Oh how the mighty have fallen…

The “mighty” person I am speaking of is me although I have never once described myself as “mighty”. However, all that blather for the past two weeks about feeling “excellent”? Well, that’s over. Since Sunday, I am nauseous every day all day. I’m keeping everything down and haven’t yakked yet but everything is grossing me out during week 3. My stomach constantly feels mixed up. Everything tastes weird. I read these two articles that say it’s a normal and expected part of bariatric surgery. Literally everything is sickening to me. I’ve been laying down a lot to quell the nausea. Weirdly I’ve found that eating sugar-free ice pops seems to work to calm my stomach. I ate four of them the other day; that’s how nauseous I was.

Still, I’m glad I did this. I still have an increased amount of energy. The last two days we were supposed to go out and didn’t end up doing it, partially because of my nausea and partially because we did stuff around the house with the energy I DO have. With me losing weight so quickly, some of my pants are getting really loose so we went through some bags of old clothes to see if there’s anything in there that would fit me. A few months ago, Kristyn and I had gone through our clothes and put stuff that’s too small in bags for donation but then we never took them to donate. We went through those bags again and I found some clothes of both mine and hers that I will keep to the side in case I need them.

We also straightened up our first bedroom and the third; both of which have been a complete hot mess for literally ALL of 2019 so far. The reason for this mess is that we took every single thing out of the first bedroom and put it into the third so that we can repaint the first bedroom and rip up the old carpet. Well, that turned into a shitload of work that probably took us like 8 months and should have taken us a weekend. a) We’re busy and b) We’re so, so tired. My task for today is to do a little more zhuzhing in the 3rd bedroom and then some hanging in the 1st bedroom which now has a desk and chair in it for me, our treadmill with a TV, and a green screen photo backdrop LOL.

Okay, now, I’m going to take a little naparoo while watching the Pawnee Goddesses episode of Parks and Rec. G’day.

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