More to say

The Addams Family and spooky lights.

It was fun to write before so I’m going to write a bit more:

1) I’m currently listening to The Artist’s Way. I’ve been meaning to read this for such a long time but I keep getting stuck on the workbook-like tasks you have to complete. It’s nice to just LISTEN to it the full way through to start. It’s already sparking my brain.

Me and Morticia.

2) I’ve restarted watching The Addams Family tv series. It started because Kristyn gave me a Morticia Addams doll in the hospital. I’d actually been wanting to re-watch it so I’m glad she re-ignited my interest. I’m glad there’s an animated movie coming out too. In an odd way, The Addams Family is sort of a “queer text” in that they live their lives differently. They’re a loving family who does things a different way than other people do but just as resolutely as everyone else; marching to the beat of their own coffin. I like that and it’s funny and creative too. I like the sets and the humor. Very comforting!

Part of my Halloweenie decor and the scariest thing is that big buffoon yelling “We have the President of Finland here! Ask him a question!” on the screen.

3) This whole impeachment inquiry. Jeezus. It’s like this guy WANTS to get impeached. I don’t really think that but how ham-fisted can one turd (and all his co-conspirators) be?! What irks me (besides all of it) is that this is taking up this time I have to myself. I’ve been following what’s going on with this administration from the start but a little while before my surgery, I decided to take somewhat of a break from it. I’m mad now that all of this is going on because it has me glued to my phone and raising my anxiety when I could be reading a book, watching a movie, or making art. This fucker ruins everything and takes us down with him. I turned off CNN a few minutes ago. I have to limit myself to only the top of the headlines for the rest of my time on medical leave. It’s not worth it for me to be anxious when nothing is personally happening to warrant it.

Kristyn and Shirley doing some work yesterday. Dont mind our ripped up armchair. That’s the cats’ work. They did a good job!

4) I am going to participate in Inktober. We’re already three days in so I have three drawings to do today. I’ve always wanted to participate but never got on board quick enough. I’m going to catch up today with three quick ones. I’ve been wanting to make art while I’ve been off but I’ve been too wrapped up in this “healing” business to do it. Now that the house is clean and I’ve procrastinated in every other way, I need to just do it. I’m going to be posting it on Instagram (@buberella).

This photo is from when we went out for the first time last Saturday to Michael’s, AC Moore, and the movies.

5) Tomorrow I’m going to go get a haircut. I legit just got one one a few days before my birthday but the gal listened to me and didn’t take any length off. I said that to limit the amount of length taken off because people usually take too much. For the first time a hairdresser listened to me and now I need to get another haircut because it doesn’t look like I’ve had one (other than the addition of bangs). I’m also going to do a consultation about how to fix the color of my hair. I like it the light pink but I think I want it to go back to blonde. I am also watching The Mary Tyler Moore Show and finding myself jealous of normal-colored hair. Ideally, I’d want to go back to blonde and then do Overtone to add color when I want to. I am a firm lover of washing my hair every day. This whole deal about not washing it to keep the color in is nuts which is why it’s come out so fast. It’s even more faded now than it was in that photo above.


6) Tonight we’re going to the opening of an exhibit that Kristyn and her colleagues have been working on. It’s been nice to get out of the house so that’ll be fun. I also have to stop at the grocery store on the way home to get some more soft, high protein, low carb foods I can eat because if I eat another scrambled egg, I think I might ralph (and it’s only my third day of soft foods). I just choked one down about an hour ago. At the end of the month, it’s mine and Kristyn’s sixth wedding anniversary and we made a reservation to go to Kate’s Lazy Meadow again. I’m looking so forward to a) getting out of this house and b) getting to go upstate and see the (end of the) fall leaves. I’m bummed that we had to cut our trailer season so short but it was for a good reason. I’m glad I got this surgery and I’m glad I got it when I did. If I’d put it off, I would have talked myself out of it. Instead, I’m healing, I’m feeling good, have lots of energy, and looking forward to starting school in the Spring. Oh, one thing I don’t know if I mentioned is that I got accepted to the New School’s Media Studies Masters program! I’m glad it didn’t work out to start this Fall because I have so much going on right now. Happy to start fresh in the Spring.

Okay, I’m going to GTFO for now so that I can get up and move my body around. Later.

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