A real blur

It’s been over a week since I wrote and honestly, it’s been a blur. Mostly I’ve been cleaning the house, watching The Dick Van Dyke Show, learning to eat food like a person, and exercising. This “eating like a person” thing is hard because it’s tough to eat small enough portions that I don’t feel sick while getting in enough protein and fiber with a low enough portion of carbs and sugars. The REAL rough thing is trying to fit in all my vitamins and pills. I have a few prescriptions to take to make sure that my stomach doesn’t over-produce acid and also so that I don’t develop gallstones. I also need to take specific vitamins. All of these pills can’t be taken together but mostly all need to be taken with food. It’s a job unto itself.

We DID have two big things happen this week though:

  1. We had our in-home inspection for Foster to Adopt on Friday. We had to prepare for that all last week a little at a time; hence the cleaning. It went well, there are a few things we need to fix and then we’ll have a re-inspection next week. Wish us luck!
  2. We went to Kate’s Lazy Meadow in Mt. Tremper, NY for our 6 year wedding anniversary (see above). We do this (almost) every year for our wedding anniversary AND it was the first weekend I could “travel” post-surgery. It felt really good to get into the car and drive. We didn’t do too many things this year because I still have a limited amount of spoons; even though my energy is increasing all the time. Still, we went shopping in Phoenicia, made a nice dinner, went to the Jericho Drive-in to see the Addams Family movie, went to the Phoenicia Diner, and chilled. It was rainy on Sunday and it was so nice up there that we decided to stay another day. We just lazed on the couch and watched sitcoms and then that CNN multi-part documentary about the history of comedy. Then I napped forever. Kristyn caught up on reading for her exams (that she’d intended to do on Monday) and then we intended to do some sightseeing on Monday but we were both exhausted so we came home. All that traveling has me wiped even though it was just a two hour ride. Here are some other photos:

One thing I forgot is that I had my first glass of wine post-op on Sunday night. Whoooo that hit me fast and hard! I was fine though; it didn’t make me sloshed. I didn’t have a lot and I didn’t drink fast. I probably had one glass of wine total and it felt like I’d had three BUT the feeling also went away quickly too which was good. Some surgeons recommend that you don’t have a drink for at least a year. My surgeon said it was fine after one month which is the bare minimum. Basically, 1) because your stomach is so small post-op, it absorbs everything differently meaning that you can get drunk faster, 2) Post-op patients sometimes have transfer addiction from food to whatever else so they want to avoid you turning to alcohol. Understandable. I’m not much of a drinker anyway so although I want to keep it that way, I felt comfortable to have a glass of wine on my anniversary weekend. The one other thing they recommend is not to have your first drink in public so that you don’t make an asshole out of yourself. So, we just watched The Jersey Shore Family Vacation, Season 3 while we had some wine. Perf.

Okay, so this week we have a lot on the agenda. We have to fix up the house to pass our home inspection, we have concert tickets, it’s Halloween, and we’ve been invited to a daytime event for DCPP and also a friend’s party. I’m going to have to alternate between relaxing and exercising to keep my energy up for all of this; it’s a lot at once. Next Monday I go back to work and I’m okay with that. I’m glad I took this extra time because I feel so much better than I did when I was supposed to go back two and a half weeks ago. I’m no longer in pain like I was. My incisions are healed. Even though I don’t have as many spoons as I’d like, I have more than I did. I’m not napping during the day (except for Sunday which was more of a pleasure nap than a necessary nap) and my exercise amount has been increasing. I assume I’ll be dead to the world after work every day next week but it is what it is. It’ll feel good to be back in the world and get used to this new life while working.

Seven weeks! I’ve been home for seven weeks! One week was vacation pre-op and six weeks was post-op. In all that time, it doesn’t feel like much has happened but I did do one huge thing; took control of my health and lost 30 pounds! Okay, I gotta GTFO. Byeeeeee!

P.S. We finished watching Drag Race All-Stars 2 last night!

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