Let’s take this body for a spin

Okay pals, today’s the day. I’m heading back to werk this morning for the first time in seven weeks. I’m as ready as I’ll ever be. My energy has been really low this week. It’s possible that could be because I flipped over into college hours in my final week at home. I got up at 5am today and exercised for an hour so I’m feeling pretty decent but I know I’ll be EXHAUSTED when I get home.

Basically today, I’m going to be in IT all day; I can guarantee it. I have legit NO IDEA what my laptop password is. My computer is going to have to do seven hundred thousand updates. And then I’ll have a ton of emails to look through before I can do anything. I’ve checked my email a few times since I’ve been away to see what’s cooking but it’s all been taken care of. Basically, I’ll probably just skim through it and file it. For a week’s vacation, you can come back with things to do. For SEVEN WEEKS’ medical leave? Someone else needs to handle that shit because you have no idea when that person will really be able to return, right?

So, yesterday, I had a crazy thing happen. I was standing and lifted up my foot without thinking and realized that I raised it way higher than I have in a long time. Then suddenly, I went into that pose above! The fuq?! That shit is incredible to me because I used to be very flexible and used to be able to do stuff like the above with no problem at all. But within the last few years, uh uh no way no how could I have done that. I’ve lost 35 pounds now and the last time I was this weight was probably in 2014? 2015? That means I’ve peeled off 4-5 YEARS of weight. That’s incredible to me. (BTW, I photoshopped the photo above. Why not use my weight loss to learn photoshop?)

Anyway, my goals in this are less to lose weight although that’s nice and more to gain strength, flexibility, and endurance oh and ENERGY! I was thrilled to see that some of the old flexibility is returning. Wild wild wild.

Okay, I gotta GTFO. Wish me luck!

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