This week I’m feeling a bit better. I haven’t been nauseous so far. I think perhaps the nausea was that I was eating too fast and perhaps the exhaustion was that I was doing too much too fast and wearing myself out. Still, after talking to my surgeon, we agreed that I need more time to acclimate to this new life. I’m really glad to have done that because this whole thing is like patting your head and rubbing your belly. It’s re-learning how to be a person, essentially. Because I’m healing well and feeling good (mostly), I tend to overdo it when I am feeling good which takes me down.

I haven’t been out of the house since Saturday when I got my hair fixed. Having never really dyed my hair before, I’m shocked SHOCKED at how close she got the color to my natural hair! The only indicator that it’s dyed (or ever was) is that she forgot a little boop of pink in me bangs. It’s okay by me! She did a great job. I might do a weird color again soon but she wanted me to get to an even base before we did that. Aye aye cap’n.

After I got my hurrs did, it was so nice out that we took Shirley to the dog park and she really made a looliebird of herself. She’s…not great with other dogs. She’s GREAT with people in that she loves them and trusts them and wants to be their friend. Actually though, she has no manners whatsoever with people and tends to jump relentlessly on them. We’re permissive mothers, what can I say? But we don’t take her to the dog park often because when we do, she inevitably gets into a kerfuffle with another doggy and everyone looks at us like we brought a goofy murderer into their little doggy heaven. What happened was a little white doggy and her parents were getting ready to GTFO and the owners had put that doggy’s lead and leash on. WELL, little miss Shirley went up to the Mom and Dad for pets and accidentally got in between the little white dog and her parents. So then that dog was sniffing Shirley’s doodle station and Shirley was submitting to that when the other dog started to growl a little. Shirley don’t take no shit from anyone so she let the growling happen for a min or two and then was like “Oh fuck me? No fuck you!” and FLIPPED the little white dog onto her back! (This is a maneuver that she is REAL good at and she’s employed it with our cats as well.) Once she’s on top, she starts snarling and growling and snapping and although she doesn’t actually bite, it LOOKS like she is. It scared the shit out of all of us and I can’t bend down OR lift her in my “delicate condition” (aka bariatric surgery not bebe). I had to holler “Kristyn, get her!” and she got Shirley off the other doggy. Man of la mancha was that a drama. The other parents and baby left and literally like within five minutes, every other dog and dog parent left. Gurlfriend cleared out the entire dog park. She was RADIOACTIVE. Well, one little doggy and her Mom stayed and then unsuspecting people arrive. And then Shirley looked like a wee basketcase because, by that time, she was a nervous wreck and DROOLING heavily out of both sides of her mouth. The legit only time she ever does this is at the dog park OR one time when she licked a bottle of RV antifreeze and almost succumbed. She was flinging drool everywhere and then running up to people who were like “Okay who brought the nerd?” We decided to take her for a solitary walk in the park which she behaved much better for haha. I keep telling Kristyn we need to get Shirley a Chihuahua because the only dog she loves consistently is her friend Chloe (whose Momma is our friend Amanda). I don’t think she’s ever had a fight with Chloe although she’s definitely gotten a little too in her face when playing and Chloe’s given her a piece of her mind.

That day, we also went to Lowe’s to buy some pipe covers. Because we’re working with the state on foster to adopt, we have to have our apartment up to code. They require that you cover pipes because they carry hot water up to the 2nd floor and they don’t want a child to get burned. Reasonable. So we’ve been meaning to do this forever and finally got it done. Now to put the covers on the damn pipes! Shirley was REAL into Lowe’s.

Kristyn’s been having to shoulder the burden of doing some of this cleanup that I can’t because I can’t lift or carry anything heavier than five pounds. Luckily, she’s been doing Crossfit for a year so it’s kind of like she’s been training for this exact moment. The inspector comes to visit on our six year wedding anniversary which is cool. That’s also the day we finally get to go Upstate to Kate’s Lazy Meadow; something we do for our anniversary every year. Since we missed the entire fall season up there because I couldn’t travel, we’re really looking forward to heading up there. The trees have been late to turn this year so hopefully most of the leaves won’t have fallen yet. I love love love being up in the Catskills when the trees are turning. So gorgeous. I love the brisk air too. Today is actually the date that the campground season ends which is kind of a relief because I don’t have to feel sad that I’m not there anymore haha. It’s officially Barr-Scorsone wintertime when the campground closes.

I have to think of what else I want to do today. I bought a ton of supplies to make art and I have a ton of books to read so I have to rip the bandaid off and get started. Funnily enough, a psychic medium came to the house yesterday and told me she was removing blocked energy in my “female creation quadrant” yesterday. I know I’m burying the lede here but more on that later. When she did it, I actually FELT it happen. I’m going to light a creativity candle I bought in LA today and make some shit! Wish me luck!

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