Sleepy Cozy Cool

I still haven’t left the house since Saturday. Yesterday I intended to but then felt it best if I stayed in and accomplished some paperwerk-esque items including making the above business cards! I’ve been trying to launch a side business all year long; going so far as to create an LLC and a tax ID, to do the early stage items to start an Etsy shop, claim social handles, and create a blog. I’ve started making some jewelry and buying fabric to make some things. I was offered the opportunity recently to read tarot cards at a cancer charity event in the next town over; benefitting cancer patients in that town and my hometown. I’m choosing not to get paid for that because it’s a) an awesome cause and b) I don’t want to/can’t earn money on medical leave. I created those cards at the suggestion of the gal who is giving me this opportunity. It felt great to make them but I already can see that I made an error. I got licensed to do Reiki this year so I should have put it next to tarot.

Oh and THIS was why a psychic medium came to my house the other day. I did a practice run read on her. I’ve been reading tarot (or trying to learn to) since I was a teenager. Within the last two years I have gotten pretty good at it (in comparison to how I used to do). There are a few main thoughts about tarot: 1) when you are reading someone’s cards, you are “fortune telling” or gleaning information from a higher source, 2) when you are reading someone’s cards, you are interpreting the art on the cards in relation to each other as a point of conversation and making sense of a chaotic world, and 3) when you are reading someone’s cards, you are both interpreting the art/archetypes AND if you’re good enough, you’re also using your intuition. Personally, I started with interpreting the art and now there’s room for intuition. I’ll report back on how it goes.

So also, today I had some other weird paperwork to take care of but then I decided to take advantage of the cold, windy, rainy day. Mid-afternoon, just as the storm started, I got cozy in my armchair with the wind blowing in on me. Listening to the rain, I put on something spooky (that Haunted show on Netflix) and then took a long nap. It was excellent. When I woke up, I ate something and then got comfortable again so we could watch Stranger Things, season 2 on Netflix. I got REAL bored with it when it came out (even though I loved Season 1). Kristyn wants to watch season 3 so now we’re watching it. I just remembered that part of why I didn’t watch this season is that Charles died right after it was released. He was really into this show and binge-watched it right before he died so I didn’t have the heart to watch it. Forgot about that grim factoid. Happy Halloween!

Speaking of Halloween, all the witchy Instagram accounts I follow keep reminding me that the “veil is thinning”. I believe it. I have been thinking of Charles, Nana (maternal grandma), and Gram (maternal great-grandma) a lot lately. I had a weird dream about Charles recently where we were hanging out at a party and he was probably a pre-teen. Even though we were at a party, he was pretty serious and so was I. I remember that I kept thinking that I wanted to hold off on telling him that his brother died until the party was over so as not to spoil his time. It wasn’t until I woke up that I realized that I was the one I was protecting from finding out her brother died so as not to spoil the party. Weird.

I also cried the other morning to the Mary Tyler Moore Show. It was the episode in the final season where Mr. Grant helps Mary get of sleeping pills that she’s been taking for her insomnia. He comes over her house and stays the night to stop her from taking pills. He sits her down on the couch and sings her the lullaby “Too Ra Loo Ra Loo Ral (That’s an Irish Lullaby)”. My Grandparents used to sing that to me as a kid and also other songs like it. It made me sob, LOL. I just miss them and also my hormones are all over the place since this surgery. 99% of the time, I am in a great mood; calm and peaceful. But that 1% has got me sobbing suddenly and it happens every few days. That 1% doesn’t have me worried. I’m not SAD SAD or depressed, just grieving and it honestly feels really good to let it out. However, I’m on the last two episodes of the Mary Tyler Moore Show and I’ve never seen them before so I DID avoid watching them today because I know I’m going to cry and don’t feel like doing it haha.

Okay, signing off fer today, boos! I just felt like tippy-typing and saying hullo!

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