This Damn Car


When I was on medical leave, I got so goddamn sick with food poisoning on the Wednesday before Christmas. We’d gone to Jose Tejas with my cousin, Heather. The company was good and so was the food but a few hours later, I was horking and shivering and sweating and crying and this illness didn’t abate until the following week. In fact, the first day that I could even eat a meal was Christmas Eve and then I kind of made myself sick with party food (even though I was eating extremely gingerly).

Long story short, I didn’t end up moving my car all that week. Then I didn’t try to move it for most of the next week because I still felt weak. When I finally went out to try to move it, the battery was dead. It was nighttime when I tried and 20 degrees so we figured we’d jump it when it was warmer. Unfortunately, the temperatures plunged to anywhere from 6-13 degrees between the week after Christmas and after New Years. On January 4th, we had a huge snow storm and got almost a foot of snow. On January 5th, a huge multi-family house burned down across the street from where the car was parked and the wheels got frozen into the water that the fire department used to put the house out.


Once the snow and ice melted, I was able to start the car which is the picture at the top of this post. But then, we realized that I had a flat tire. We were able to drive it to the shop to order a new tire and we decided to drive on that tire because the guy filled it up. Well, in the morning, the tire was completely flat and the car wouldn’t start. Now it’s been out there for a week because between me starting work and Kristyn starting school, we don’t really have time to do anything about it. Today, we went out and tried jumping it again and it’s a no-go. We had to give up because the engine wouldn’t turn over and the cables started smoking. So now, we need a new battery AND a new tire. We are lucky that a flat tire and a battery are our most vexing domestic problems right now. In that fire above, eight families lost their homes on a day that was 13 degrees in the sun. That entire house is knocked down now apart from the cement walls on the bottom.

We’ll get the car fixed, it’s just going to apparently take 1,000 incremental steps to get it done. The interesting thing is that we’re going to try to change the battery ourselves. Wish us luck!

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