It’s not all bad

Okay, this has been a grim-fest around here. I’ve committed sort of a hit and run where I’m all “Momma’s got open heart surgery and Charles died. Bye for a year.” Objectively though, I’ve been having a pretty good time with myself. Here are some awesome things that have happened in the past year with photo evidence:

  1. In 2018, we went to Scotland with our family. I mentioned that but here’s some additional evidence:
This is me, Kristyn, and some of our cousins in front of Greyfriar’s Bobby in Edinburgh last June 2018.

2. Here we are, later that same trip, getting tattoos of our dog, Shirley, in Glasgow:

It was semi-on a whim and started out with a family plan to get a thistle tattoo. Oh, there’s a thistle in there but the dog is kind of the main attraction.
We both got the same tattoo; Kristyn’s is on her forearm and mine is on my thigh. It’s a drawing that one of our favorite cartoonists, Nicole Georges, did with thistles added. This, btw, is my left thigh.

3. On that same trip, we stayed a few days extra to do a small hopover to Ireland. We stayed in Dublin and here we are Dublin’ it up:

We’re in the Trinity College Library here which is gorge, natch.

4. Then from Dublin, we took a bus to Northern Ireland.

We got to see a lot but here we are in the Crown Bar in Belfast.

5. Then we spent the summer and fall at our camper Upstate:

Here’s Shirley by the campfire last fall.

6. This winter, we did a lot of fun things such as:

Going to see Michelle Obama at the Barclay Center. That’s Michelle Obama being interviewed by Sarah Jessica Parker. That was when Michelle wore THOSE BOOTS.

7. And then we went to see Maria Bamford in Newark for her birthday.

8. AND THEN we went to Paris for few days!

Here we are drinking champagne and eating the free chips that came with the champagne under the Eiffel Tower. That was a trip.

9. We went to LA and visited our old stomping grounds and also saw a lot of cool things that we couldn’t do when we lived there (for grievous lack of money).

We were heading into a Harry Potter event.

10. Oh shit, we also met Nellie Oleson!

This was us on a tour that Alison Arngrim lead. We were legit in a van with her for like three hours while she told us stories about her lift in Hollywood. She’s a pip and I love her forever.

11. My sister had another baby!:

Here we are, making him crazy already.

12. For some reason, my company let us knuckleheads launch an LGBTQ initiative.

Making it werk.

13. We’re back up to our old tricks Upstate.

Here’s Shirley tolerating us by the river.

14. We bought a car!

It’s a VW Beetle Convertible and we just cannot with it.

So, I mention all of this not to brag to you, dear reader. I’m mentioning it all to brag to me. I’ve been really anxious and a little sad lately. I think it’s because I’m stressed. This year and a half since Charles died has actually been one of the best of my life; despite losing him. I think his death shook loose some cobwebs and gave me a more “fuck it” stance which ended up making me take life less seriously and have more fun. In all of the positives above, I didn’t mention how many funerals of other loved ones we attended. I didn’t mention the fact that I finally started taking an anti-depressant (which I think maybe helped me immeasurably). I didn’t mention my constant fears about failure at work. I didn’t mention that I twisted my stupid ankle in Salem, Massachusetts. In fact, I forgot to mention that we also went to Salem AND WE DID. More on that later because it’s worth mentioning.

And so, I’m posting all of the above, not only to bring up the tone around here but also to bring up the tone for me. I’ve been stressing lately but the reality is that we’re having a really good time in our lives and I need to just cool it with the anxiety. Life is really good and I’m choosing to make it be that way.

BTW, I’m going to write more in depth about some of the above because the point of this blog is really so that I can remember and if anyone else enjoys the ride; awesome.

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