Treading Water with Snooki and JWoww


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In the past week, I have watched four seasons of Snooki & JWoww. It’s been the only thing keeping me sane.

In October, the internet burped up a video of Snooki (Nicole) surprising JWoww (Jenni) with the fact that she got a boob job. I almost didn’t click on the video but curiosity and an old fondness made me do it.


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Unlike a lot of other people from New Jersey, I unabashedly loved watching the Jersey Shore. We were in California when the show began to air so it was nice to home from across the country. I grew up going to Seaside every summer and it was the highlight of my year. I have always loved people watching down there, too, so watching this show was just another version of that.

Anyway, when I watched the clip, I was struck by a few things: the hypnotic, calming quality of watching them interact, and their comfortable friendship. The weekend before the election, I was a nervous wreck and needed something to distract me from the constant political commentary that I was subjecting myself to via the internet, MSNBC, and CNN. I remembered Snooki and JWoww and noticed that they had a show on Hulu. I put it on.


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Pals, I got sucked in immediately. They just love each other so much. The show is clearly manufactured non-drama but it’s not common for TV to show such strong, genuine, supportive, non-competitive female friendships.

On the Wednesday after the election, I worked from home. I worked from 8:30am to 10pm and I watched it the entire time to self-soothe. Since then, I come home from work, read horrifying things on the internet and put it on to avoid reality.

I’ve seen things in this last week that are unforgivable posted by people I thought were my friends and allies. People telling us to be quiet in our fear. People being blatantly dismissive of our concerns and ridiculing our grief. People engaging in respectability politics and calling us disrespectful for not immediately falling in line with their vision of America. I’m embarrassed for these people. If they could see themselves through my eyes, they’d be horrified.

I’m watching it now so that I don’t tell someone in particular off. It’s the internet version of sitting on my hands and zipping my lips. I also wanted to pay homage to Nicole and Jenni for getting me through this difficult time. They are an important part of my story (LOLercopter). Thanks pals!

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