Independence Day

July 4th Weekend 1

Kristyn and Baby Shirley hugging in the yard on Saturday.

This weekend was the weirdest Fourth of July weekend I’ve had in a while. We had intended on going upstate but at the end of last week, we really didn’t feel like packing up and driving all the way up there. Instead, it seemed really enticing to use that nervous energy to “do us” by staying home, reading, relaxing, fixing up the apartment, and playing with the animals. We had intended to paint the living room but we kept pushing that off until it was crystal clear to us that neither of us had any intention of actually painting that damn room. What we did do, however, was re-organize the “dining room” so now it is an “art studio and gym”. Basically, we moved all our art supplies, “how-to” books, and graphic novels (for inspiration) to the dining room hutch. The stuff that was on the hutch got put into a box OR re-distributed to the study. Basically, we just re-allocated that space for something useful. I’ve been using that room as a dumping ground for all my stupid clothes. I think we’ve eaten at that table a grand total of one time since we’ve had it. I’m excited to be able to use it for art.

July 4th weekend 2

Kristyn holding Monster and Shirley against their will with love but everyone’s also sort of into it.

This was such a relaxing weekend though. Part of me is regretful that we didn’t go upstate. I’m absolutely aching to do up there and relax. However, I know that had we gone, it would have been awesome and I would have been so glad that we went BUT we would’ve had so much work to do ahead of it and after it that it would have partially ruined my week. I have a long, weird week ahead of me. The next one is even tougher. I am starting to realize that when I know I’m going to have a tough week (let alone two), it’s necessary for me to be a little gentle with myself around that week. This should be common sense but I have a tendency to be like “GO GO GO” and then I tire myself the hell out. And if I’m not like that, Kristyn is. In short, we’re crazy.

I read from a bunch of books this weekend. I finished one; Lucy Knisley’s Make Yourself Happy. I started a new blog and social media presence to go with it. It’s focused on a subject that I want to learn more about. I won’t share it for now because I don’t want to have these blogs linked up although they kind of are because I’m writing them with the same alias like an idiot. I also slept in all weekend and took a day nap on Saturday and Sunday. I ate ice cream, pizza, and Chinese food. I watched the entirety of Girls, season 5. I watched almost all of Veep, season 4 (even though I realized later that I’d already watched this season). We watched some Bob’s Burgers and Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone. I crocheted part of a blanket that’s been a work in progress for like two summers now. Kristyn drew a picture of Shirley and I drew one of Monster. Both of these will be turned into paintings. I researched schools and maybe came up with a new, exciting plan for myself. I exercised, cleaned, re-organized, and chilled. We also watched our town’s fireworks display from our kitchen window while marching in place to get our FitBit steps. Oh AND, we drank a lot of Captain Morgan Coconut Rum with Black Cherry Schwepp’s seltzer. I even took some pictures with the DSLR, which I haven’t done on a long time. They are “before” pictures of the living room. Once we repaint and redo that room, I’ll share them. Other than that, I’m a weirdo who didn’t even take one selfie during the entire weekend. The pictures I attached above are really the only ones that show our weekend. It was literally that chill.

Okay, gotta GTFO.

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