How I’m doing

Positive energy drink.

Hi pals. Interesting note: I wrote the last post just as I took my pain medication right before bed. I wrapped up writing it because my eyes were closing and then immediately fell asleep at the kitchen table after I hit “publish”. GUUUUURRRRL. So that’s how I WAS doing, here’s how I AM doing.

It’s been over a week since the surgery and I’m completely off all pain meds; including Tylenol. I’ve lost at least 1″ all over my body. I have lost 20+ pounds overall; about 10 prior to surgery and about 10 following it. I’ve moved onto the soft foods stage and had the best scrambled egg I’ve ever had in my LIFE the other day. I’ve also had an incredible amount of energy. I asked a friend who’s also had gastric sleeve surgery if she also felt like this and she said “Yes I had a disco ball of energy”. That’s me, pals; a “disco ball of energy”. I used to be a disco ball and I am now a disco ball once more. That makes this all worth it.

Us out for a walkydoodle the other day.

I’ve been exercising every day; just dancing around to The Mary Tyler Moore Show and some light stretching. I’ve also been going for some 15 minute walks around the block (not as many as I should be doing) but I feel like that’s okay because I’ve been up on my feet all day moving around. We’ve gotten out of the house a few times since the surgery. Last Saturday we walked around Michael’s and AC Moore looking at the Halloweenie decorations and then went to see Judy. Last Sunday, we relaxed all day and then went to Target. This Tuesday, we went to see Team Dresch in Jersey City. We had tickets for last night also but skipped it. I needed the rest and it was at Le Poisson Rouge in the city. I REALLY didn’t feel like doing that although I’m sorry I missed it.

Us at Team Dresch in JC. Kristyn ended up buying an entire outfit; a tshirt and sweatpants.

I’ve had a visiting nurse come twice and another one is coming this morning. The nurse I’ve seen so far is Scottish and her family lives in town which means our families probably know each other at least a little. That was comforting. She told me I’m doing well. I see my surgeon on 10/9 and then I’ll find out if I’m cleared to go back to work for 10/14. The only reason why I think I might not be would be because I’m starting on solid food that week which could bring about some gastrointestinal acclimation which could be awkward to experience in the office. I guess we’ll see.

Yesterday I felt good enough to spend the day cleaning the house. Well, it was more like straightening up rather than cleaning. I can’t bend or lift for a while so I just made order and decorated. The house had slid into straight fuckery since my surgery because I’ve acquired a lot of paperwork, medications, birthday cards, get well cards, gifties, and lots and lots of mail that’s stacked up. Somehow I spread this ephemera all over the house and therefore had to endeavor to put it all in it’s correct place yesterday. I straightened up two bedrooms (one moreso than the other), the living room, and kitchen. I decorated for Fall and Halloween. I went through the mail and separated trash from actionable items. I hung up all my cards, and put everything else away or on display as should be. AND THEN I CRASHED.

Also? It’s a lot of work to get through just following my doctor’s orders every day; taking my meds on time, vitamins, drinking the correct amount of fluids I should be, getting the exercise I need to, and the right amount of protein. That doesn’t sound like a lot but because I’m healing it is. I keep wishing I was more “productive” during this time but my nurse was like “You just had major abdominal surgery, gurl. Take it EASY and DO NOT OVERDO IT.” Taking heed, I have let myself read a book and take a nap sometimes. It’s this energy though; it wants me up and doing. Doing what, I don’t exactly know but I’ve been on my feet from the second I shoot out of bed to the time I force myself into bed at night. I hope I keep this energy. It’s the whole reason I did this heinous thing in the first place.

Today, I’m going to work on the bedroom that I didn’t finish yesterday. It’s not a lot of work. I just need to have Kristyn put away some paint cans (from when we painted rooms before the surgery). I need to organize a desk. I need Kristyn to move a few boxes to the other side of the room. Then together, we need to set up this photo backdrop I bought a few weeks ago. I have always wanted to try my hand at portrait and studio photography so I bought a backdrop, some photo lights, and a new tripod. We figured that we can both use it to take full body progress photos; me for my surgery and Kristyn for Crossfit as well as something she has coming up. Also, when I bought the kit, it came with a white, a black, and a GREENSCREEN backdrop. I’m tickled about the greenscreen. Back in the day, I learned a little bit about how to do greenscreen and I’d love to learn play with that.

Okay, time to go eat an egg. I can tell already that I’m going to get over eggs REAL soon. I ate a reheated one last night and almost yakked. Not looking forward to this one right now.

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