Salem and Laurie Cabot

Me and Laurie Cabot

In March, Kristyn and I drove up to Salem for the night. I’d finally pulled the trigger on booking a reading with Laurie Cabot, the “Official Witch of Salem”. In our mid-20’s, we’d gone up to Salem for a weekend and met her in her shop. Since then, I’ve been dying to book a reading with her.

First, I just love Salem so much. I love the witchiness of the area but I also love how cute it is. I love walking around and looking at the shops. I love how cute the area is. I’d legit live there.

Now to the reading. Ms. Cabot does her readings at a shop called Enchanted. They’re pet-friendly and boy did they spoil Shirley. They gave her treats and water, petted her, played with her; so cute. We got there early so we looked around the shop before it was our turn to go in. When we were called in, they said it was okay for both Kristyn and Shirley to sit in on the reading with me.

I have to say that it was crazy to walk into the room and see Laurie Cabot sitting there. For some reason, I felt like I had tunnel vision suddenly. Maybe it was just because she’s so distinctive-looking. Maybe it’s her power. I don’t know but I was glad there was a chair for me to sit down in because i needed it.

Ultimately, she put me at ease. She is…unexpected. I don’t know what I was expecting at all but she put me totally at ease after that first weird shock of recognition. She must be aware that she has that affect on people I’d imagine. She was very kind and “normal” but damn if she didn’t know every single thing going through my head.

Some background: Kristyn and I were supposed to drive up to Connecticut two days prior to go to a convention. Kristyn got a full-body rash that we thought might be the measles or some other communicable disease. We’d taken her to the ER and cancelled all our obligations because we didn’t want to infect anyone else if it was. Turns out that it was an allergic reaction to medication but by the time we knew that, people had already stepped in to cover for us. I was sad that I was going to miss my appointment with Laurie Cabot and I’d already put down half of the payment so I’d be not only missing the appointment but losing my money too. Bummer. On that Saturday though, Kristyn’s medication to counteract the allergic reaction was making her feel (and look) a bit better. I offered to drive the full way there and back if we could go. She agreed so long as she didn’t have to be on her feet too much. On that Saturday (the day of the appointment), we drove six hours to Salem for a 2pm appointment and arrived with about an hour to spare. On the ENTIRE 6 hour drive, we talked on the phone with our friend Amanda about careers, creating art, starting a side business, different types of jobs we might be interested in, etc.

YOU GUYS. There is no way that Laurie Cabot could have known any of that but the reading was basically a complete rehashing of every single thing I’d said to Kristyn and Amanda on the ride up. I was flabbergasted. This morning I re-listened to the reading and basically she said:

  1. That she’s glad I didn’t become a nurse or I would have poisoned someone after a year. (My Mom is a nurse and wanted me to become one. I considered becoming a midwife but never followed through on it.)
  2. That I could be a good psychologist because I have good insight and the gift of gab but it’s better that I use that gift in business. (In the last year, I’ve considered going to grad school to become a counselor.)
  3. She said that she can see that I had an interest in working in TV as a young person, that I’d tried it, am not doing it now, and that it’s not too late. This is 100% accurate. When we moved to LA, I worked in film and then TV. Then I got laid off and came back to the publishing industry. She said that I should create my own “public access” show. What I think is maybe I could create something on YouTube or a podcast or something. I’ve always wanted to do something like that; have a public access TV show. She’s right on the money there.
  4. She said that I have an artistic mind and that I should put it to good use by starting a business. She said that I could make paintings that people would buy, I could take vintage furniture and repaint it to sell, or that I could buy vintage items, clean them up, learn the history, and sell them. Literally, I talked about all of these things on the car ride up to Salem. These are all things I’ve done or have considered doing in my life.

Basically, she said that I should create a business for myself just after my birthday so long as Mercury is not in retrograde and that if I do, the business will last for a long time. She said I’m more cut out to work for myself than for someone else. I think my boss might agree on that haha.

One thing I do feel bad about is the selfie above. I feel like she and I had a good rapport and then I mucked it up by asking for a selfie. She said she usually doesn’t but allowed me to. I should probably not share it but the experience was meaningful to me so I can’t help myself. Whatever you think of psychic readings, this was very spot on and gave me a lot of chew on. Basically, she just spoke my own words back to me and I’ve been thinking about them a lot since then. I have been, little by little, gathering items that I can use to create a business; supplies, equipment to take good photos, I registered a business name and LLC, etc. I haven’t quite taken the plunge yet but I’m kind of circling the wagons. My birthday is next month! If I’m going to do it, I’m going to have to get going on it now.

Anyway, I just wanted to share this experience. I still have the audio but I’m not going to post it here because she goes into some other personal stuff that I don’t want to share. Still, it was an awesome experience and one that I highly recommend to anyone who is curious.

Below are some photos of the rest of the day. After we met with Laurie, we drove to find a place to have dinner. We found this outdoor place that allows dogs and is actually famous for offering meals on their menu for pets. However, they don’t start doing it until it’s warm out so we just ordered Shirley some ice cream (which she loves). We went into one or two shops but Kristyn was tired and achey and we’d already gotten what we came for so we went back to the hotel.

Kristyn dining on fried pickles and beer.
Shirley dining on vanilla ice cream.

Here’s a thing that happened though (below). We arrived at the hotel and were walking to go check in when Kristyn realized she forgot a bag in the car. I turned around to get it for her so she wouldn’t have to walk extra and stepped in below crater-sized pothole (which doesn’t look so huge in the photo but IS). I ended up twisting my ankle, falling on the ground scraping my knees and hands, my backpack flew up and hit me on the back of the head forcing me to land face-down on a bag of popcorn that burst and flew all over the ground. I thought I was dead. A car pulled a U-ey and was like “Jesus Christ, are you okay?!” Kristyn, meanwhile, had been facing the opposite direction and saw nothing. It was dark when this happened so she just heard a grunt and then saw me face-down on the ground. Literally, my knees were bleeding. My hands were alright but my ankle was REAL twisted. I didn’t go to the doctor or anything; remember we’d already been to the ER that week. I took the below photo as a reminder in case something worsened and I told the hotel too who wrote a report. Nothing came of anything and all was well.


One weird thing though was that when we were in the hotel at breakfast, I was wearing a sweatshirt that said “Wizard Activist” on it. It was a sweatshirt from the Harry Potter Alliance conference we’d been to a few years ago. A woman approached me and said “Wait, why do you have that sweatshirt on?!” I explained and she said “Well, it’s the craziest thing. You walked into this breakfast room wearing that sweatshirt in a room FULL of Wizards.” Basically, there was a convention there for Vortex Healing which is something I’d had done last summer at the Crystal Connection in Wurstboro, NY. AND THEN? The guy who’d done my Vortex Healing (and is now my FB friend) was actually THERE in the breakfast room with me! I didn’t have the courage to say anything to him. I should have. Still, so interesting. AND THEN, the waitress came up and said she liked my shoes which were slides that Kristyn bought at DragCon. I was wearing them because my multiple maladies from “the fall” made it hard to put shoes on. I was the most popular gal in the breakfast room!

Okay so that was that. What a crazy, interesting time. Oh one other thing that I forgot to mention was that we went to HausWitch in Salem. I bought the owner, Erica Feldman’s, book HausMagick from her. They were also pet friendly and loved Shirley. They put her on their InstaStories. I wish I had the screenshot of it to share. Still, so cute!

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