Hullo there!

Lately, I haven’t felt much like blogging. First, it was because I got so anxious that I didn’t want to commit anything to writing. Then, it was because I went on vacation and had no access to the internet. Following the vacation, I felt too calm and relaxed to blog about anything at all. I just felt like chilling. Currently, I’m feeling pretty relaxed but inspired to write something. I mean, right now in this current moment, I don’t have much of note to say but I felt like saying it anyway. I’m highly distracted at work today and needed to get my brain working. I figured that if I spilled a few giggles onto the page here, that I might be able to make my brain THINK. The thing is, I’m too giddy today. I haven’t felt GIDDY in a while so I’m loathe to de-giddify myself. My coworker is going to London for a trip next month and she’s planning it so we ended up talking about all the fun things there are to do there. The long and short of it is that we worked each other into a fun-loving frenzy and derailed both of our brains with funtime thoughts. Much appreciate but now I’m ruined for very serious work.

Before I go, I want to say a few things in a bulleted list:

  • I sent the below pictures to the foster network that we adopted Shirley from as an update to how she’s doing. Immediately they got in touch so I told them to please feel free to forward her pictures and my email to the family that adopted Shirley’s sister and they DID. I heard back from them immediately and they sent me a bunch of pictures of Georgia as well as the results of a DNA profile that shows that Georgia (and therefore Shirley) are 75% Boston Terrier and the other 25% is a mix but largely Pug. Weird!
  • I had a dream the other night that I was working on the Hillary Clinton campaign and it was SO BORING. However, I ended up going into John McCain’s office, meeting him and all his employees and going to a really fun pool party with them. I woke up just as they were offering me a job. Kristyn said that means that my political beliefs can be bought with a really good pool party. I think it means that I miss McCain because at least he was a normal person compared to Trump the turdburger. #ImDefinitelyWithHer
  • Speaking of pool parties, I went to the gym last week and swam while reading an Agatha Christie novel (Pocket of Rye) for an hour and a half. I’m going to do it again tonight.
  • Speaking of physical fitness, I want to start taking yoga classes at a local studio; either the new one in Harrison or the new one in North Arlington. I must talk to Don about the North Arlington one.
  • Speaking of Don, we need to set up a meeting for Mayor: Unopposed.
  • Speaking of reading, I set a goal to read 52 books this year. As of today, I’ve read 44. Sure, at least 20 of them were graphic novels BUT STILL. The other half is memoirs, nonfiction, and fiction.
  • Speaking of goals, we FINALLY painted our living room on Monday (which was Labor Day). We also ripped up the carpet, re-arranged the furniture, and hung new curtains. Our bodies are physically paying for this because we are oldish and brokenish (from doing marathon shit like this too much).
  • Speaking of marathons, we signed up for two 5Ks: a Halloween one on October 30th and a Rocky-themed one on November 12th. We might do another one on November 5th too because we are crazy.
  • Speaking of crazy, I just got ordained to be a minister. Everyone please hit me up with your officiant needs.
  • This one doesn’t have a lead-in: I want to take continuing education illustration classes at SVA and build up an art portfolio to try to apply to a BFA program next fall. I don’t want to go somewhere MAJOR like SVA, more like Montclair State University. Something inexpensive and close.
  • Speaking of goals (that was a weak lead-in), I read this article about “The Rule of Four” when it comes to work/life balance. You’re supposed to determine four building blocks for your focus at any time. From the article: “For example, you might choose work, exercise, family, and a hobby you’re passionate about as your areas of focus.”  They say that these blocks should be “four concrete, tangible things in my life that make me feel happy, that make me feel like myself, that I devote time and energy to, and that I am actively constructing.” Interesting! I have actually been thinking about this a lot and I think (kneejerk) that mine for the rest of 2016 are: Personal Life, Work, Reading, and Exercise.

Here are some pictures of Swirlie for what ails ye:

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