatic (of course) and factual. She’s not willing to assume anyone’s intentions. This is wild. I listened to some of Day 1 of the Impeachment Hearings and couldn’t pay attention to it for some reason. I don’t know if that’s because I’m having a difficult time focusing in general or if it’s because I’m so fed up with this entire thing. Basically, we know what 45 and his cronies did. They’re just laying down the facts on the record. It’s depressing that anyone could still be defending these criminals. I don’t know many people who do but the ones I do are close family members who cannot understand why I won’t discuss it with them anymore. The reason is that I lose respect for them every time we do. Eh, I don’t want to talk about it.

One thing I do want to talk about is sneakers. I excercise every day and have for a long time HOWEVER it’s ridiculous exercise; dancing in front of the TV watching a sitcom every morning. It’s not intense exercise. It hasn’t made me lose weight. What it DOES do is stretch my body out, get my blood moving, and make me start the day feeling good. Lately, I’ve started walking on the treadmill and then recently I even started jogging on it. The weird thing is that I refuse to put on socks and sneakers to do it. Kristyn is going to kill me because I’ve been walking AND jogging on the treadmill in slides. I know this isn’t a bright move but I just don’t want to put anything between getting me on the treadmill. SO, I’ve been trying to think of what kind of slip-on shoes I can wear to walk/jog on the treadmill without socks. I DO have a pair of Vans slip-ons but they’re a half size too small; not ideal. I DO have a few pairs of Converse that I could wear that aren’t slip-on BUT I could not lace them up all the way so that they’re easy to get on and off. This is a ridiculous problem because if I went to the gym, I’d put on my running sneakers WHICH I do absolutley have. Perhaps those can slide on and off easily? I should unearth them and try. It’s dumb that I had to tippy type this out on a public forum to identify that solush. See? Brains are not firing on all cylinders.

Okay, it’s been three hours and I finally just finished my vitamins. Jesus Christ. Okay, gonna go for now and try not to hurl. Bye!

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