Wine Country

Image from AARP.

Since Saturday, I’ve watched this movie 1.5 times; the first time from beginning to end and the second from right around when Jenny (Emily Spivey) tells Naomi (Maya Rudolph) that she’s her Apollonia until the end.

Pals, I love this movie! I’d read some tepid reviews about it which was disappointing because there are so many great people in this movie. To that end, I’d put it off for a while; never really finding the perfect time to sit down and be disappointed by it.

Image from Vulture.

HOW-FUCKING-EVER…I have to say that I really enjoyed this movie. The 1.0 time I watched it, I have to admit that it took a little while to get the hang of it’s whole deal. I was a little confused by the pace of it which seemed a lil’ “wander-y” to me. But then I, like, rilly got into it.

Follow me down a rabbit hole for a sec. A thing you need to know about me is that I’m a Prairie Head aka a Little House on the Prairie fan. (Recently I was legit on a bus with Alison Arngrim but that’s a story for another time.) The reason this is relevant on any level is because when I got back into Lil’ House a few years back, I was shockedSHOCKED at how slow-paced ’twas. At first, it ratcheted up my anxiety. Pingponging between Arrest Development and the prairie had me reeling. But as I relaxed into watching Pa raking hay or Ma sweeping the kitchen floor or Laura a’wandrin’ down a dirt road or Mary blowing out the candle to go to sleep, I realized that the slowness of the show was it’s finest feature for me, a stressed out lunatic.

Image from Country Living.

Squeezing (ass-first) out of the rabbit hole, I’ve learned to cherish a milder pace. I enjoyed being in the hot tub with May and Emily. I reveled in Abby’s/Amy Poehler’s weird bossy energy. I found comfort in Val’s / Paula Pell’s specific brand of over-nice lesbian optimism. I am always a fan of Rachel Dratch. I don’t really know Ana Gasteyer (Catherine) but I loved her friendship with Tina Fey’s character. Also, it was really weird how off-to-the-side and butch Tina’s character, Tammy, was but I read that she had a filming conflict and needed to take a smaller role.

LOOK, to be honest, I keep getting distracted by Schitt’s Creek right now so all I really want to say is that I have been on that trip: the LOLs, the hangover, the simmering tension, getting in trouble at a winery, etc. I feel like overall, they captured that specific feeling in an hour and 20 min movie.

I cannot stop watching this clip.

During the “.5” watching of this cinematic masterpiece (because Kristyn fell asleep to it the first time), I slid into it like an LA Fitness hot tub (aka excited to try it, then worried that it would stress me out, but ultimately warm and bubbly).

Image sourced from this LA Fitness YouTube clip taken in 2010 in Easton, PA by Lynn.

Pals, I recommend. It was a pleasant time all-around. 10/10. Would do it again. Like Lynn says “Great Place to exercise and then unwind.

P.Fng.S. I’m back because I want to take umbrage. When the tarot reader was doing the reading, I appreciated that they showed each card. Even though it was annoying that she’d read only ONE card per person, I was like “Fine, whatever. We don’t have time to read more than one card per person.” But then when they faffed on that weird detail about the snake card?! What kind of fuckery was that? Maybe it was just a different deck or a Lenormand deck? I don’t know anything about Lenormand but that detail was weird especially since it ties back to Naomi getting bitten. Still, apart from that, perfect movie.

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